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by Jeremy Schoemaker on September 12, 2007 · 48 comments

When Michael Arrington first announced the TechCrunch20 conference (now Techcrunch40) I thought it was pretty cool and I shot him a email saying if they had some extra press passes (ok I am a cheap ass) to shoot one my way ;). Well I am very excited to say I will be covering the event next Monday and Tuesday. This is quite an amazing conference and I am super stoked to go and steal there ideas listen to all the new startups pitch there nuts off to a room full of people hoping one of them will back there idea ;). I see on the TC site that Arrington is now saying its close to being a sell out. (I think I love Arrington so much cause his last name is so close to a-ringtone).

I will only be there from 8am Monday until 8am Weds. I am only going to cover this event and I am already booked solid for meetings. Plus I actually want to stay sober for this one.

Can’t wait!

I am also even happier to announce that in my absence both Neil Patel and Rebecca Kelley (diva of the moz) will be doing some posts on in my absence.

I have encouraged them to go nuts so lets see what they come up with. Rebecca has also volunteered to handle this weeks q&a so ill make a post asking for questions tomorrow sometime.

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1 Jonathan Volk

Guest Bloggers! Great! :)

Have fun at the TechCrunch con. Post some good ideas here for us all to take!!! ;)

2 Grivon

I can’t wait for the questions!! :p Does this mean it’s only a limited 40 members??

3 ShoeMoney

How it works is 39 companies pay $10,000.00 to pitch there ideas to a room full of VC people.

4 Charles Highsmith

So I guess you don’t want, and I’m prepared to offer a two for one. Either way email me.


5 ShoeMoney

You actually have tripped my stalker alert with all your emails and messages.

I have actually gotten seriously over 50 different emails from people who registered every shoemoney@ and shoemoney. and /shoemoney hahaha I guess I had that coming!

6 Aditya Kumar Singh

hmm, will be waiting for your reviews.

Its actually an event of my interest, and i hope i will be there someday.

7 Aditya Kumar Singh

There is no shortage of idiots on earth :(

8 lyricsreg

I will be making a /shoemoney page on every website I own, and I will send you emails with offers :))

9 Gary R. Hess

Sounds like a great place to be for new ideas…

10 Duncan Riley

Actually Jeremy this is incorrect. Not one company has paid to present, that’s the pitch/ appeal of the conference. 39 of the 40 were selected from roughly 800 submissions. The last spot is via public vote from the demo floor attendees…which means they indirectly pay to present, but not directly. The costs are covered by sponsorships and ticket sales.

11 Duncan Riley

I should have added, look forward to seeing you there :-)

12 Click Input

Hahahah, lol

13 Click Input

Precisely…. why don’t I live in the US!

14 Seo Next

Have good time at Techcrunch20 shoe, plz write full details and stolen ideas after u come.

15 jim

A-ringtone… hahaha; looking forward to reading your coverage and hearing from patel and rebecca…

16 jim

Next up… and

17 Travel Notebook

wow, I didnt realize they had to pay. I guess that really weeds out all the junk and leaves you with 40 startups with potential

18 Justin Cook

Maybe you could do some real-time blog coverage, Gizmodo style…

19 Travel Notebook

wow thats pathetic

20 Travel Notebook

actually they dont have to pay. From the website “Forty of the hottest new startups …. will announce and demo their products ….. And they don’t pay a cent to do this”

21 Gecko Tales

I love success stories that were made by helping others.

22 lyricsreg

Let’s not forget about the .org’s and .info’s :)

23 Gecko Tales

We are going to see this guy on dateline with a McDonalds bag and a pocket of rubbers.

24 PFJournal

Great news. I hope you’re able to share a little when you get back.

25 ShoeMoney

thanks for the correction!

26 Theo

Shoemoney is a trademark..
Just order all these people to hand over al their Shoemoney accounts, links and websites.

27 The Dino

It will be some change to see others post here for some time.

28 Word Hugger

Good to hear. I am excited to see what the seomoz diva has to say.

29 Jonathan Volk

Lol. Great idea hahahaha.

30 Modern Worker

Wish I could make it to events like this. Glad I can at least read about it here on your blog. Looking forward to what Neil says

31 Jay

I need to start making it to these conferences I am sure I could pick up a lot of stuff

32 Nick Sullivan

Wish I could go to events like this.

33 Tony

Been reading your blog for awhile and never feel like making any comment, but I have to comment on this one.

“I think I love Arrington so much cause his last name is so close to a-ringtone”


34 Joeychgo

I too wish I could go to many of these events, I miss them all except SES chicago

35 King Jacob

Neils a smart guy, look forward to his guest post.

36 Charles Highsmith

I didn’t go out and register every Shoemoney thing out there what I did was offer you something that you had already expressed interest in. Now if I went and registered and tried to pawn it off on you I would understand, but in your own words “What would I pay for ? I offered the person who owned it $1,000 but she has not got back to me.” I was just wondering if you were blowing smoke or you were seriously prepared to make that offer. You said something I was just wondering if you were going to back it up that’s all. If I said I was going to pay 1million dollars for something and someone approached me with it I would pay because 1. I know what I want and 2. I don’t make claims that I wont backup. Now here is one for you. I’ll give you $10,000 for .

37 Charles Highsmith

BTW: The site in question is if you check out You’ll see a Myspace screenshot of Mr. Shoemoney himself asking to purchase the site. Any “idiot” here that has anything else to say about please refer to the shoe that is conveniently placed in your mouth. I went and paid the $1000. Now I’m not asking for $1000, and given my terminal illness probably wont be around in a few months anyway so I don’t need to take the money with me. I’m not telling you to pay $1000 for it. Make an offer. I’ll donate the money to charity.


38 Tracy

Is Neil Patel related to Amit Patel?

39 Theo

Are you a stalker?

40 CharlesHighsmith

I am indeed a stalker. Stalk…Stalk…Stalk

41 Instant Community

Haha i believe might be coming up, looking at your achivements. Congrats! :)

42 Instant Community

I thought Amit Patel sold his blog to someone else i spoke on DP.

43 Vickywebworld

Lets keep watching at the outcome of the conference

44 Billie Picotte

I’ve struggled with what exactly to do on my Twitter account. One may contemplate it a hybrid… I put up so much about internet design, marketing and small business. Most likely will add more private issues in the future.

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