Im Going To Vegas Pubcon

by Jeremy Schoemaker on October 3, 2007 · 37 comments

I think I have been asked 20 times in the last 2 days if we are doing SES chicago or Vegas pubcon. VEGAS BABY!

The choice is mainly due to some fun stuff I/we will be announcing in the next few days! Stay tuned!

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1 Paul

oh boy, I was thinking SES but you may swindle my decision depending on what you reveal…

2 Cos

I second that!!

3 Tracy Robinson

Vegas tops Chicago everytime

4 Andy

That show rocks! YOU are the highlight every time.

5 Brian Mark

I haven’t ever made it to Pubcon. No clue if I’ll be going to either at this point. I guess we’ll see what you announce and I’ll start thinking about it then.

6 Beauty Girl

Shoe, will meet you there for sure ;) hopefully i get my VISA, any chances that they send an invitation letter to show to the VISA authorities ?

7 Theo

I do like fun stuff ;)

8 LeGo

Agreed. Viva Las Vegas. Though the flights from here to Vegas aren’t as good as to Chicago. Not that you should base decisions on that…

9 Travel Notebook

Vegas always wins. Stay away from the Rhino

10 dillsmack

*shrug* I guess I’ll go too.

11 Singapore Athletics

Can’t wait for it.

it seems the blogosphere is abuzz with contests and giveaways!


The SES is good only in NY, I’ve been to other SES and it’s not the same. And I think that pubcon from Vegas is the best. I would pick the same thing as you did!

13 Nicole Jordan

Ohhhh. Intriguing….

14 Neil

What i’d give for a weekend in vegas!

15 King Jacob

Sounds like a really hard choice, Chicago or Vegas.

16 Word Hugger

Having another vacation so soon? :P

17 Dave Dugdale

I will be in Vegas. SES without Danny will be no fun for me.

18 SonicReducer

Yep, no contest between Vegas and Chicago. I’ll be there too.

19 JeffPosaka

See you in Vegas! Hopefully you won’t bloody up your knees…

20 derek

I’m actually going to be in Vegas at the same time for a different conference and realized PubCon is at the same time. I think I’ll have to check it out as well and maybe run into Shoe!

21 Blog Contests

Heh, it’s gotta be VEGAS

22 Michelle

Ahhh Vegas. All you can eat buffet. Have a groovy time!

23 Marcus

Vegas Baby!!
I´ll bring my lederhosen! :-)

24 Seo Next

This time who will post in this blog when you leave your new office?

25 Gecko Tales

I’ve been to Vegas about ten times and I don’t even like to gamble. It seems that everyone is either getting married there or there’s a convention to attend.

26 CPA Affiliates

have fun in Vegas man!

27 Cygnus

I’ll see you in Vegas then Jeremy; a few of the heretix will be there goofing off and making money.

28 Israel

darn you get to fly all over the place. im jealous

29 Aditya Kumar Singh

Ahhhhhh Meet you there Jeremy . I will be catching you there :D

30 Blogging The Movie

man you are everywhere.

31 CatherineL

I want to go to Vegas. But it is such a long journey from the UK. Plus I hate gambling, but I just want to see the huge hotels and stuff.

32 singapore athletics

Don’t forget the booth babes pictures if there is schoe!

33 Clarke Internet Marketing

Vegas or Chicago… mmmm, is there even a question on which city to choose?

34 Googlelady

Hey shoe let us know how you did there ;)

35 Charles

Are you going to be a speaker or just an attendee?

36 MyGoodFinds

I wonder if I’m going to be able to shake your hands by next year :)

37 William Rock

Pubcon, is my choice I will catch the next SES event

I get great information from both events however I favor Pubcon for the choice for more advanced sessions. The networking is great a both however when you can do in over a beer with tons of other it is always much better.

Pubcon has much better after hour events hands down.

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