How To Get 45k Impressions A Day From Blogrush

I talked to John Reese the owner of Blog Rush last night and he said based on my traffic I should get minimum 45,000 impressions per day on the blog rush network in the business/marketing category. So wow thats a lot right. Well people made some good points in the post that I don’t really need more people and am already probably known in the marketing area…. this is true…

So I have a idea!

If you signed up under my referral already or if you sign up before the end of this month under my referral and you are running the widget on your site. I will run your code in rotation on starting October 1st until THE END OF THE YEAR. This should give you plenty of time to get the ball rolling on your blog. Of course if someone signs up under the blog rush widget you will get credit for them signing up under you (not me) for life!

This means will be giving you points so you will get impressions of your blog topics and get a piece of that 45,000+ impressions on the blog rush network.

So now I just eliminated one excuse for you not to be successful.

This should be fun. I can kill 3 birds with 1 stone.

1) I can help my readers get more exposure

2) Help my friend launch his blog rush widget

3) Get more referrals for myself! (not quite sure the value of this yet)

Besides all the cool kids are doing it.

Just check out Andy Beal, John Chow, Dosh Dosh

So why do I like Blog Rush so much?

Well first of all read my disclaimer. John Reese is one of my best friends in this industry and was a guy who was very instrumental to me as a mentor in launching AuctionAds. John has the financial resources and the technical resources to make this thing fly.

Also several months ago when John was designing Blog Rush I came up with the idea of doing a friend roll. I can tell you this is working really well and I have heard nothing but positive comments about it. The only downfall with my friend roll is that I get nothing in return for giving traffic to my friends. Blog Rush is the answer to people who want reciprocal traffic.

Blog Rush launched less then 60 hours ago and you can bet there will be a ton of changes to make it better. I am looking forward to talking more with John at the techcrunch40 conference and seeing what he has in store for it.

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