Dmoz Extortion

A while back I got a email from a guy claiming to be a DMOZ editor saying that I had to pay him $5,000.00 or he would have my site: removed from the dmoz.

I thought nothing of it…. then today I got a email from him saying it was removed and I might want to rethink not paying him. I thought I would check just for grins.

It was removed… WOW

dmoz… corrupt… no…..

I never thought I would say this but I don’t even care anymore. I am stunned Google still uses this as there business directory as its the most corrupt “editorial” system EVER and especially since now they are trying to talk about paid links and crap…

Seriously I would love to see how they defend this one… How does NOT belong in DMOZ??

Google seriously its time for you to aquire a business directory that has paid inclusion. There is so much porn and spam in the dmoz its a huge black eye for you. just got scooped up but there is another one that might be able to get got for a nice price *cough* best of the web *cough*


EDIT: A lot of people have been asking the category was in. It was :

Also you can see from this web archive page that it was in (last link)

So for those dmoz lovers who said I was never in… there you go