How To Get 45k Impressions A Day From Blogrush

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I talked to John Reese the owner of Blog Rush last night and he said based on my traffic I should get minimum 45,000 impressions per day on the blog rush network in the business/marketing category. So wow thats a lot right. Well people made some good points in the post that I don’t really need more people and am already probably known in the marketing area…. this is true…

So I have a idea!

If you signed up under my referral already or if you sign up before the end of this month under my referral and you are running the widget on your site. I will run your code in rotation on starting October 1st until THE END OF THE YEAR. This should give you plenty of time to get the ball rolling on your blog. Of course if someone signs up under the blog rush widget you will get credit for them signing up under you (not me) for life!

This means will be giving you points so you will get impressions of your blog topics and get a piece of that 45,000+ impressions on the blog rush network.

So now I just eliminated one excuse for you not to be successful.

This should be fun. I can kill 3 birds with 1 stone.

1) I can help my readers get more exposure

2) Help my friend launch his blog rush widget

3) Get more referrals for myself! (not quite sure the value of this yet)

Besides all the cool kids are doing it.

Just check out Andy Beal, John Chow, Dosh Dosh

So why do I like Blog Rush so much?

Well first of all read my disclaimer. John Reese is one of my best friends in this industry and was a guy who was very instrumental to me as a mentor in launching AuctionAds. John has the financial resources and the technical resources to make this thing fly.

Also several months ago when John was designing Blog Rush I came up with the idea of doing a friend roll. I can tell you this is working really well and I have heard nothing but positive comments about it. The only downfall with my friend roll is that I get nothing in return for giving traffic to my friends. Blog Rush is the answer to people who want reciprocal traffic.

Blog Rush launched less then 60 hours ago and you can bet there will be a ton of changes to make it better. I am looking forward to talking more with John at the techcrunch40 conference and seeing what he has in store for it.

126 thoughts on “How To Get 45k Impressions A Day From Blogrush

  1. Kanute

    Well, I hope the John comes up with something serious and not one of those many widgets that at the end only slow down your pages. Are part of the Blog Rush project? I hope so…

  2. Quick Buck Crew

    The idea looks great the problem it looks like a Multi Level Marketing (pyramid scheme) so eventually will collapse, first subscribers will get a great deal.
    Let’s see how it evolves, best of luck.

  3. krillz

    We’ll have to wait and see, right now it’s just in a beginning fase, the links shown aren’t always in the genre of your own blog, well at least that’s what I’ve experienced.
    I’ll test run it to the end of this year before coming to an conclusion whether to keep or scrap it.
    Hopefully it will just keep getting better on showing posts genres on blogs with the same, and some other cool features.

    I think that this one could become a good hit.
    But I wonder if he’ll add paid links , it will become like adsense for blogs or something targeting for specific blogs etc. If so I think it would become very bad and lose its main purpose.
    And somehow I feel that, that is what John has in mind in some way.

  4. Credit Card Offers

    I think this is a good idea but it will really only work for specific niche markets. I would definitely try it for a while, no harm in testing it out.
    I am anxious to see how it grows.

  5. browie

    Well that’s cool, since I signed up on yours before I saw anyone elses. I haven’t checked to see if I have stats yet. I think this Blog Rush thing is a good idea. We’ll see.

  6. BlogRish

    BlogRush is a pyramid scheme and it is NOT A NEW CONCEPT.


    Your service is nothing revolutionary, new or even original for that matter …

    I’m the original owner of, the original traffic exchange for bloggers (which I ended up selling to some time ago)

    Both BlogExplosion and had text link exchanges (essentially what you do), where you can target by category etc.. But that was a couple of years ago.. You can talk up your technology to match content etc. but it’s mostly just that – talk

    RELEVANT CONTENT, TARGETED – Bottom line this has been done before with exactly the same functionality (except we had a much larger userbase than you do)…

    Systems like these get abused by people that game the system (and they will), the clickthrough percentage is horrible and the actual amount of traffic you’ll see as a result will be a trickle.

    The only person that will benefit from this will be of course the people at the top (mostly the program owner), whereby you take all of the extra inventory generated by the users and either sell that inventory or plug your own programs/urls.

    The end-users will ALWAYS get the short end of the stick in a system like this. It’s been shown to be the case time after time, so I’m not saying anything controversial here.

    Nothing personal, but I know what I’m talking about as I’ve been running traffic exchanges for 7 years and seen it all before. Again BlogRush is nothing new and certainly won’t be killing your traffic counter as promised. I understand the differences between the two compared, but again blog traffic exchanges also had text swap features based on content category (but with tens of thousands of users)..

    This program is two-three years late in coming out. You kinda missed the “blog rush” dude as blogging is now in decline..

    It will take this program months to ramp up before it has enough users to make it worthwhile.

    All you need to do is watch your referral traffic and clickthrough percentages over that time to come to the same conclusions that I’m telling you right now. Been there, done that and the only person you’ll be helping is the people that own BlogRush…


  7. garethjax

    actually, me and some friends have done something similar in italy, during the last 2 years. I’m part of a community of webcomics creators called “nuvole elettriche”. We have developed a rudimentary widget which show the last updates of the the blogs belonging to the community. I think the principle is similar: i have no intention to take ownership of the idea (i am copyleft person) ! Instead i’m gonna sponsor it: it has worked quite good for us and it’s still going strong.

  8. Gary R. Hess

    Well that explains a lot about BlogRush. It’s a great idea, I can’t wait until some changes come though.

    Also, too bad I signed up through JohnChow. Didn’t see your post until later.

  9. ladynada

    I disagree, and believe that for niche blogs, this idea might work to create virtual blog networks with mutual visitors.

    There are many forces at work in the world to keep blog communities from developing and becoming viable with repeat visitors (ie bookmarked) and it is those forces that bring to bear many tactics to make ventures like this fail, not the least of which are both greed and psyops.


  10. jim

    honestly i want to see how things shake out before I jump with both feet in :) i want to see how they address the adsense traffic exchange issue

  11. Travis

    You really hate BlogRush, don’t you? Have you even tried it out to confirm your suspicions? Or are you just talking out your rear end?

  12. Word Hugger

    The only problem with this site is that it is 100% positive reviews because people want their referral links everywhere, which stops a lot of the big guys from giving an honest review, that it might not benefit the little blogs, and that it can be easily gamed. We shall see where it leads us though.

  13. Derek Anderson

    Come on guys…getting traffic is not that hard that you need some sort of help with it. I have a simple 3 step plan to getting traffic to your blog.
    1. Ignore your family and friends
    2. Stay up late creating your content
    3. Get busted at work for blogging

    These are the simple things that will net you an extra 100 visitors per month, translating into $0.02 adsense revenue


    I think its really too soon to give a real review about BlogRush. Right now only big players* have reviews about it…and suspiciously they all sound the same. Real reviews will start pumping when small/medium blogs start writing about it and its results

  15. Tracy Robinson

    I agree with many of the above posts, so far there is no evidence yet how it actually will impact traffic and how many will see the pages listed in the blogrush widget, right now it seems to be only one more thing cluttering up a site, once they do more to make it integrate better into the sites then it might take off more than just with the Make Money Online crowd or Specialized Niche crowd.

  16. John Loch

    Same old schmo, different bucket.

    I’ll be looking for improvements that signal some sort of intelligence, rather than the usual self serving sales gumph. Time will tell. :)

  17. iantrepreneur

    hmm.there is a lot of pros and cons about this – btw shoe, how will you rotate or know who signs up under you? maybe its me because I do not see my stats yet and I signed up late yesterday

  18. CatherineL

    You’re making a generous offer for those who sign up under you. But, I’m still not convinced that Blogrush is for me. Call me cynical, but when everyone is doing something, it’s usually best not to follow them.

  19. Adam

    It’s basically a banner exchange (but using text). Been done in most larger niches. I don’t really see the innovation here or how this hasn’t been done. Sounds like a lot of hype to get it big, which is probably working. Kudos for that.

  20. Webanalyticsbook

    I am most probably going to take it down if it doesn’t show different links within the next 48 hours. Why is that and why do most blogs currently show the same links (from top blogs)?

  21. seogeek

    I signed up. Thanks for the original article. I read the feed and saw your post about BlogRush. I personally think it is very similar to the digitapoint coop ad network, but without a lot of the hassles involved with having to change files and such.

    As for the post by BlogRish, I think he is right and wrong. Sure, most systems like this reward the top blogs, but most of those blogs are already getting a lion’s share of the traffic anyway.

    I will gladly have a link to my site show up once in a while on a blog with heavy traffic in return for showing other links rather than to never have it show up at all. So little blogs can get some traffic from it, but it sounds like you think that folks are only going to sign up just to get traffic. That is a wrong assumption to make. I think these folks are leading the way in finding another source of traffic to ADD to the ones they already have in SEO, content, podcasts, etc.

    Good luck to all. :)


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  24. Patches and Hacks

    I’m glad I signed up from your referral code. I wonder hoe many others did it.
    It would be nice if they would have something where you could see people that signed up as your referrals
    Looking forward for the stats. :)

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  28. Paul Bradish

    I signed up. I’ve been seeing this all over the net and my inbox (invites). I was pretty pessimistic at first but figure to give this a real decent try. Thanks Shoe.

  29. Justin Cook

    So, I heard about this a couple days ago, and I deleted the email as another “too good to be true”. But if you believe it will work, I’ll give it a shot.

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  31. Sean


    I had just signed up MINUTES before I saw this post. How can I still get in on this great deal? Is it possible to cancel my account and re-sign up through your referral?

  32. Eric

    Too bad I’ve allready signed up with Blogrush yesterday, but what keeps me from signing up again with another account :) Thx for the offer!

  33. SeanIM

    John and you are both rockstars. If you point to something and say ‘all the cool kids are doing it or should be doing it’ I’m on it. Thanks for the heads up and a pre-emptive thanks for those hits you’ll be sending over…will be interesting to how this animal moves.

    – Sean

  34. Bulbboy

    Even when they are all blogging? Some things are best not followed but where’s the harm in trying it out, the earlier the better, and Mr.Reese is also giving an incentive to sign up sooner rather than later:

    We will be randomly distributing all extra credits amongst our entire network for awhile to reward our early adopters

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  42. Eric

    Signed up under your referral the day you posted…the service seems to be down now though. I have not seen any stats yet either.

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  46. Alister Cameron // Blogologist


    I dunno if this has been said yet or not, but you’re in breach of the terms of service if you rotate the codes. It would mean one code could be appearing on two blogs at the same time. That’s a no-no and John has in mind to kill accounts that have that happening.

    Or have I misread that?!


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  48. david

    hi bro, the only problem about BLOGRUSH is that you can’t use your spanish written blogs (or any other language), thats a huge deal, since most of us still read your english written content, and there’s where i get most of my content from, I think you should do something about it quick :-S we deserve a piece of that cake 😛

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  51. crazywaters

    One thing that I don’t like about BR is that it does not blend nicely. If John’s programmers add the same flexibility to change size, colors and shape (like in Adsense) more people will use it, as it will blend perfectly with a blog’s theme. Saying that someone else had the same or similar idea before is totally stupid. Is the ONE car maker? Or ONE softdrink maker? How about clothes factories? Or software? And in when it comes to the web, we can’t even count the social bookmarking sites or other Web 2.0 projects that do exactly the same at the moment. So what? Different people will use different solutions.

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