Bodog – Power Of Brand Recognition and User Aquisition.

Last week Bodog poker was stripped of its domains. A few days later its new domains were already in the DMOZ directory (im sure money had nothing to do with it .. doesn’t everyone get accepted in 3 days?).

Anyway just looking at some statistics from Alexa… and yea I already hear some ignorant people out there moaning when I just mentioned Alexa but in this case where a company lost there domain and had to switch to a new one Alexa traffic is VERY relevant because the people that are going to the site now are the exact people who were using the site before. ucopy?

So in looking at this graph you can see that not only has Bodogs traffic carried over to the domain its traffic is even UP. Talking to people inside Bodog they have confirmed to me that there new sign ups and traffic have increased by about 15%.

So how could a company keep going so strong after loosing there house? Well because of there user acquisition all they had to do was send out a email to all there customers and tell them what happen. This also was a great time to invite them to come play again and I am sure that lead to some of the traffic. The increase in sign ups can only be credited to all the recent press about bodog losing there domain. Also because bodog has such brand recognition people are still searching for bodog and finding it through other means even if not directly… what a great time to have a affiliate site that ranked for Bodog!