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by Jeremy Schoemaker on August 30, 2007 · 90 comments


I wore this Acquisio shirt to the Google Dance and working out last Monday and I NEVER got nearly as many looks and inquiries as to where I got it. At the Google Dance in San Jose at least 20 people asked me if I had anymore shirts. I tried to explain to them that it wasn’t mine and I just asked them for one at the conference and they told me they would only give me one if I wore it to the Google Dance. So HUGE success on the shirt guys!!

Now What does Acquisio do?

Well from one of there employees sites:

We were offering ad agencies a solution for PPC management and the monthly reporting to clients… because we know they hate doing that shit manually. To make this perfectly clear, we decided to give out t-shirts to help people communicate this frustration, while offering them the solution.

I was playing with the software and I think I might give it a test run. We currently manage about 20 MSN Adcenter, 3 Yahoo and about 8 Google Adwords accounts so this might come in handy for us. I will report more later as we jump back into pay per click.

Thanks for the shirt guys!

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1 Danny

Shock value is decent. Pretty appropriate to wear while you’re working out though.


Dude…your t-shirt rocks!! I can just imagine the look on peoples faces…lol.

3 Linden Man

the shirt is actually catchy.

4 Click Input

Cool, back into PPC. I love hearing you talk about that stuff.

Secondly, kick ass slogan.

5 Grivon

sex sells – and stunns sell too!! good line acqu

6 Carl Coddington

Unless you own a farm, do you really want your business associated with “SHIT”

7 Geordie

8 Adwords Accounts? Assuming it’s via My Client Client Center, are you able to manage multiple Adwords accounts for yourself or your company? Or are they for other people/companies? If you’re able to swing multiple accounts for yourself, how can we hook that up:)

8 Jonathan Volk

Hahaha. Great marketing. :D I like that a lot.

9 Lukas

Very nice shirt! It rocks!
Where to buy it? ;-)

10 Theo

I need that shirt to wear it at my work..

11 lyricsreg

I think that if people wanted to communicate their frustration, they would do more than wearing a t-shirt :)

12 lyricsreg

even if you owned a farm … :)

13 GettyCash

Whao! this tee rocks

I’d like to have one.

14 Gecko Tales

I need to wear that to work one day. I wonder how long it would take before someone asked me to leave?

15 Travel Notebook

Dont tuck that thing in

16 Travel Notebook

And your wife seems to be a very good interior decorator from all the pics we see from inside your house

17 CPA Affiliates

*L* I saw that shirt in one of the pictures you posted in your album…. Some of the best shirts are ones that tell it like it is!

18 Paul Bradish

Yeah – I would have looked twice that’s for sure. The Shock Value is great but the link below the text is so small :).

19 jim

I saw it too and thought it was one of those gimmicky shirts, not a company’s branding strategy. :)

20 Oggy

We partnered up with a t-shirt company. here


I like the plain and simple white on black look…

22 andrew

Yea but that old school tv has got to go. 32″ lcd friday?

23 ShoeMoney

i tried… its the kitchen tho and its never used hard to justify =(

24 Doug M

i totally agree, this world needs more in your face, tell it like it is, rather than the sugarcoating that goes on

25 Modern Worker

LOL, talk about a conversation starter!

26 STUART Hannig

I love that tshirt, wish I could get it for Tuesday.

27 king jacob

Just letting you know Everyother page load, “I get a threaded comment cant find the adcomment div”

28 king jacob

If “here” is supposed to be a link it didnt work.

29 Sabrina's Money Matters

I want one!!!

30 Robert MacEwan

At first my brain register “Dude… your t-shirt has SHIT on it!”

31 Robert MacEwan


Link to information on the t-shirt:

32 TheDirectoryDude

I saw it in the photo gallery earlier and thought then “That is cool, I got get one of those”. Now I know the story behind it all as well.

No doubt there are 100 people selling knock offs on CafePress by now.

33 Nick Sullivan

Nice shirt lol, would be funny doing a presentation with that on.

34 Sucker

I’d like to see Mike Rowe wearing that on an episode of Dirty Jobs!

35 Modern Worker

LOL now that would be something to see on the snake episodes

36 laptopriches

yeah, but the link should be bigger or on the back…

37 Hip Hop

Shitt I want one of those shirts

38 STUART Hannig

Told my mother about this shirt, and wearing it on move in day for college. This will be our 4th year, she laughed and thought it would be great.


i like looks rock lol

40 Click Input

What’s wrong with owning a farm?

41 The Dino

Well nice eye catchi T-shirt… the URL could be a bit bigger.

42 The Dino

Bad words are always good marketing.

43 zackary of Lincoln NE

actually a comment on pic 138 of your ses show. dude is that a bag of weed hangin out of yer boyz pocket? either that or he was cookin sumthin up in the kitchen with some oregeno… ??? just an fyi… get rid of za evidence. :)

44 Word Hugger

It definetly stands out, but the URL could be a bit bigger as the comment above me said.

45 Bulbboy

More appropriate for wearing when doing your toilet investigations than the googledance. ;)

46 MonaVie

Great shirt! Too bad they didn’t include a logo! ;)

47 Theo

The url is the tasteful part.

48 Gecko Tales

Like what? We just had a safety presentation the other day at the office. They said the biggest threat now is a shooter. At first I thought they were talking about drinking, then I figured it out.

49 Joeychgo

Damn, I keep forgetting to send my shirts.

50 Marcin Zielezny

That’s a great shirt. Perfect for so many occasions :P

51 captcha bypass

dude … your looking pretty lean … the phenterthin is working great!

52 ShoeMoney

haha fu

53 king jacob

nothing, and I dont think many farms use shit as fertilizer anymore.

54 Steven

I want one now

55 Steven

John Chow’s family has a farm :smile: He made a post with pictures awhile back lol

56 Steven

LOL, watch, i’ll see someone on the street with one of these shirts…

57 Steven

Everybody should.

58 TheDirectoryDude

LCDs use a lot less power Shoe. So you really should do the right thing by the environment and pick up a nice sleek lcd tv next cance you have:)

59 Linu

You look pretty cool in that tee shirt…

60 Joeychgo

ROFL!!!!!!!! owned

61 stupid 3gp

the shirt say it all … lolx it is quite funny and impressive aswell.

62 ***V***

Love the shirt, very cocky funny.


63 katurday

LOL, I would totally buy this shirt!

64 Paul.

Can you really wear a shirt out that says shit on it?

65 Ken Savage

with the success and buzz this shirt has gotten, you would think selling them online at cost for branding purposes would be a good idea.

66 Michael Fultz

That is a shirt that will get you noticed, which is a good thing, as far as publicity goes..

67 Aditya Kumar Singh

I want one of this shirts :)

68 Joeychgo

me too! ROFL

69 UndergrdoundAttraction

Nice shirt man! I’m sure you definitely got quite a lot of looks sporting it…

70 jame

I want one now…Pls.

71 I love nice shirt

Pls mee too!!

72 UsaRealEstate

so cute… LOL

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