Branding – The Next Internet Millionaire s1e2

Episode 2 of the Next Internet Millionaire came out this week and it covers one of my favorite subjects… Branding.

In this episode the challenge for the 2 teams was to come up with a brand able image that could be used for the Next Internet Millionaire.

Branding is one of the single most important aspects in marketing IMO. I think people kind of get that., my blog, has a symbol that pretty much anyone in the industry recognizes. I will go up to booths at conferences and people will not recognize me but they will recognize the symbol on my shirt and say OHH YOUR WITH SHOEMONEY!. Anyway branding is SUPER important. I think many bloggers in particular really miss out on branding. I have even had people in airports and even 1 time at Bellagio in vegas (on vacation with my wife) someone came up and said they really enjoyed my blog but they couldn’t remember my name. But they saw the symbol on my shirt and recognized that. That kind of freaked my wife out a bit.

Anyway back on topic of the show.

I thought the KISS team had the most retarded brand ever for the next internet millionaire:
nim kiss

Are you frickin kidding me?!?!? My 15 month old daughter makes things that look like that. Ok keep in mind they only had 90 minutes to come up with something. I guess that adds something to it.

Lets see what the other team came up with:


Ok while I am not in love with this at least I feel there is a graphic here (the 2 guys shaking hands) that you could go with. Not great but hell for 90 mins not bad.

OHH now ive watched a little more and I see the 2 guys were forming a M that was the first letter of millionaire although its a little big and you cant really tell… still creative.

So now:

I am not going to tell you who will win you need to watch to see!

Click here to download the movie or you can goto the site to watch live.