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OK fire away.

Also if people could refrain from commenting on other peoples questions it makes it a lot easier for me to answer them.

Please no questions about AuctionAds and also please try to refrain from the “if you were broke and had to start tomorrow” questions…. been asked atleast 10x each round.

You guys tried to kill me last week with almost 150 questions. I am going to lock the post somewhere between 50-100 this week so post quick if you have a question.

Edit: Post locked pending questions answered (damn only took you guys 5 hours to post 100 questions)

107 thoughts on “Ask Questions round 4

  1. Fable

    Hi shoemoney,

    I’d just like to ask: What is your usual internet routine? Which blogs and forums do you first visit when you go online and where do you go from there?

    I hope this question hasn’t been asked before. I look forward to hopefully reading your response. :)


  2. dtadpole

    Everytime I come to your site I am inspired by what you have done, and were you are today. Leads me into wanting to learn more, and do more in life. (Thanks for that!) My question for you is who inspired you most in the begining of your internet career / life?

  3. Mubin

    1) Your mother in law is your business manager. Do you have a seperate person as your administrator to take care of your mail, phone calls, mundane stuff, or do you split it between yourselves?

    2) I sometimes have had family members work for me, it has never ended good. How did you ensure that you have never had any problems with your mother in law? I know that she helped you get started by providing you that loan when you first started buying those computers and reselling on ebay but have there ever been any problems.

  4. Judson

    Quick 4 UFC questions. Have you ever bet on UFC fights? If so what was your largest bet? Who did you bet on? Did they win or lose?

    Oh and speaking of which UFC 75 is free this weekend on SpikeTV. Go Houston Alexander… Nebraska in the hizzouse!

  5. JasonK

    Here’s something different. You said that your wife gave you structure and helped you to become the Shoemoney you are today. If you haven’t met your wife, how do you think your life would have turned out so far and where do you think you would have ended up?

  6. Jonathan Street

    In round 3, responding to the possibility of being a keynote speaker at a conference in Bali, you said that you were not that good a public speaker. I’ve never seen you speak in person but from what I’ve seen from the videos you have posted I would say you seem increasingly confident and competent. My question is, beyond practicing, is there anything else you are doing to improve? What have you found to work and what have you found to be a waste of time?

    Bonus question, when you sold AuctionAds, what sort of pen did you use to sign the contract?

  7. Hawaii SEO

    Starting PPC arbitrage: How do you budget or finance it properly?
    (You pay for the traffic today but get paid for conversions a month later)

    I imagine it’s easy to rack up a huge credit card debt as you learn the ropes and wait for the commission checks. Any advice for how to manage the cash-flow properly?

    What sort of credit card or payment system would you recommend?
    Should you pre-pay or post-pay?
    How do you avoid paying too much in taxes on the earnings?
    Anything else?

  8. Sami


    1) I have a few a few website ideas. I have researched this a bit. I have used adsense for a while on a couple of websites. I found it hard to control what was advertised. Especially, when the topics are Biology related. I just wonder, is there an alternative to adsense, or is there a better of controlling adsense?

    2) Is it a good idea to mention websites/projects on own personal blog?

    Thank you in advance.

  9. Nick Sullivan

    When starting a blog would you say it’s better to post a post or two a day to keep up regularity. Or just post as many a day as you can possibly do until the traffic is up there?

  10. jim

    How are your companies structured? Are they all independent LLCs or are they subsidiaries of each other? Is there a benefit to either system?

  11. Seo Next

    Hi shoemoney,
    How to make sales from site ?, we have website and good USA traffic but CJ links are not working for us. Does editing content and cleaverly mixing products in articles will work?

  12. rob stgeorge

    Hi Shoe, I have been following your blog for a while, and thanks for all the inspiration. I have a simple question, would you describe yourself as a competitive person, i.e do you have to win at all costs ( apart from when racing your wife of course lol ), or are you happy to not always win as long as you still achieve your primary goals?

    Thanks – I am just trying to figure out how competitive someone as successful as yourself is overall, or would you maybe describe yourself differently in regards to this personality trait.

  13. Ari

    Hey shoe-

    How do you find people to hire – do you only hire locally? What would you do if you couldn’t find people to hire in your area – how would you test a prospective developer/designer etc in India or the Ukraine to know if they were good enough – do you guys outsource to these places?


  14. TheAnand

    hi shoemoney, I was wondering what are the main things that build a brand. Can a single person start and build a brand all by himself. Have you concentrated on building a brand for your products? What are the essentials?

  15. TrizzNizz

    I run a moderately successful niche forum that Im monetizing with subscriptions, adsense, and auctionads. What is next in the linear progression of forum monetization from your view? Direct ad sales ala CPM? How do you find potential advertisers?

  16. Andrew

    After listening to a lot of your podcasts recently, it seems that it is just as imiportant to have a good concept as to network and generate some buzz around what you are doing.

    For someone who knows nobody influential or even “cool” What tips do you have to broaden your social networks?

  17. Peter

    Hi Shoe, with all the self help for wanabie millionaires available, do you think the extra ingredient to be successful is actually unquantifiable. Why aren’t we all Richard Branson’s?

  18. seofacile

    I’m glad you madke another Q&A round.
    I’m interested in the nextpimp business model.
    Ringtones are going down the toilet these days but I think that replicate (if it’s possible) the business model of nextpimp for the italian market it will be good.
    So what I want to know is:

    I see that you have a listen link that open a popup window where you can listen the ringtones, did the ringtones hosted on your site?
    Is it legally allowed in the US? or do you have to pay some sort of tax?

    What type of ringtones your users upload, in which format?

    Thanks for your time!

  19. Axxx

    Have you ever been banned from AdSense or AdWords? What do you do if they ban you? Do you change names & IP addresses and sign up again?

  20. Jed Sanders

    Who are you picking to win this weekend between Henderson vs Rampage? What can you tell us about your UFC projects?

  21. Dave

    when you decide to try an affiliate offer what steps are you taking? do you use always a dedicated domain or do you have a generic one where you trow up a landing page?

  22. Alex

    Hi, you mentioned before that you have many other sites other than nextpimp and auctionads. I was wondering, have you been successful with these? What percentage of your revenue comes from sites other than your main ones. Thanks!

  23. Josh

    What do you think about the Million Dollar Wiki (, they seem to be doing a lot of improvements, think its worth the money?

  24. Josh

    What do you think about the Million Dollar Wiki (, I see that they are doing a lot of improvements, do you think that it is worth the money?

  25. Alex

    Hi, you’ve mentioned you have many sites other that nextpimp/auctionads. Have these sites been successful? What percentage of your revenue do these sites contribute? Thanks!

  26. Ron

    Hey, Shoe, I have been looking into affiliate marketing. I have listened to several of your radio shows and researched several sites. Most have recommended the Super Affiliate Handbook. This seems to be just another affiliate program itself. Sorry to be so winded, I know that affiliate marketing isn’t your primary focus, but I was hoping you could point me in the direction of some “REAL” information about the ins and outs of affiliate marketing. Thanks for your time (I know it is limited).

  27. mac26

    When using Adwords, do you opt into the content network as well? Do you use text ads only or do use image ads as well? Is it worth it?

  28. Geno

    Shoe – How do you handle legal issues, do you have a lawyer you always use for everything or farm out stuff based on type of issue you are dealing with? How did you find your current lawyers?

  29. matt

    What do you think about using interstitial ads (like adbrite’s interstials) as a way to generate revenue when users just dont seem to click on ads or buy from affiliates?

    Do you think that they detract from the user experience and turn users away, or does it not matter?

  30. SeanIM

    Would you consider changing a traditional front/static/index website with a /blog/ on a subdirectory into a root domain blog install? Reason I ask is that I’ve seen the benefits of getting shorter getting indexed quicker and easier than getting indexed…and before getting knee deep into transitioning was curious about your ‘take’ on it.

  31. Q

    2 part question. I’m currently starting a website/company and have outsourced my initial programming. I’d eventually like to have someone in-house with an equity stake to take care of technical/coding needs rather than continually outsource every update. What is the best approach/websites to find good/hungry people? I was thinking of craigslist and college campus postings. Once I get interest and applications, how do i choose given the fact that I have no technical proficiency or barameter for quality of expertise?

  32. Tim

    How are you dealing with the whole Google Quality Score issue in terms of creative?

    Why did you take the Creative Commons logo down? I thought that was a nice addition to your site. Great organization with top notch people.

  33. Ricky....Ricky Tan

    Waddup SHOE!

    I would like to send you a shirt for T-SHIRT Friday. But in one of your posts you had mentioned that you don’t want to receive anymore shirts at the moment

    “ShoeMoney: I have over 40 shirts in queue I meant to post for people to stop sending them but forgot.”

    It says to get a hold of SUSAN and she will give the address to send, but when I hit “CONTACT” on your website, there’s no information :(

    Holla Atcha Boy!

  34. Paul Kang

    I’d like to buy you and your family dinner Shoe. Where would be the best? If we can’t meet up where is the best place to send gift certificates?

  35. E1

    Waddup SHOE!

    I would like to send you a shirt for T-SHIRT Friday. But in one of your posts you had mentioned that you don’t want to receive anymore shirts at the moment

    “ShoeMoney: I have over 40 shirts in queue I meant to post for people to stop sending them but forgot.”

    It says to get a hold of SUSAN and she will give the address to send, but when I hit “CONTACT” on your website, there’s no information :(

    Holla Atcha Boy!

  36. Jay Tillery

    Hey Shoe,

    I run, the martial arts apparel blog, and I want to know:

    What are the rates like for sponsoring a UFC athlete? Has the return been worth it if you have ever sponsored an athlete?

    I want to promote my web log and think this is one of the better ways to do it.

  37. A Blog about Nothing

    When you got involved with blogging, and your other businesses did you have a plan of attack and a specific goal or did things just kind of fall into place until one day you realized “Oh crap! I’ve got a business going here!”?

  38. Christopher

    If you and Bill gates were best friend since childhood, Would you end up working for him at Microsoft?

  39. Michael

    In one of your “Net Income” shows you mentioned that you don’t have to spend any money on getting started with internet marketing. Can you please post the top 5 or 10 most basic steps to get started.


  40. Mike Mmirg

    Do you find yourself less motivated to start new sites. I think as a web marketer it makes viable busienss models to start alteast 1 new one per year…But with SEO tough and SEM expensive, I am losing motivation…

  41. Joe

    Were you single for a long time in those days before you met your wife, when you came home and played computer games?


    Hola Shoemoney –

    This is a 2 part question.

    1st: For your present business – how many domains do you have developed that you guys oversee and look after (total dom’s and then day to day maintanence do you have to oversee all of them – or do some require only weekly maintenance, etc…)??? Meaning by that – that you don’t just let sit as a parked page. I’m assuming you do not have many “parked pages” just sitting – that there are development behind each one.

    2nd: What do you bring to the table in terms of your relationship with Dillsmack? Obviously both of you guys have your A+ qualities – his being programming – do you also do programming? Was that something you knew how to do before you 2 partnered up? I’d like to get into this game now – I’m undettered by the people who continue to tell me through posts and family that it’s too late especially for someone like me who can’t program or control the backend of things – i think things haven’t even started to get interesting and i believe the internet is dynamic and thus always evolving/changing…

    Thanks for takin the time to answer – also on a sidenote you need not comment but i do read the blog daily – and i saw the weightloss page – a lot of pride goes into being able to accomplish something like that. I’d say that’s probably harder to do then what you’ve accomplished here on the web… sort of pales in comparision when you think about it.


  43. Jake

    Is Yahoo actually going to make a play in the ads market with their 2 recent purchases?

    I see that you are running YPN ads a bit, how are they performing for you in comparison to Google?

  44. DonnyC

    What’s up with mobile? It’s supposedly the next big thing, yet I can’t figure it out. Will people really put up with spam/marketing messages on their phone? I see a lot of cell submit offers now and can’t figure out how people make money from it. The only thing I would ever use my phone for would be local search (finding close restaurants, etc) and maybe cell specific offers like ringtones or mobile apps. But will anyone really fill-out a mortgage form, sign-up for a dating site or the like? Perhaps you can shed some light? My wee little brain just can’t figure it out.

  45. Jonathan Volk

    How do you stay on track during work?

    A lot of times I find myself reading DP and other forums and then going back to work and then doing something else, etc.

    Do you have any sort of system?

  46. Gecko Tales

    What shows/conferences/exhibits will you be speaking at, and attending, this year?
    I’ll be at Ad:tech NY and would love to say hello to fellow ShoeHeads.
    I probably won’t be wearing the chicken suit.

  47. Grivon

    What is your favorite healthy snack food? What could you not live without while working next to the computer all day? I’m finding it hard to get proper nutrition in handheld form 😛

  48. Carl Thomas

    How do you determine ad prices on a site? Say you are making $1 ecpm for an adblock with adsense. Where do you price private ads to replace the block? I know the easy answer is anything above $1 but G is easy to work with . Do you have a formula?

  49. Stuart

    1) Aren’t you getting sick of all the dumb questions???

    2) I see on one of your sites you have music… what are the legal ramifications of this??? I thought this was against copyright laws. Did you get a Performance License??? Is one needed??? I want to add some music to a fan site of ours.

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  55. Roger Claborn

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