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Roll with the rockstars
Announcing the Party Like A RockStar At Pubcon conference sponosored by Unique Blog Designs and such Sure Hits.

You want to go to a search engine conference? You want to rock all the “private parties” ? YOU WANNA PARTY IN LAS VEGAS?!?!?What you will win:Paid Round-Trip Airfare to Las Vegas
Paid Hotel Dec 4-7, 2007
Paid-for Full Conference Pass
$500 Spending Money

Who is this open to?

This is open to anyone anywhere in the world who wants to goto Las Vegas Pubcon AND have access to all the insiders, parties, and even events that never make it anywhere publicly.

What is required of you to have a chance to win?

1) You should look at the photo gallery from last year’s PubCon and make sure you know what you’re in for. These parties are no joke and if you can’t get up @8am to go to all the sessions and party until 2am+ then this is probably not for you! (also feel free to use them in your posts)

2) You must be able to fly to Las Vegas (we will cover the costs) This means if your outside the united states you need to have a valid passport or the ability to come to the United States (legally)

3) Write a blog post about why you should win the Roll With The Rockstars contest and post your link in the comments.

The finalists will be picked by November 10th and a winner will be chosen by the 15th! GOOD LUCK TO ALL!

Your judges-

Dax Herrera -“Rolling like an SEO Rockstar means one thing to me: you take your pants off louder than you talk business.Questions are right out the window for an SEO Rockstar. Anything that starts with “What do you think of…?” Is not something from the mouth of a “baller” or a “shot-caller”. Put some juevos on the line and throw out opinions like you’re bailing out a sinking canoe.I’d like to hear what you’re going to do in Vegas with $500. None of it better be going home.”
Rebecca Kelley-
“If you’re going to roll with the rockstars at Pubcon, you have to be one funny mofo. None of this wallflower B.S., because that ain’t gonna fly with us. Can you bring the snark? Can you cash in on the clever? Can you make an observation so witty and rad that we’ll bust our guts, stand back and stare at you, and say “Damn dude, I should hire you to be my office jester!” Oh, and if you can dish it out you have to be able to take it, too. We don’t want to hang with people we can’t tease. So what if you’re an SEO noob? If you’re a good sport, funny, and have the ability to knock back a few and stay out late, you’re all right in our book.”
Neil Patel-“If you are looking to talk shop all day, that is cool, but I’m looking for someone who is fun. If you want to roll you need a personality and need to be able to hang until late hours of the day. The most important thing is you need to know is how to get drunk and get loose.”
Greg Hartnett -“I’m going to be looking for a guy or girl that has a great sense of humor, likes to drink and since it’s Vegas, likes to play cards. I could care less about their industry experience or what they do for a living. We’re looking for somebody who knows how to have a good time and can hang until the wee hours of the morning.”
David DellanaveI don’t care if you’re funny or witty or cute. If you want to roll with us, Pubcon or anywhere else, you better be able to bring it. No SEO newbies or Hello World programmers need apply. If you can’t rank #1 for viagra in a few hours, you’re not a rockstar. If you can’t build a site in assembly overnight with just 1 can of Red Bull and a DiGiorno, you’re not a rockstar. Rolling with us involves copious amounts of drinking and fighting, and we leave behind our fallen. So if you can’t hang, don’t even think about applying.

Entries so far:

I just want to be clear we have not recieved any financial or endorsement from Brett Tabke or The Pubcon Conference.

185 thoughts on “Party Like A RockStar At Pubcon

  1. Brian

    Looks like a bunch of softies to me – I’m thinking the judges probably all go home at 10pm and go to sleep with a blankey…. ;-)

  2. robh

    I just got back from 3 weeks in Brazil, now that was a test of my stamina and toxin processing abilities.

  3. LeGo

    might do this. i garuantee that i can drink every one of the judges under the table. i didn’t spend 8 years in university doing 4 study abroads for nothing. i live the rockstar lifestyle in countries with less than stellar economies, why not do it here. last time i was in vegas i got kicked out of my hotel, thats rockstar. not to mention i could use any help i can get with regards to search. this contest is for me to win. ;)

  4. serge

    Sounds like a blast. I don’t party like that any more (not sure if I ever did). I would love to go to that event though. Is there anyway to get discount tickets or are they that much? I live in Az, its less than an hour to fly there, and cheap too.

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  7. Money Man

    Damn…that sounds like fun! I’ve been there twice this year, and I still get pumped whenever Vegas enters the equation.

    I haven’t hit a beer bong since 2000. :)

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  9. Gecko Tales

    That would be fun, but my wife is due a few weeks atter this. There’s no way she’s letting me go to Vegas right before she gives birth.
    I would feel like an ass if I were drunk in Vegas and she went into labor.

  10. LeGo

    good idea not to apply… a few weeks. rock start would get the call the kid was born two days from the lawyer letting you know the babies momma was asking for support ;) jk

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  12. LeGo

    you can’t get a bottle of “gray” goose at some clubs out there for $500. 15 minutes? after getting kicked out of the hotel last time in vegas, we decided to take what we had left and drop it on one hand at the closest table (next casino). We doubled up and hit up a bar. 15 minutes wouldn’t give you time to wait for your drink… but at the same time you could double up in less time.

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  17. Laura Martin

    Well I hadn’t even posted my blog yet about why I should be in the Shoemoney Entourage before Ross commented haha
    Thanks Ross!
    SO there ya go. I am officially entering. Boomshakalaka.

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  20. LeGo

    european doesn’t = good drinker to us across the pond. you have to be from specific countries. for example french aren’t known to drink more than a glass of wine or two, portuguese aren’t known for drinking either… the stereotypes are specific ;)

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  26. Geiger

    Hey You So Forgot to add this Submission to the List!


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  28. KRONiS

    I’m about to launch a blog at (currently a placeholder for a side venture called en2unes). I was intrigued by your Rockstar SEO contest as I’ve used that mantra before – so i looked at your photos from last year and it looked, well – Kinda lame(sorry!) How do you guys party like rockstars when you don’t play music? I’m an SEO director and an artist (put my music where my mouth is – see artists at or – basically I’m writing because I’ve not launched my blog yet and this is a better way to discuss this contest with you as I’ve not decided on entering yet based on not really understanding what you guys are offering other than 500 bucks and entry fees ( I’m already going, but 500 bucks sounds nice). Also I’m simply opening a dialog with you folks as I’ve recently relocated here from Toronto and need to network a little more. So I guess I’m writing to find out what your definition of Rockstar SEO is and seeing if it is similar to my attempted re-definition of that.

    i.e. on saturday night i was dressed as LEELOO (google it) performing with a heavy metal band at a crazy Halloween party somewhere in Los Angeles, girls everywhere and SEO somewhere back in my mind(met a few girls with websites who said they were making money on the ‘net – I asked e’m about keywords and they said they were #1…who talks about this while there…I do – i doubt anyone else there even knew what SEO was!)..

    feel free to write back.
    Aaron – built out yet, placeholder sites – I know my sites define me, but don’t worry I have a new site structure incorporating 32 domain names it just hasn’t been launched)

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  36. Vanessa Fox

    Well, “shoemoney”, if that is your real name, I don’t know who these so-called judges of yours are (although that girl with the mustache is kinda cute) but I am oddly compelled to want to party with them.

    This Dax guy is all about taking his pants off? Well, my site is nude, so he can just step off with his pantsless self.

    Rebecca wants me to stay out late? I think I last saw her in Vegas headed up to her room for sleep as I continued my party lifestyle (of, erm, eating a burger in a cafe, but still, that may have been to keep my energy up for a return to partying! As long as Ken and Todd don’t come by to contradict that, then as far as you all know, I gambled for three more hours then went to a strip club after that burger).

    Neil will be able to judge if someone knows how to drink in about five years when he’s old enough to drink himself.

    Greg doesn’t care about what someone does for a living? Thank God, since i’m a hobo. I am so in.

    Well, Dave, didn’t take me long to outrank Dave Naylor so I count that a win. Good thing I don’t need all that other stuff. Ouranking Naylor was way easier.

    PS – I brought the hats to Vegas last year. Who knows what I might bring this time. Do I win?

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  60. KRONiS

    hmm.. I guess I did not know this. Thanks Geiger I’ll keep that in mind. It must be the guitar fingers that make me type and wine so much.

    See you at Dragonfly Bar in Hollywood Feb 5th @11pm with Unraveled if its not past your beauty sleep time – we’ll play our hearts out.

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  66. Consignment

    Congratulations on having one of the most sophisticated blogs Ive come across in some time! Its just incredible how much you can take away from something simply because of how visually beautiful it is. Youve put together a great blog space –great graphics, videos, layout. This is definitely a must-see blog!

  67. Hot billy

    Is Pubcon in Vegas every year? I am definitely an SEO newbie and this event looks pretty cool…

    p.s. can’t wait to start looking around this blog!!

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