How do you buy text links?

The topic of the ethics on buying text links has been beaten to death because at the end of the day, we all know that buying text links work whether search engines like it or not. Therefore, I am not going to discuss whether you should buy text links or not but instead I wanted to open up a decision on the ideal ways to actually go about buying text links. If I were to buy text links, here is how I would do it:

1.) First, I would find all the related blogs that would be willing to sell me a text link for a one-time fee (I hate paying monthly fees). You can usually find these blogs by doing searches on blog search engines or by browsing sites like ReviewMe, Sponsored Reviews, and PayPerPost.

2.) Next, I would eliminate all the blogs that throw up red flags. In most cases this means blogs that have big banners for any paid blog networks such as PayPerPost or blogs that contain tons bad quality blog posts. I personally only like purchasing links from non-spammy sites because the links usually count.

3.) After I generated a solid list I would go through the remaining blogs and figure out who would link to me WITHOUT disclosing that it was a paid review. In most cases if you go through paid blog networks like Blogsvertise you can request that there is no disclosure on any of the paid blog reviews. I know this is a bit sleazy, but the last thing I would want is a Google engineer saying they have proof that I buy text links and then penalize/ban my website.

4.) Lastly, I would try and only purchase small amounts of links at a time. A good idea would be to blend the paid links in with social media links so that the growth looks natural. Plus, when growing the links slowly it is easier to control/rotate up the anchor text because if it is too rich your rankings will usually drop. Sounds weird but Google probably stops tons of spammers this way because when people’s ranking drop they keep on purchasing more text links with the same anchor text and never figure out why they rankings keep on dropping.

There are tons of other ways you can link build, but when it comes to purchasing text links this is the process I would use. How do you purchase text links?

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