Final Call For Contest Sponsors

EDIT:We are no longer accepting sponsors for this. Thank you to those who have submitted. We will be in touch shortly 😉

We have received over $8000 so far in prizes for the RSS Contest we will start later this week (I am shooting for Thursday).

If your company or website would like to be a sponsor you need to email with your item, the value of the item, and your company/url that is sponsoring it. So far we have everything from xbox360s to ps3s to cash prizes and tons of other various things like hosting packages and seo services.

Tomorrow I will make a post of all the official prizes along with how the contest will work. You will want to make sure you are both a RSS subscriber and a email subscriber to the rss feed to eligible to win 😉 I have a unique way to do this I *think*. Then Thursday the contests will start.

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