Are You Selling Your Search Data For Pennies

When Google introduced AdSense for search (AFS) it allowed many web masters to have a new income source by giving all there search data over to Google. I was one of these webmasters at first… We implemented it on nextpimp and we were making about 200$ a day or so from AFS. Then when we started playing with PPC and affilaite marketing in late 2005/early 2006 I decided to take our own internal search data and see what was actually being searched for.

Just to give you some idea here is a screen shot of all searches done on Nextpimp last month (August)

So as you can see I record search terms and the hit (how many times they were searched for).

In August alone we had over 1.2 million UNIQUE searches for ringtones. This gives us an amazing amount of data to work with on our own ppc campaigns. Also we have all the data 0-second… we are not buying some tier3 list that is 2 months old and everyone and there mom has.

So are you selling yourself short on searches done on your website?

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