Whatsup WidgetBucks

There is a lot of talk about the new widgetbucks widget from mpire. I gave it a go on NextPimp for a little while and it was by far the worst performing ad network I have ever used. Its most likely my fault as I choose the “video games” category and it probably didnt just convert. I asked for some feedback on the forums and people promptly pointed me to their terms of service (which I will get to in a minute).

The main reason I stopped running it was that the widget takes 10 SECONDS on average to load. I just don’t think my users have that long of attention span. While their terms of service (which I will get to in a minute) does not permit me to show statistics I will tell you it was getting half the click through ratio of AdSense.

I do know the guys at mpire a little bit… the were very interested in buying AuctionAds last June. I suspected then they really were not interested so for the most part I told them to fly a kite. What I do find interesting is they have totally copied the entire marketing strategy we used… Everything from incetivized payouts to built in affiliates to … well its almost a exact copy. I guess I/we should be flattered.

So onto there terms of service.

Here is the confidentiality statement:

(b) click-through rates or other statistics relating to Site performance in the Program provided to by Mpire;

So you cant share any click through rates or statistics…. ok…


# Publicity.Client agrees that Mpire may use Client’s name and logo in presentations, marketing materials, press materials, customer lists, financial reports and Web site listings of customers and therefore grants Mpire a limited license to use Client’s logo in accordance with the foregoing.

Hey did you know they pretty much now own your companies logo… sweet.


Back-links placed by Mpire in the HTML code must not be removed.

wow your are going to put backlinks in the html code that I can not remove?

I think over all there plan is brilliant and I am sure a lot of people will try it. Its to bad no body can share there results =(.

Right now everyone and their mom is blogging about widgetbucks cause they want all the referrals (they earn a portion of what you earn). But Most of the blogs I see talking about it (that matter) are not running it.. Gotta ask yourself why? =P