Techcrunch40 Conference

When Michael Arrington first announced the TechCrunch20 conference (now Techcrunch40) I thought it was pretty cool and I shot him a email saying if they had some extra press passes (ok I am a cheap ass) to shoot one my way ;). Well I am very excited to say I will be covering the event next Monday and Tuesday. This is quite an amazing conference and I am super stoked to go and steal there ideas listen to all the new startups pitch there nuts off to a room full of people hoping one of them will back there idea ;). I see on the TC site that Arrington is now saying its close to being a sell out. (I think I love Arrington so much cause his last name is so close to a-ringtone).

I will only be there from 8am Monday until 8am Weds. I am only going to cover this event and I am already booked solid for meetings. Plus I actually want to stay sober for this one.

Can’t wait!

I am also even happier to announce that in my absence both Neil Patel and Rebecca Kelley (diva of the moz) will be doing some posts on in my absence.

I have encouraged them to go nuts so lets see what they come up with. Rebecca has also volunteered to handle this weeks q&a so ill make a post asking for questions tomorrow sometime.