You want to be rich? Then start talking shit!

If you are looking to make more money, an easy way to do so is to start picking targets and email them about why they are making a mess of themselves and/or company (hopefully in a nice way).  Just for a second think about all the people with money that you want to get to. Chances are, they have thousands of people kissing their ass and asking for their money.  If you take the same approach you are going to blend in with all the other ass kissers, so try talking a little shit instead.

If you are unclear on what I am talking about, hopefully this example will help clarify.  I am an SEO, so if I want to gain big SEO clients the first thing I do is find the contact information for someone who is a director of marketing of that company. After I have a big list, I don’t cold call them or even try and pitch them, instead I send them an email which outlines how they don’t know how to do their job.  I try and be very productive with my email by only calling out all the things they are doing wrong in regards to their search marketing campaign. The most important thing to keep in mind when doing this is to lay everything out and never worry if they take you advice and never pay you a dime.

By doing this to all the big fish you are trying to reach, you will gain some decent accounts. Keep in mind that this won’t work if you just talk out of your ass, if you actually know what you are doing you will be able to raise some very good points and challenges from the right perspective.  Quality trash talking is what’s necessary here.

This is how I got a lot of my clients and I highly recommend you trying it out if you want to make money.

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