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Episode 2 of the Next Internet Millionaire came out this week and it covers one of my favorite subjects… Branding.

In this episode the challenge for the 2 teams was to come up with a brand able image that could be used for the Next Internet Millionaire.

Branding is one of the single most important aspects in marketing IMO. I think people kind of get that., my blog, has a symbol that pretty much anyone in the industry recognizes. I will go up to booths at conferences and people will not recognize me but they will recognize the symbol on my shirt and say OHH YOUR WITH SHOEMONEY!. Anyway branding is SUPER important. I think many bloggers in particular really miss out on branding. I have even had people in airports and even 1 time at Bellagio in vegas (on vacation with my wife) someone came up and said they really enjoyed my blog but they couldn’t remember my name. But they saw the symbol on my shirt and recognized that. That kind of freaked my wife out a bit.

Anyway back on topic of the show.

I thought the KISS team had the most retarded brand ever for the next internet millionaire:
nim kiss

Are you frickin kidding me?!?!? My 15 month old daughter makes things that look like that. Ok keep in mind they only had 90 minutes to come up with something. I guess that adds something to it.

Lets see what the other team came up with:


Ok while I am not in love with this at least I feel there is a graphic here (the 2 guys shaking hands) that you could go with. Not great but hell for 90 mins not bad.

OHH now ive watched a little more and I see the 2 guys were forming a M that was the first letter of millionaire although its a little big and you cant really tell… still creative.

So now:

I am not going to tell you who will win you need to watch to see!

Click here to download the movie or you can goto the site to watch live.

59 thoughts on “Branding – The Next Internet Millionaire s1e2

  1. Nick Sullivan

    Yeh branding is crucial. All the biggest companies focus on it to the extreme. It’s what visually seperates you. Your logo is awesome, simple, eye catching and definitive.

    I’ve been trying to brand my blog… not as easy as it looks, I think sometimes it can take time.

    But yeah what’s up with these guys lmao. I see this alot on these types of shows, the apprentice UK, other UK entrepreneurial programmes… at times you just think ”how the hell did they even get on the show”

  2. CPA Affiliates

    Another good show. I am still highly impressed with teh quality of the production for being a more aof a sole venture/online show. but it was an interesting show. I look forward to watching the next ones.

  3. jim

    I love the captions.. you couldn’t really tell how tall that guy was in ep 1 because he wasn’t ever really standing next to someone, it wasn’t until that shot that i realized how freaking tall he was.

  4. DonnyC

    The M logo looks similar to The other logo looks even more similar to something that just came out of my ass.

  5. Never Pay RRP

    Yeah, I was pretty surprised by the quality as well. Very well done imho.

    Sorry, but I thought it would be pretty poor. Happy to be proved wrong in this instance though:)

  6. Joe

    Your brand must be good because when I saw the first presentation and their $ mouse design I immediately thought of the shoemoney logo.

  7. Mike

    Man, I just moved from Fort Collins/Loveland about 3 weeks ago. How could I not have heard they were filming this there? Does Joel Comm live there? I can’t imagine why else they’d choose that particular area. Maybe I should move back and see if he’ll mentor me!

  8. STUART Hannig

    I saw that you posted season 1 episode 2. I don’t know if I could watch another season of this. They should at least have more web development savvy people on it.

  9. Word Hugger

    The show is nice, but I think Joel Comm was expecting a professional branding logo, not something you would find out of a cracker jack box. He only had two teams to pick from, and both were terrible, so I suppose he could only make the show look as professional as possible.

  10. Rian Brooklyn

    I was hesitant to watch this show as I figured it really would whitewash the whole IM concept. Too early to say I guess.

    But yeah, those logos were horrid, especially for a Photoshop expert. I give them credit for their effort though. Hopefully they’ll post episode 3 sometime this month…interested to continue the laughter.

  11. ***V***

    I watched the first episode and it was so dry that I stopped watching. I was hesitant to watch this episode but I did and can say I learned a few nuggets that will assist me in the future. Thanks for posting Shoe.


  12. Neon

    Personally i didnt really remember your name too until recently with frequent visits to your blog. But i have a very strong impression of the Super $ logo and the unique name ShoeMoney give me a funny image in my mind Shoeful of Money.

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