Answers For Questions 9/3/2007

raymond asks:

Shoe I have seen a few people recently say they dont like how you post “off topic” how do you deal with that critisizm

ShoeMoney: well this blog is my personal blog about someone who tries to make a living online. I know to some people they think its the “how to make money online” or “secret way to make a money tree” but its not. I get comments usually 4-5 times a week people will say I need to post more on topic or they wont read… I think its funny.

Patrick Grote asks:

First time caller, long time reader.

Two if you would indulge:

1) What are the next steps in your efforts with DMOZ and do you think it’s time for another open directory?

2) VanHalen or VanHagar?

Thanks. I’ll hang up and listen.

ShoeMoney: 1) Really I could give a crap about dmoz I just wanted to expose my experience. There is a whole lot more to the story and I am still hopeful that a meta editor will come one my show and discuss it. I think dmoz was the best shot the world ever had to a “open” directory.

2) Van Halen for sure.

Stephen Pitts asks:

a. Do you really think that the removal of link in dmoz will negatively affect your rankings?

b. Do you think that Google will actually opt for another directory?

c. Who would you consider to be the most “marketable” candidate for the ’08 election?

ShoeMoney: a) I dont think it will have a effect. If you look on google you will find that other then “shoemoney” this site has never ranked for crap. Just search for shoemoney adsense or shoemoney anything on google and you will see what I am talking about.

b) I think that with the sale of for hundreds of millions of dollars, that had to have gotten the attention of those at Google or atleast some people who have a position (stock wise) to at least as why Google is not making money from there business directory. Seems to make more sense to get paid for inclusion rather then let your editors steal it all =p

c) Hmm most marketable candidate… I would say strictly from a marketing point of view it would have to be Hillary. A woman trying to compete in a mans dominated profession on the highest level overcoming all odds including her own husbands infidelity. i can see it now. – A shoemoney production

Tom asks:

I have an idea for a web site that I would like to propose to someone w/ money and resources. How do I protect my concept while I seek help and finances? In other words… how do I legally ensure that they don’t take it and run w/ it.

ShoeMoney: You can’t. Thats the risk you take. You really have to develop a feel for who to work with and when things don’t seem right. I advise you jump in.

Cygnus asks:

Scenario: you’re about to have brain surgery, during which time you might lose all knowledge on PPC — what is the one instructional website you’d tattoo on your arm Memento style to guide you back into the game?

ShoeMoney: I know this probably isn’t the “magic answer” people want to here but the adwords training program on PPC taught me more then any site or forum ever did. I advise everyone go through it who is serious about pay-per-click. Now if it was offer related… Right this second I would tattoo XEROX OFFER (check first drawer in desk) cause that is paying SUPER HOT right now.

Gecko Tales asks:

How much money will you have to make to get out of the Internet game and start looking into other passions like wrestling or sailing, or whatever?

ShoeMoney: Internet Game is my hobby. The money honestly makes ZERO difference. Anyone who has been making money online knows its all about streaks. One minute your thinking your screwed the next you just got a huge payday. Money makes ZERO difference to me in my lifestyle. Well OK everyone has there number… mine would be around 800 million or so JUST so I could buy a professional baseball team. Its just so out there that I don’t really think about it that much.

Monty asks:

Whatever happened with your Spyfu-like tool you were showing off to shown what any website bids on in PPC terms? Is that in development?

ShoeMoney: We still use it in house. Some tools like keycompete have come up and do the same thing though. Its a shitload of data to store. asks:

I hope this was not asked before: do you ever consider new biz partners? What do you look for when hiring somebody?

ShoeMoney: We take on partners as needed. We look for a certain skill set and if they poses it then we see how we can make it work. Its not rocket science

Ash asks:

Why does your title tag change each day?

ShoeMoney: It actually changes every 60 seconds. I thought it would be fun.

Theo asks:

Are you accepting t-shirts again?

ShoeMoney: We always accept t-shirts. It just may be a bit before we get to yours.

mark asks:

What’s the funnest thing you did in the past month?

ShoeMoney: Hmmmm lemme think… San Jose SES was a really fun time.

papaman asks:

That’s a great opportunity Jeremy.

I’m Antony Papamichail, a blogger & web developer from Greece and I run a small business here. Affiliate marketing in Greece is still in embryonic state. You can simulate it with affiliate marketing in the US about ten years ago.

So, with your experience and knowhow in the field what do you suggest to be the right move for success in affiliate marketing is such an “underdeveloped” country? It’s like going back in the future ten years from now and start affiliating again. How would you start?


ShoeMoney: I have no idea =(

KingJacob asks:

what do you think of

ShoeMoney: I think its the most retarded name ever. NBC and Fox are total idiots for that.

Mr. Grown Up Geek asks:

Yea.. i got one…
Howcum you don’t post my ShoeMoney-Gear pic?

ShoeMoney: Cause we dont like grown up geeks… no seriously if its a picture of you in a shoemoney outfit just email it to me or susan@

Nathan H asks:

In experience, is it dangerous to mess with adding more certain keywords to a site if it ranks alright for these certain terms?

ShoeMoney: Damn a seo question =(. When your ranking well for your targeted keywords I would say its dangerous to get greedy… remember 2 things always sink you… fear and greed. Have the balls to go after it but then know when to say when.. its a tricky game.

yazz asks:

Is john chow the new shoemoney?

ShoeMoney: I think John Chow is himself. I dont think he wonts to be ShoeMoney. His blog already makes more per month then my blog and he has become quite the internet superstar in a limited amount of time.

browie asks:

Is your little one cuter than this?

ShoeMoney: yes of course

Q asks:

Who do you think Wanderlei should fight in his debut? Let’s assume that because Chuck is fighting Jardine soon that he’s out of the running.

ShoeMoney: I am glad that wandy is not fighting liddell i think that would be a VERY stupid fight for both fighters. They both need to gain confidence back in the octagon. I would rather see wandy fight someone proven but not quite contender caliber like what chuck is doing with jardine. Maybe a good opponent for him will be like Stephan bonner, Forrest Griffin, or even Michael Bisbing (who i thin is super overrated).

J.D. asks:

Out of curiosity, since I have you as a captive audience, have you ever visited If so, what do you think of People You’ll See In Hell?

I really don’t mean this as spam, I’m just curious as to how a lowly Lincolnite blogger such as yourself would view a majestic Omahan’s blog like mine.

ShoeMoney: I had never seen the site before but looks good. I need to keep track of the people I will see in the afterlife

Nick asks:

I’ve always enjoyed working for myself, just not for anyone else. How do you feel that working for yourself over the past X number of years has changed your attitude and opinions on life?

ShoeMoney: Its been great. BUT its hard to communicate with people who are still “worker bee’s”. I often have to bite my tongue and just be humble when people talk about working 60 hours a week to make there companies a ton of money.

Juuso asks:

What’s the 5 most important things to know/do/act/think to create a highly successful online business?

(Highly successful could be defined here in terms of becoming a millionnaire and more).

ShoeMoney: If money is your only measurement of success then I think the 5 things would be: Lie, Cheat, Steal, Manipulate, Lie again. You wont have any friends and probably everyone will hate you but you will most likely be a millionaire.

Tye asks:

Can you please explain whats going in this picture from your gallery:

ShoeMoney: I can’t

Adamxcl asks:

After another SES, has it ever bugged you how some conference speakers act, sound and seem like they are at the top of the game, yet work for some firm taking a pay check? I don’t see how any firm can pay a salary that compares to doing “it” for yourself like you do (and myself). Or do you think that it is because some people just need structure and can’t do it on their own? I know it affects my respect for where the person is coming from when they speak….walk the talk.

ShoeMoney: I know MANY really good web developers and SEO’s who could easily make 10-100x more on their own then working for companies but they just dont have the backbone to risk it. There is nothing wrong with that and I think nothing less of them for it.

Nick Sullivan asks:

How do you usually start off in getting traffic to your sites? for example this one, do you use social bookmarking alot or focus more on SEO. Or do you just make posts you hope will get linked to?

ShoeMoney: Word of mouth is usually how I start. I hardly ever focus on SEO. Keep in mind I build service oriented sites so when they work the word of mouth really takes care of itself.

Never Pay RRP asks:

Thanks for the opportunity Jeremy.

Firstly, when the biopic of your life is finally made (I’d like to suggest a working title of “I’m Kind of a Big Deal – The Life Story of Sir Jeremy Schoemaker”) who would you request to play yourself?

Secondly, have there been any opportunities in SEM and/or online business that you have looked back on and thought “Damn, I wish I got into that X months ago”?

ShoeMoney: I have been working on a book for about a month now. Its not really about making money online its just more about my journey from making 20$ a hour being 150k in debt, 420lbs, and a shit life to where I am now.

Everyday I wish I would have gotten into things earlier

jim asks:

I believe your mother in law is your assistant, what sort of things do you have an assistant do for you? is it ever weird since she is your mother in law?

ShoeMoney: Its actually less weird. She is not only my PA but also handles all accounting and business matters

Travel Notebook asks:

Did the rich jerk ever sue you?

ShoeMoney: Never sued. I spoke with his business partner Ryan and we kind of hit it off.. or so I thought. He told me Kelly was going through a really tough time in his life and he also invited me to their playboy party they had the weekend before SES. We (me and dave) were going to go but then they wanted me to post all this shit on my blog and it was crap so I told them no thanks.

Luis asks:

Are you working on any specific project? any hint?

ShoeMoney: We are always working on projects. Right now we have a few mobile things going… a new eBay fun thing, and 3 different UFC projects.

Allan Stewart asks:

How do you stop yourself getting bored of SEO. I have been doing it for 6 years now and recently have been starting to find that its not as much fun anymore. Everything is harder, on a lager scale and more competative now than it was 3 years ago.

ShoeMoney: SEO is boring I do not do SEO.

Theo asks:

Should we stop with buying links?

ShoeMoney: As a whole yes.

Tom asks:

How do social networking sites vary from forums when it comes to building a community? How would you suggest building a niche community w/o spamming existing forums and SNS sites?

ShoeMoney: Well you have to have some incentive for people to join. Spamming worked for myspace why isnt it good enough for you?

Brent Crouch asks:

I generate 7 figure revenue selling physical products online. I’m tired of managing employees and going to an office everyday. For the last year, I have worked my tail off trying to generate income with affiliate offers, adsense, etc. I’m just not having the same success as with physical products. I just can’t get past $2,000 a month.

What am I doing wrong?

ShoeMoney: Much like how just anyone cant come in and do your job your jumping into a world where its going to take you a loooong time to really understand how it works. 99.999% of the people who try affiliate marketing don’t have the success you are already having. I actually am trying to do more offline stuff but I am not making a very good return on my money. I am in your shoes… reversed =P

Keith Donegan asks:

Are you involved in any blackhat projects? And if so are they successful in terms of revenue

ShoeMoney: I always play a bit with blackhat but not the definition your probably thinking.

SEO Copywriting asks:

You have mentioned before that you do consulting for a local business. To what extent do you provide B2B services currently, what services do you offer, and how much do you charge πŸ™‚

ShoeMoney: We have never charged for consulting… ever. Its fun for us to help some local small businesses if we can.

TG asks:

From all the existing photos on your albums, which is your favorite one?

ShoeMoney: The havokfest ones are for sure my favorites. These are friends of mine for years and years.

Jeremy Steele asks:

What do you think is the most important thing for people to remember when trying to make a living off the ‘net?

And, what is the secret to life? (sorry, someone had to ask it!)

ShoeMoney: Everything is streaky… your up your down… you have to ride it out. Also no crying in online marketing.

Secret to life – find a good balance between work and family an learn to control your anger.

KingJacob asks:

If you did get knighted, what would be the first thing you said to the Queen?

ShoeMoney: wazzzzzzzzzzzzup!!!

Micky Ward asks:

speaking of Lincoln NE, what ever happened to you interviewing Melissa Lincoln or Midwest Melissa?

ShoeMoney: Well the 2 times we have set it up it has not panned out. Still hoping to do that.

davebo asks:

Hey Shoe-

1) I thought the UFC Junkie dude was going to be on the show this past week? Did you reschedule that?

2) WTF is up with the wickedfire forum? And does that dude jon have short man’s complex because he seems really pissed at the world. I don’t care if he bags on the warrior forum, but he doesn’t seem to have much respect for anything anybody does. I know he’s not that smart to be that much of an a*s.

3) Personally, I’ve always thought of matt cutts as a PR stunt for Google. Placed out in the SEO community to make everyone think that because matt can do something with his laptop, it can be baked into an algorithm. Since most of what he speaks is clearly ridiculous, untrue, and probably impossible to scale, why do all these conferences/people pay so much attention to him?

4) I sell a product that would probably be a nice addition to the shoemoney family home. I know you get freebies all the time, but if you’re interested I can send you this cool bean bag game we make branded with the Shoemoney logo. no strings attached, no link, no pic..just a thank you for good info. If you’re interested, let me know where/how to get it to you. If you are afraid it might be something sent from poopegifts, no hard feelings. :sniffle.




1)UFCjunkie had a last minute live chat with Dan henderson and we had to reschedule. This week webmasterradio is shut down so I think he will be on next week.

2) Wickedfire forums are pretty smart marketing wise. The negative approach to the industry has defiantly gotten some traction. I have not been on the forum for quite some time in fact for a while I null routed from our whole network just so nobody got distracted (fished in) by some of the posts there. I have met a lot of the more vocal members from there and in person they are really nice guys. You just have to take what they post with a grain of salt.

3) Matt Cutts is a really good guy. I got to spend several hours with him in mountain view and really what can he say. Everything he does say gets so chopped out of context…

4) Sure send away to the same address as free shirt friday

ShoeMoney Media Group, Inc.
2840 S 70 Street
Suite 7, #348
Lincoln, Ne 68506

Cornetto asks:

On one of your radio shows once I remember that you said something like: “We really started to hit it big once we made the Domain Spider”. It was a throw-away comment and you went into no more detail. What exactly is this domain spider? What does it do?

ShoeMoney: We built a spider to find expired domains that had links from authority sites.

Nick Sullivan asks:

Do you always distinctify ads like on this site? or do you blend alot also, like with Adsense ads etc.

ShoeMoney: both

Click Input asks:

Do you derive more income from affiliate marketing or running websites with Adsense/subscriptions etc?

ShoeMoney: Subscriptions by far

Dave asks:

what parameters are you looking for before buying a website?

ShoeMoney: age,traffic,profit,growth

Ari Shohat asks:

What is your personal view on socialism, specifically as it relates to an economic system?

ShoeMoney: I think being social is important to the economy πŸ˜‰


corey asks:

earlier this week in post you said a friend pinged you to check out the mahalo firefox extension..

how many zeroes did the ping have?

ShoeMoney: not enough

derek asks:

Given how entertaining (and disturbing) your post about dropping Bo & Luke Dukes in airport crappers was, can we see a post comparing the hotel crappers that you’ve, uhhh, experienced?

ShoeMoney: probably not. That was written in about 20 mins while we had a layover in Ohare

Theo asks:

One more question..
How do you see the future of the internet?
Is it going to kill all the other media?

ShoeMoney: Yes the analytics you get with intarweb advertising are unparalleled

I see you take alot of photos of yourself when you to conventions and events!…….Do you hire a photographer to follow you around and take pictures?

ShoeMoney: I have hired photographers before or I just give my camera to people. I dont like to take pictures but I like to be in them.

Matt asks:

What Feed Reader do you use and why? Are there any features that you wish you could have?

ShoeMoney: I just use the built one in Safari

WebProfessor asks:

If you have any recommendations for autoresponders could you please share them.

ShoeMoney: I use procmail for autoresponding. The one I use is pretty simple just search google for procmail autoresponder if you have that capability.

Tyler Dewitt asks:

Jeremy, Its Tyler Dewitt I talked to you a few times, I’m the owner of dewitts media company, but I was just curious whats a good way to get start on affiliate marketing, or arbitrage where I can make good cash at least to get started anyways. I don’t know if I’m not working hard enough at it or what, but I just am not having any luck here. Do you have any recommedations? I just think there more to it hten what I’m reading on the web I know it takes a lot of work, but there trades behind it that make a lot of money and only certain people know about.

ShoeMoney: I get asked this question and answer it so often i need to setup a filter for it.

hoodmonkey asks:

what does your current office look like?

ShoeMoney: I will post current pictures soon

If you weren’t “Shoemoney”, and was just a regular joe with no cash, and just an idea you thought was good. How would you decided if you should run with it?

Thanks for the Q&A’s Shoe… They’re grrrreat!!

ShoeMoney: I would argue that it is tougher because i am shoemoney. It was much easier for me to do stuff when tons of people were not watching every move. BTW I pretend I am that guy every day… but then people out my landing pages all the time =(

Mark M asks:

Since you lost all you weight, what about the extra skin?

ShoeMoney: Some of it has come back but I might have surgery to remove the rest

Theo asks:

Are you planning any big projects?

ShoeMoney: yes

Pogung177 asks:

Dear jeremy,
Would mind, if I invite you come to BALI for Internet Marketing Seminar as keynote speaker..?


ShoeMoney: I have gotten 3 keynote offers in the last 3 week. I really am not that good of public speaker and have never done a keynote in my life. However if you are willing to pay the expenses of my flight and hotel + my wife and a typical keynote speaker fee I would be open to it.

nate asks:

What do you think of Kanye West? Are you siked for his new album?

ShoeMoney: I love Kanye West! I think he has set a huge bar for himself with the enourmous success of his first 2 albums. I like the single “Stronger” I think this will be a good album.

TheDirectoryDude asks:

Does answering the same questions over and over again (just slightly reworded) annoy you?

And while I have you, do you get pissed off when people ask a question you’ve already answered?

ShoeMoney: I am pretty easy going. Its more a waste of there time then mine cause I can just delete.

sama asks:

Hi Shoe,

If you didn’t have the money or experience, and just had what you thought was a great idea. How would you decide if you should run with it?

And if it was worth doing, how would you go about getting it done?

Thanks for the answers. Great blog πŸ™‚

ShoeMoney: You should quit now

CatherineL asks:

I’m sure I read on John Chow’s blog that you have thousands of different sites. Is this true and are they all active?

ShoeMoney: At one time we had over 10,000 domains… not anymore though. We sold off most of them. Its hard to say they were “sites” most were just parked landing pages.

Bryan Phelps asks:

Ever have days where you don’t even want to look at a computer? How do you deal with that?

ShoeMoney: I go days at a time without looking at my computer… I can keep just enough in touch with my treo to monitor email and keep up with the world.

John asks:

You said on an interview with John Reese to build up one big site, rather than have lots of smaller sites, so I ask: do I add a comprehensive Bible dictionary to my existing Bible site, or do I create a separate site for the Bible Dictionary , with cross-links back to the Bible site?


ShoeMoney: Probably the best way would be to keep focused on your main site then build a shitton of gateway sites that lead to your main one.

The Dino asks:

What is the best way for affiliate program which is competition for some commonly known affiliate programs to get attention of big publishers.
Since most of webmasters are usualy used to their current sponsors it must be hard to convince them to swap to somehing new.
Lets say there is something better (looking better, paying better, having better features). How would you advertise it to get the high traffic sites?

ShoeMoney: Pay better

Elias Kai asks:

How much should you earn if you were:
A good SEO guru inside an international company?
A good SEO guru having your own network with 5 popular sites?
A good SEO guru that works for Yahoo, MSN, Google, or Yandex?
A good SEO Guru that masters SEO in 10 Languages including some Asian ones?

Thanks Jeremy.

ShoeMoney: I dunno I am not familiar with SEO guru’ing

TukTuk asks:

Thinking about career decisions…

Which get more ladies and free beer: SEOs or affiliates?

ShoeMoney: programers get all the girls just ask dillsmack or dax

Rui asks:

You are a very successful internet man…. did you ever think about doing business in Europe? If you did, why? If not, why? πŸ˜€

ShoeMoney: Never have.

lyricsreg asks:

In your opinion, will google remove the PR toolbar ?

ShoeMoney: I think google will never remove the toolbar. They have branded a standard at which all professional search engine people place a value on a site. They would be stupid to give it up.

Theo asks:

Can you tell us what caused the site header defacement?

ShoeMoney: old phpbb2 install i forgot about.

Chris asks:

Hi Shoemoney,

I want to learn more about generating extra traffic to my sites via Google Adsense and was wondering what books you could recommend what book/s do you think I would learn a lot from that would help with running Adwords campaigns?


ShoeMoney: I dunno any books off hand but the training thing inside adwords is really good.

MyGoodFinds asks:

Just stumbled upon your site 2 weeks ago and I’m learning a whole alot. What does it take to get a link up? I can’t afford your advertising rates as I am a SAHM trying to look for ways to make money from home so I can take care of my family.

All I want to do right now is to be able to be there for my 5 year old daughter when she gets home from school and cook healthy meals for my family while I also feel being productive by making money. I have to admit that I did feel worthless when I stayed at home not making anything even if I mastered gourmet meals and mastered painting walls. I went into depression but I came out of it by blogging. I have recently gotten into PayPerPost since my adsense is pretty pathetic right now.

I dream of financial independence to enable me to treat my family to a tropical beach vacation every year. I want to retire early and be a beach bum while making money and helping others make money too.

ShoeMoney: its not for everybody it sounds great but its a shitload of hard work. The great thing is right now it requires no capitol to get started. I have seen people make 10’s of thousands a month just from being creative on free sites. (spamming) Again… You have to have the guts to try it, the work ethic to carry through, and know when your getting greedy.

Geiger asks:

Hey Shoe, are you still putting up pictures of checks on your site?

ShoeMoney: Yes Just added a couple more last week

Stevie12 asks:

1. Do you play golf ? If so whats your handicap.

2. Do you hire contractors to do work on your house or try yourself (Are you good a DIY ? πŸ™‚ )

3. How fast can your hummer go

4. Another golf ?, Do you stay next to a golf course, like right next to your house or on an estate type thing.

Thanks for looking.

ShoeMoney: I play golf but not every well. I hire contractors. The hummer i think could do about 130mph. I do not live on a golf course.

What is going on, blog asks:

Which primary method did you use to make your first million? What is cell phones, affiliate marketing(if so which types), email marketing, etc.

ShoeMoney: subscriptions and adsense (100% organic)

lyzazel asks:

Have you ever tried doing your own internet marketing (i.e. marketing your own (info) products versus marketing affiliate products)?

ShoeMoney: nope

Joe asks:

Are you going to post some pics of your apple cinema displays?

ShoeMoney: yes

Jonny asks:

scarlett johansson or keira knightley?

ShoeMoney: Scarlett

mac26 asks:

How much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?

ShoeMoney: 20lbs

Hawaii SEO asks:

After your surgery, you were placed on some sort of liquid diet. Do you remember what products you used after the surgery? Do you have any weight loss related product recommendations? Can you share some of your experiences about how you needed to adjust you’re eating habits after the surgery and how you are able to maintain the weight loss? Any advice for someone like me who needs to loose about 40 pounds?

ShoeMoney: After surgery they made me drink nothing but protien shakes. I am probably the last person to ask for dieting advice but right now I lift weights 3 times a week and try to get in a run every once in a while. That seems to work pretty good.

Failure Sucks! asks:

What are your best tips for overcoming procrastination, especially after achieving some success. (i.e. I want to sit on my ass and play video games rather than work on my business…)

ShoeMoney: I still procrastinate a lot. I think you just have to set limits.

Iantrepreneur asks:

marketing physical products?
You are marketing your shirts and problogger has done that but has stopped – how can successfull bloggers and internet marketers that base most of their income on affiliates and digital products easily market their brand (tshirts)? what percentage do you think ‘regular’ buyers will purchase such thing?

ShoeMoney: Well I am not sure what problogger was doing to be honest. I have always had “free” shirts since… hmm since I could afford them. Even though we have sold like over 750 shirts we have not made money on shirts. Its not a money making thing for us. For me its just spreading the brand.

Chris asks:

are you really going to answer all these questions?

ShoeMoney: yes

Thor asks:

When you were 10 and then again 14 you wrote down some impressive goals. Now that you’re almost grown up you’ve lived up to quite a few of those and you’re really driven. Somewhere in between there was a “slacker” phase of your life playing video games all day..eating junk food…occasionally having a job. What happened to the good times?

ShoeMoney: I got married

sama asks:

Yes, i’m really hoping for a better answer then “just do it” though. I do not work. and if i concentrated all my time on this project, i’d have no cash for a few months. Or i could do smaller projects, and maybe start earning some lower amounts. Anyway, shoemoney cannot totally go with; “just do it” — otherwise we’d have paintball gas stations. πŸ™‚

ShoeMoney: Actually I did “just do it” with the paintball gas station. I got shutdown by the City of Lincoln. I still own the gas station. (abandoned)

Proactol asks:

What was the biggest life lesson that you learned while in school?

ShoeMoney: I learned a lot about Business Law

Maldino asks:

what is the most thing you get money from ?? Adsense or T-Shirts salres or what ??

ShoeMoney: Hah its for sure not t-shirt sales. Even at selling 750 our margin is so low its still a expense. Subscriptions for sure.

Joeychgo asks:

What are your 5 top tips/resources for someone interested in getting started in Arbitrage – so that if they follow them they are almost guaranteed to make money from the start.

ShoeMoney: I think you are misunderstood as to what arbitrage is. Arbitrage is the profit from a market imbalance. So its not positive to have a negative cashflow in arbitrage. that is called a loss.

If you want to guarantee you will arbitrage money then put it in a savings account. I can write out the steps for you if you want to get a savings account but I think you can cover that.

Grivon asks:

Dear Shoe,

Is it your opinion that the domain scandal could have somehow been avoided by the webmasters/owners of the company? Thanks!

ShoeMoney: Nope. ICANN is the one who gave up the domain and no matter what register you use in what world you cant avoid that.

More M asks:

What do you think of the whole Google Pagerank … Should they or shouldn’t they use Pagerank or let us see it deal?

ShoeMoney: Google will always show pagerank. its a huge marketing and brand reinforcement tool for them.

Jonathan Volk asks:

Need an Intern?! ;)j/k

Do you plan on hiring a team any time soon? Or do you already have one?

ShoeMoney: We have talked about taking interns. If I ever hired someone it would be to manage people.

SeanIM asks:

1) When participating in sites like TLA, etc do you think Google is or has crawled them for participants and will ultimately take brownie points away from sites in the mix?

2) Ginger or Mary Ann?

ShoeMoney: 1) I doubt Google has scraped all the people selling links and will punish them. However they have said they are going to take a big aggressive move going after them.

2) Ginger

dan asks:

You mentioned mobile media getting huge over the next few years in a previous Q&A ( I think ). Where do you see the industry going? What’s going to be the hot new service with mobile media? What kinda efforts are you developing to prepare for this?

ShoeMoney: I think everything resets with the mobile industry. For instance it all starts with email marketing only now its going to be SMS messaging. Then you will see it evolve more to adsense like products (but not like what we see now).

Tom asks:

If you could magically be #1 on 3 SE’s with any keyword, what would you pick?

ShoeMoney: This is probably the question that made me think the most…. I would say even tho ringtones are severely declining I would still want to rank for it.

Theo asks:

Have you been contacted by Dmoz about extortion?

ShoeMoney: yes both Google people and Dmoz people have contacted me.

Never Pay RRP asks:

OMG, please don’t start asking us to sign up to AGLOCO shoe:)

ShoeMoney: where the hell did this come from I hate agloco

Valentin asks:

1- At the moment when I start writing, 53 posts were ahead, mostly questions. How-when you`ll answer ?

2- You would want to be subject of an short interview (6-8 questions) not quite related to making money ?

3- Can I (we, all) know your favourite quote ?

ShoeMoney: 1- I usually answer 3-4 days after I ask for questions. 2- sure just send the questions 3- “adversity is opportunity”

Johnny10g asks:

If you ever read comics as a kid, who was your favorite character and why?

ShoeMoney: Green Lantern – He can make shit up as he goes.

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