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Ok… This week you can fire questions at the Muse of the Moz, none other then Rebecca Kelley! When the seductress of SEO is not decoding search engine algorithms she enjoys watching television among many other things.

Rebecca recently told me:

Yeah, I watch Heroes, Entourage, Lost, The Office, 30 Rock, Scrubs,
Flight of the Conchords, The Wire, Curb Your Enthusiasm…I watch a
lot of TV. I also see around 80 or so movies in the theaters each

I am always amazed at the questions you guys come up with and I am sure Rebecca will also… so fire away at her!

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53 thoughts on “Ask Rebecca Kelley Questions!

  1. Nick Sullivan

    How important do you think search engine traffic is in relation to niche content and how would you recommend going absolutely maximizing traffic potential on social networking sites.

  2. MyGoodFinds

    Hi Rebecca, What can you advice someone like me who is still a newbie in SEO? I was able to reduce my Alexa rank from 8M+ to 3M+ in more or less two weeks. After I break the million mark, what comes next?

  3. Gary R. Hess

    Are you a supporter of trading links or natural link building? And if it is the latter, how does one start a website/blog with only having enough money to pay for hosting and a domain… and not having important webmaster friends?

  4. Tracy

    For search engine purposes, what do you think of having all the major cities and states being before your keyword so as to dominate local markets? Such as new york ringtones, dallas ringtones, texas ringtones, etc…

  5. art

    Over the last few years what SEO strategies have worked well and nowadays don’t work too well. Which engines have implemented the most drastic changes in ranking sites and what has contributed to the changes?

  6. CatherineL

    How far do you think it’s acceptable to fib when linkbaiting on a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 being a slight exaggeration and 10 being the biggest, most outrageous lie you’ve ever told?

  7. SeanIM

    What do you consider to be the best source of information on which search engines are most popular in various countries? (Does Google own the world yet?)

    PS: Who are you drawn to more, Vincent or Ari?

  8. tt

    Talk about small world. I graduated with you at Romeo in ’01. I’m just curious how you got into this field? Take care!

  9. JohnM

    Do you believe that DMOZ editors deny moderator applications to “protect their turf”? If so, how do you feel about DMOZ have a PR 10?

  10. Brent

    Seductress of SEO, did you get freaked out at Stonehenge?…always wanted to go there. Do you do any internet marketing on your completely on your own? How’d you get the job at the moz?

  11. fable

    How did you get the opportunity of working for Were you part of the founders or were you recruited because of your very impressive SEO background. 😉


  12. Gecko Tales

    I worked in SEO for several years for agencies and private firms. Now I manage the Web sites for a large company. We are playing around with the idea of social media and how it can help us. (our target is mostly over 30 yrs of age) The problem with social media is it is difficult to show the return – like SEO was at one time. What ideas do you have for showing financial/revenue gains from using social media?

  13. Rick

    Social sites seem to be the latest off-site mechanism to boost traffic.
    If you had to pick one method of doing this, what would it be?


    In considering how to optimize do you try to take into account the possible use, by competitors of your clients, of non-Google/Yahoo/MSN paid ads through Adbrite and other altneratives, or are those non-Google/Yahoo/MSN services overwhelmingly insignificant in your opinion? If any of those ‘little guys’ do get your attention, which are your favourite “little guys” of paid ads?

  15. Clark Skint

    Do you do all of your movie watching honkered down on the sofa in traditional couch potatoe positon, or do you like to view on the move on a portable player or mobile phone; and do use any movie themses as ringtones?

  16. Credit Card Offers

    Is it more satisfying to rank a clients homepage high in the serps or rank your own ? Do you ever question yourself why you do something for a client when you could do the same for yourself and earn a lot more ? How do you deal with it ?

  17. paymebig

    also a big fan of the tv… Hey, being a budding web money maker, how do you make money converting PPC to your own website.

  18. corey

    If you still live above and below bowling alleys, how often do you find yourself saying “Fuck it dude, let’s go bowling” a la the Big Lebowski?

  19. Dorian

    Why do you work for SEOmoz when you could be working on your own sites/projects? Why earn money for Rand when you could be earning way more money working for yourself?

    Even if you were not working on your own sites and decided to go the Consulting route… think of how much more you could make.

    I guess I don’t understand why any skilled SEO would ever work for someone else.

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