Final Call For Contest Sponsors

by Jeremy Schoemaker on October 16, 2007 · 26 comments

EDIT:We are no longer accepting sponsors for this. Thank you to those who have submitted. We will be in touch shortly ;)

We have received over $8000 so far in prizes for the RSS Contest we will start later this week (I am shooting for Thursday).

If your company or website would like to be a sponsor you need to email with your item, the value of the item, and your company/url that is sponsoring it. So far we have everything from xbox360s to ps3s to cash prizes and tons of other various things like hosting packages and seo services.

Tomorrow I will make a post of all the official prizes along with how the contest will work. You will want to make sure you are both a RSS subscriber and a email subscriber to the rss feed to eligible to win ;) I have a unique way to do this I *think*. Then Thursday the contests will start.

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1 LeGo

will be waiting… could use any of the prizes listed.

2 Blog Contests

Yeah dude hope you win!

3 Vijay Teach Me $$

That a good size pot…. Lets join…


Hehe I guess you will have more prizes than johnchow! :)

5 Starfeeder

Awesome :) looking forward to yet another blog contest, I just submitted our Prize ;)

6 CatherineL

Excellent – I must confess, I don’t use an RSS feed, but I’ll get one so I can enter the competition.

7 CPA Affiliates

I look forward to seeing what all the final prizes are ;)

8 Adnan

Hey Jeremy – have just sent you an email in regards to entering a prize!

9 Milov Patel Blog

I sent in an offer, I guess I got cut out since I didnt get a response. It was pretty low balled :)

10 Word Hugger

JohnChow is in trouble now… =D

11 Tracy Robinson

Man, $8000 is a lot of scratch.

12 wethead

Hey Shoe,

I did get a response from tigh once, does this mean y prize was accepted?

Or will you be sending out emails Thursday to let all the prize offerers

Let me know :)

13 ShoeMoney

yea everyone should be getting contacted who submited from tigh

14 wethead

Ok cool – !

Thanks for the reply and also great idea !

Hope you kick John’s butt …haha

15 Theo

I could use the money ;)

16 andrew

Oooh la la contests. Signed up for the rss and email feeds.

17 Jason Burns

I would be willing to give something for the contest, I am giving away tech gadgets on my website, how do I contact you to submit a prize for your contest?

18 Zac

Hey Shoe,

Sent you my unique gift idea too.


19 ShoeMoney

umm did you read the post?


Go Shoe Go

21 wethead

Looks like he was just link dropping…………


Email sent.

23 Michael

I could have sponsored and given away a custom design for the winner but my portfolio isn’t really up yet so it wouldnt be worth it.

24 Mubin

Its a pretty awesome site though, giving away free swag.

25 Mubin

And he added a comma at the end so it doesn’t work anyway. Or maybe shoe addd it?

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