Acquisio – I hate Doing This Shit – FSF


I wore this Acquisio shirt to the Google Dance and working out last Monday and I NEVER got nearly as many looks and inquiries as to where I got it. At the Google Dance in San Jose at least 20 people asked me if I had anymore shirts. I tried to explain to them that it wasn’t mine and I just asked them for one at the conference and they told me they would only give me one if I wore it to the Google Dance. So HUGE success on the shirt guys!!

Now What does Acquisio do?

Well from one of there employees sites:

We were offering ad agencies a solution for PPC management and the monthly reporting to clients… because we know they hate doing that shit manually. To make this perfectly clear, we decided to give out t-shirts to help people communicate this frustration, while offering them the solution.

I was playing with the software and I think I might give it a test run. We currently manage about 20 MSN Adcenter, 3 Yahoo and about 8 Google Adwords accounts so this might come in handy for us. I will report more later as we jump back into pay per click.

Thanks for the shirt guys!