Bodog Poker Website Ceased In Judgement

Earlier today the Bodog website ( went down. Many people thought it was just technical issues. A good friend inside Bodog pinged me and told me that the site was actually yanked out from under Bodog’s hands earlier today.

Apparently, some guy in the US who was awarded a patent for something to do with taking bets online filed a lawsuit against Bodog awhile back. Bodog didn’t respond because they are not a US company. So a judge awarded a default judgment of 50 million.

Yesterday, the guy with the judgment used it to seize control of Bodog’s domain names from Enom. Almost all of their sites are now offline, and now they are going to loose all of their SERPS.

I am sure this will make some big news tomorrow. You can see Calvin’s explanation here

So if your looking for bodog here is the new bodog.

Crazy eh?