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A while back I got a email from a guy claiming to be a DMOZ editor saying that I had to pay him $5,000.00 or he would have my site: removed from the dmoz.

I thought nothing of it…. then today I got a email from him saying it was removed and I might want to rethink not paying him. I thought I would check just for grins.

It was removed… WOW

dmoz… corrupt… no…..

I never thought I would say this but I don’t even care anymore. I am stunned Google still uses this as there business directory as its the most corrupt “editorial” system EVER and especially since now they are trying to talk about paid links and crap…

Seriously I would love to see how they defend this one… How does NOT belong in DMOZ??

Google seriously its time for you to aquire a business directory that has paid inclusion. There is so much porn and spam in the dmoz its a huge black eye for you. just got scooped up but there is another one that might be able to get got for a nice price *cough* best of the web *cough*


EDIT: A lot of people have been asking the category was in. It was :

Also you can see from this web archive page that it was in (last link)

So for those dmoz lovers who said I was never in… there you go

435 thoughts on “Dmoz Extortion

    1. StevenH

      And because you and others are willing to pay it, they’ll remain shady. As soon as the extorsion goes dry they’ll change the way they do business… but until then?

    2. Bill

      That is extremely shady and frankly sounds like extortion! It is not DMOZ to blame though – it is the individual editor. To whom did you pay the $50? Mozilla/AOL would not request money for a listing on DMOZ. The individual editors are volunteers, just like you and me. If an individual editor attempts to extort money from you for a listing – he/she should be reported to both DMOZ and possibly law enforcement. Reporting shady activities like that, at least to DMOZ, will get that editor removed, and will help restore integrity to the project. Unfortunately, there are always a few rotten apples out there looking out only for their own gain…..

  1. Vlad

    DMOZ is overrated these days in my opinion. I’ve always done well without it and so have many others. Fuck the corrupt swine if they want to extort you.

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  3. Bill

    Hahaha! Good idea.

    Seriously though, I agree. Google needs to dump DMOZ and lets move on. And whats the deal with the pagerank?

  4. Brewster

    I didn’t realise that your blog was in there – wasnt there issue with one particular editor not wanting it in there a while ago ?

  5. Mark

    DMOZ is corrupt and the data which google uses also not accurate. It is high time google must have its own directoy.

  6. Nick Sullivan

    People always claim it’s near impossible to get accepted now but my site got in there and my friend has like 10 in there.

    I think with people like that DMOZ will become more n more corrupt n lose it’s cult status, therefore making acceptance in there lose importance.

    To be honest I never saw why it was a big deal anyway, there is no need for DMOZ.

    N Shoemoney I don’t see why you need it man, traffic, value? what value does a listing have for, you already have 10,000 subscribers + and people always visit. You have a great design and good posts, forget DMOZ. $5,000 HA!

  7. Kieran

    Although the stock of DMOZ has probably dropped like 90% over the last 5 years, paid inclusion directories don’t seem like the answer to me because so many webmasters will not sign up.

    I think a possible answer would be a Directory with a Social Component involved where people can either click a ‘spam’ button or do a Digg-style thumbs up/down thing.

    You can see the effect of this by looking at Craigslist. Five years ago they were very lenient on spam but are now cracking down. If they hadn’t done this CL would have been 75% affiliate links and webmaster spam.

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  9. Bill

    If you were in the DMOZ, what category would you be under? Certainly not anything related to making money online, since all you seem to post about these days is off-topic junk.

  10. Kanute

    Well this is bad news. I tried to get into Dmoz just yesterday.If they come up for some monies, I’ll just get-out of it. Thanks for the report…

  11. joe

    You get enough offers to add sites for $$$ to DMOZ (I’ve been offered money plenty of times) you realize that there are surely going to be lots of editors who will take it. SOme of those corrupt editors would realize that given the amount of monetary offers they get, surely some websites could be pushed into paying.

    PS probably a hacked account anyway

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  13. Ali

    That’s insane man! $5K for a feakin listing that would bring you like 10 visitors a month?! I’m glad I never went through the process of even putting my website listing in there.


  14. Travel Notebook

    Do you think Google will read this and put you back in? How many editors work on your specific section? Dont only a few people have access to each section of the DMOZ, making it easy to narrow down who it could have been?

  15. Gecko Tales

    DMOZ has been a pain to deal with for so long that it isn’t worth it any more. You’re right – Google does need to drop it. DMOZ is dead…

  16. Brent

    That’s riduculous! All this hub-bub about paid links and Google is still using DMOZ! Makes me think the same guys doing the extortion are Google employees. Might as well go to the W3C supporters page where you can get a permanent PR9 link for only 1K.

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  18. Jeba

    I dont even bother submitting my sites there.. Anyways it is not going to get listed 😐 and I am not rich enough to pay 5K lol..

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  21. Hi-Tech

    Damn that guy’s got some ballz! Go get him Shoe – turn him in and expose DMOZ for the corrupt dinosaur it is! Keep us posted – please.

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  23. eTown Landlord

    it’s funny in my opinion… screw them. You have your loyal fan base. Like you need the dmoz??? You should post this clown’s email address and have us flood him with spam.

  24. Shane

    Last I checked, extortion was still illegal. This is the kind of thing that could take down DMOZ … and THAT’s linkbait!

  25. king jacob

    Ever heard the saying two wrongs dont make a right. You cant condemn someone for doing something bad and then spam them, that would solve nothing.

  26. Mark Hankins

    If your friends at Google aren’t ready to dump DMOZ, perhaps they *are* ready to pressure DMOZ to help get a prosecutor involved and make a high-profile case against the “editor” responsible for the problem. Go over DMOZ’s head to Google.

  27. garethjax

    It’s time to crack down this organization. I’ve tried to submit some interesting no-profit organizations and even some customer sites but i’ve never received an answer. It’s funny that it’s full of cellphones tones 1-page sites and they won’t accept an art collective.

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  29. CPA Affiliates

    for real i have to agree. DMOZ sucks…. But u are not the first to report of bribery within DMOZ as i saw a post somehwere guy would get u listed in dmoz for 100 bucks…

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  31. hbh101

    I can’t find any evidence that you were ever listed anywhere in the ODP – – and I have looked back through the last two years at and several mirrors and data-users.

    Which category was it supposedly listed in then?

  32. Joost de Valk

    Shoe, I hate DMOZ editors for doing stuff like this… Could you drop me a line telling me who it was, perhaps I can help. Looking at your URL in my editors account, it has a red by Jim Noble, based on this thread.

    which does make me think you asked for it 😛 but seriously: this sucks. Drop me a line and I’ll do what I can to help out.

  33. The Anon Guy

    I’ve been a DMOZ editor in the past and, quite frankly, maybe had two or three actual submissions come my way. The vast majority of my edits came from tracking down political candidates on my own and getting them to give me their web address when they went live.

    I’ve also had my site listed, though I can’t ever recall receiving a hit from it. So I always figured the value of a DMOZ listing was that it would get you in the search engines faster not actually bring you visitors.

    I think in a lot of cases, the reasons people aren’t listed is the fact that there are so many categories without current editors that there is no one to look at it. Demanding any form of payment or editing with a vendetta, though, is definitely across the line.

  34. Andrew Johnson

    Active communities — digg, blogs, wikipedia, newspapers, all surely play a larger role in the life of common internet users than directories. Yes, they can and are gamed. The difference is there is oversight and transparency.

    Dmoz should have all of their editors personal information made public along with an edit history. Without that, there is no accountability.

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  36. Viral Electronics

    I totaly Agree. They need to discredit DMOZ and not count their pr transfer. I mean serously its empossible in most cases to get listed unless you know someone and are probaly buying your way in. Atleast yahoo and BOTW upfront tell you to pay and they have paid editors to give you a fair review.

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  38. jim

    That’s why he didn’t pay… I can’t seem to get my site in but I’ve been doing fine without it. It’s one of those legacy things that everyone put on a pedestal that has since lost its luster and now it’s credibility.

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  40. Charleston T.

    $5,000 could buy a ton of links worth more than dmoz. They don’t pass that much PR, and they sure don’t send any business (unless a site just targets SEOs/web marketers) Smart move telling them to take a walk.

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  43. doubter

    These reeks of bullshit.

    1. Can you please show your original dmoz entry?

    2. Why not post the email address so the great community can flush this out?

    If you don’t do either of these then I’m afraid it appears that you are making this up to discredit dmoz (more so than it does itself).

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    Wow! I can’t believe they are so shady like that! So it really was someone connected to the sight attempting to extort you! That is pretty messed up…

    Does anybody really even use that site??

    — Raymond

  46. CatherineL

    I’ve always known that DMOZ was corrupt. How many people become a DMOZ editor just so they can turn down the sites of their competitors?

    But asking you for 5k just so you can keep your listing is despicable. I wish Google would throw DMOZ in the sandbox and lock the lid.

  47. Money Zone Online

    Wow! I heard a lot about that but never thought it is so real. Google makes mistake by keeping DMOZ as autheritative source. However we all know that things won’t be changed so fast…sad truth.

  48. Buy Used iPhone

    I have submitted a huge number of real content sites, good stuff, and none of the got into the DMOZ directory, while in the same categories there were geocities page loaded with crap banners etc
    the thing that “anybody” could become an editor was too big of an occasion for site owners to refuse their competitors submissions
    I don’t give a sh*t about DMOZ listings

  49. Peter

    Directories such as DMOZ and ZEAL are editor based. Anyone can become an editor. This extortion attempt has nothing to do with DMOZ but is most likely someone who has passed the tests necessary to become an editor (I was an editor at 1 point on ZEAL but stopped doing it).

    You should report the matter to DMOZ they should have logs on what editor deleted the link and they should be removed for abusing their position.

  50. Novice SEO

    I have often wondered about the validity of DMOZ. I have tried for several years to get three of my websites accepted into the DMOZ directory. I have followed their guidelines to the letter and have done everything they suggest and no response. No response to inquiries either.

    Maybe the future of search isn’t going to be with the Big Three. Could it be we will see the evolution of search move toward smaller industry and topic related directories.

    What do you think?

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  52. Paul Bradish

    This is the first that I’ve heard of bribery as well. I can’t say that I’m surprised though, go figure with a “human edited” free inclusion directory.

  53. Gecko Tales

    It depens on the editor. If you find a category with an active editor you have a better chance of getting in. If you not it can take months or never…

  54. The SEO Millionaire

    I have been in dmoz for like 2 months now, and i get not traffic from this site. I have had about 5 visitors in the last 2 months. It’s definatly not worth it to pay for this.

  55. The SEO Millionaire

    That’s true they should be able to check logs and see who made the mod, hopefully the keep history of what their staff does… unless this is normal for DMOZ and they just don’t care ..

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  57. AzAkers

    That sucks, but I can’t say it’s really all that surprising – DMOZ corruption is rampant, the directory itself is in shambles lacking proper management (Porn sites in local church directories for example – repeatedly reported)

    Anyways – sorry ot hear was removed – definately ridiculous :(

  58. Patrick

    That person may have just been waiting for yours to be removed, and then claim it was him/her who did it. However, I don’t see any reason to remove your site. I am yet to get listed out of several sites I own over the last several years. I couldn’t care less about DMOZ now.

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  61. Joeychgo

    DMOZ is useless. Has been for some time. It was destroyed by the editors. Google doesnt even update its directory anymore, the results there are a year old.

  62. astrozygote

    Hi everybody, the site owner of will never publish the proof that a dmoz editor tried to bribe him. It has never happened. Jus read the disclaimer before posting:

    “You should assume everything written on this blog is a lie. You should assume I have motivation for linking to everything on this page and will benefit from it somehow. You should assume I am no better then you are and your opinion has just as much weight as mine. You should question everything. You should come up with your own thoughts and opinions and not trust some stupid blogger.”

    By the way, do you trust this website has ever been listed at


    That is nuts. I cant believe it?? You are right though. Instead of Google paying all this money for services they never get to, why not look into a better option as far as a directory is concerned?

  64. Ant Onaf

    WOW! This is the first time I have heard of DMOZ editors being corrupt and extorting someone. Are we reaching the Internet’s Doomsday? Or are we already there!

  65. Kirtok

    That’s why one of my authority sites never got into DMOZ. I also received a similar email from a DMOZ editor who’s asked for cash to include my authority site into DMOZ.

    I said go scre** yourself, and he sent me an email saying: “Forget DMOZ Forever”.

    Who cares about DMOZ other than Google?

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  71. Dmoz hater

    Is it time for a better Dmoz like directory? Would webmasters pay to be included in a more relevant directory? I know I would.

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  73. David

    I heard someone say to someone at SES San Jose that they could “make a Wikipedia page say anything for $60,000″

    Sounds kinda like this except in reverse…

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  76. jsimmo

    I hear the ODP bans any site that ever offers *them* a bribe to list a site. There are records in forums that suggest you tried to pay to get the site listed. If that is the case, then it would never be listed.

  77. jim

    Nothing you can do when there are rogue elements… just kind of strange that they’d come back after the fact and say “ha ha!” Makes you wonder how important it must be if you ddin’t notice in the first place.

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  90. fuod

    So you’ve bribed dmoz editor before? No wonder you got that email (even if it’s unrelated to shoemoney)

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  94. George

    People have been talking about this kind of thing for the last 5 years. I am glad someone with your popularity, wrote about it. Maybe now, someone will do something about it.

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  97. Jarrod

    As an actual DMOZ editor, this is bull crap. I became an editor a couple years ago and I’ve seen first hand that it’s corrupt and most editors don’t seem to care too much about it . Except to help out friends/themselves and abuse their power considering it is so significant in google.

    The whole process of becoming an editor is so difficult and time consuming and considering the horrible maintenance and state of DMOZ you’d think they’d be a little more open for help. Even once becoming an editor, trying to get approved for another category is really retarded.

  98. Chris

    I have to agree with some previous comments. Not that I am glad this happened to Shoe Money, but I am glad that you have the clout to broadcast out about the corruption that now seems to define the DMOZ.

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  100. Gwen

    Well, according to that, the site’s only listing was deleted in April. If Jeremy says he only got the email telling him it was removed on August 26, that should tell you something. If it was an editor who was trying to scam you, then why not turn them in by posting their details here or reporting them?

  101. Jake Cop

    Further proof of Dmoz corrupt nature, and to think Dmoz editors are still today trying to defend the thing. Only a matter of time before it’s wound up.

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  103. Shawna Brown

    DMOZ is corrupt. It is the exact opposite of transparency and openness.

    My friend, a well-respected professional in his field, was an editor at DMOZ for over *8* years, nearly from the start. One day he went to login and found his account locked out. (He logged in weekly or every other week.) He had something like 4,000 adds, 3,000 deletes, and over 9,000 edits to his account. He’s as ethical an individual I’ve ever met.

    Seems as though one of the disputes about a where a website should be included got someone higher-up upset. And they just decided unilaterally to remove him as an editor. No warning, no system in place to defend oneself, just a unilateral decision that his efforts were no longer needed.

    When asked for information, details, anything that might help him understand what had happened, he was met with stony silence. He got one form reply saying his account was permanently locked out and he shouldn’t bother trying to re-apply.

    There’s nobody to complain to. Nobody cares. This was over 2 years ago, he’s moved on, but I’ll never forget how upset he was that nobody treated him like a simple human being and talked to him about whatever the problem was before they decided to close his account.

    So yeah, seeing this happen is not surprising. DMOZ must be run by the inmates these days.

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  111. Julie Kosbab

    True story:

    A competitor of my company actually controlled a major category in DMOZ for some years. I’m sure it shocks all to know that none of our clients who belonged in that category ever made it in, regardless of site quality or personal reputation.

    DMOZ is snake-oil. Stale snake-oil.

  112. surpass

    Exactly what do you think Google is paying for? They use the directory data for free, just like you and I can. They aren’t paying anything for it.

  113. Matt Keegan

    I had no idea that DMOZ was so shady. I guess that is why I don’t pay it any mind. Anyway, is there a name associated with the extortioner? You could use the power of this blog to turn everything up a notch by exposing the crook.

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  115. niltiac

    Well, nobody seems interested in the truth here. Just another chance to slam DMOZ editors. Of course we will never see any proof of the email, since it does not exist. For the record, the site was never listed (it had already been banned for the attempted bribary attempt). Back in the spring a link to the sites feed was listed in error. This was removed about a month later through normal QA processes. Funny then that this “corrupt” editor did not get around to sending the alleged email until August? I’m sure will make a few $$ from the libelous statements, however.

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  117. Bob Keating

    DMOZ is the largest human-edited directory on the Web and has always been free of charge. Our community strives for openness and transparency. We actively seek to maintain a volunteer editorial community with high integrity and promote open feedback processes to maintain these standards.

    We take reports like this very seriously and would appreciate your help in bringing them to our attention. If at any time an editor remarks that you need to pay to be part of the DMOZ directory, let us know. This behavior will NOT be tolerated by ODP/DMOZ. Any information about any abusive incidents will be handled immediately.

    We hope you’ll come forward with the data to substantiate your claim and look forward to helping in any way possible.

    Bob Keating – Managing Editor of DMOZ

  118. Bob Keating

    DMOZ is the largest human-edited directory on the Web and has always been free of charge. Our community strives for openness and transparency. We actively seek to maintain a volunteer editorial community with high integrity and promote open feedback processes to maintain these standards.

    We take reports like this very seriously and would appreciate your help in bringing them to our attention. If at any time an editor remarks that you need to pay to be part of the DMOZ directory, let us know. This behavior will NOT be tolerated by ODP/DMOZ. Any information about any abusive incidents will be handled immediately.

    DMOZ has several ways to report this type of abuse on the site, go to to fill out the form and I will contact you directly.

    We hope you’ll come forward with the data to substantiate your claim and look forward to helping in any way possible.

    Bob Keating – managing editor of DMOZ

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  120. lyricsreg

    DMOZ is as corrupt as it can be. I have been submitting quality websites for years now, with no success, and I have a friend that has a joke of a website that got approved in a few months. That site has only stolen content and a crappy design. I had to ask him : “So … how much did you pay for that listing ?”. He replied honestly : “You can pay for listings ??”. I don’t know who is more clueless : him, or the editor who approved his site

  121. sierrastock

    Does dmoz have an 800 number you can call to request being shook down? I’m ready to call.

    Not only have I waited for more than the past year for them to review my submission, I’ve also noticed that time seems to have frozen on their index; they seem to be ignoring everyone that came up in the last two years that should be included in the category we’re trying to get into.

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  127. rene

    nice rant, but erhm …. could you possibly post the original email (with full headers) so we can actually verify what has been said and by who?
    this is a heavy accusation and as posted here totally without evidence …

    btw your link to doesn’t seem to work either …. that particular page is unavailable and whatever is earlier than that doesn’t seem to have your site in it …

    simply the whole thing would be a lot more believable if you would post the full email correspondence

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  129. xixtas

    So far, the details of this story do not match the records in the dmoz logs. There are a lot of conclusions being reached here with little evidence to support them. It is truly unfortunate that every time (in my experience at least) someone makes a big deal about dmoz corruption, the details of the story don’t check out. Dmoz corruption does exist, I know it and I’ve seen it. But I personally don’t believe it takes the form of “pay me $5000.00 or I’ll pull your site.”

    That sounds more like a practical joke or fanciful invention than an actual attempt at a bribe. Particularly when the site in question had been delisted months before these events are said to have occurred.

    (I speak only for myself. My opinions should not be taken as any kind of official ODP statement.)

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  135. Anthony

    I didn’t get to read all of the posts, but (as I am known for stating publicly), I am amazed that two corporate entities entrust this debacle of a web site and stake their reputations on it. AOL – well, whatever. But Google – come on folks, I know they have the bankroll to do it, and as you suggest, they could even charge for listings and make it profitable.

    My advice, contact your journalist contacts and try to find one that will expose AOL’s dark side. Maybe that will get some action.

    – OldSchool

  136. Anthony

    Bob, give me a break. Unless you live under a rock, this cannot be the first time you have heard of this. Sorry for you that you are associated with such a corrup bunch of folks.

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  138. Grivon

    I think bribery’s been aroudn since before we’ve had currency.. it’s just in our nature to try to one up another human

  139. Grivon

    Wow wow wowwww link bait or actual problem!? I wonder what will end up giving you more RELEVANT links… this post.. or being included in the DMOZ?! 😛

  140. Grivon

    Yea shoe – that link went down – is there another?! Or is this an even bigger conspiracy?!?! I love conspiracies.. keep it up!!

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  142. robjones

    I know just how poor shoe feels. When the dmoz people first started to ask for money I paid them. The the amounts kept getting progressively higher for each submission.

    Before long they wanted more than I was getting paid to make sites, and I failed to send a few checks. That’s when they delisted my sites across the board.

    If that wasn’t enough, they had my address from the checks I’d sent. Well, two guys showed up at my house asking my wife where I was. REALLY.

    Can you believe it? She was suspicious, but they persisted. Eventually they left, but they told her they were there to collect.

    The next day I got back from a trip… and my dog and two of my kids had been killed. All I can say, if they keep this kind of stuff up, someone’s liable to report them!

    LOL. God I love you guys. There isn’t a lie so big you wouldnt swallow if it pertains to dmoz. This bozo has duped people without so much as offering a shred of evidence, and though Dmoz staff offered to remove the editors, he STILL has no evidence.

    If they had a Special Olympics for gullibility, anyone that believes Shoemaker ought to get a Gold Medal.

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  156. Griffin

    there is no excuse for saying “DMOZ is corrupt” just because someone MAY have attempted to extort a bribe.

    If a fairly large group of police officers tried to extort money in exchange for favorable treatment, most people would say that the department as a whole needs an overhaul. I fail to see how this is different.

    I have seen dozens of payment exchanges for DMOZ listings on digital point and several freelance sites, and everyone seems satisfied at the end of the transaction so I have to assume that ALL of these dozens of links are getting into DMOZ. And these are not cheap — I have seen successful bids from $200 to $1500.

    Getting listed on DMOZ is an easy way to get out of the google “sandbox” and you tend to develop PR faster. I’ve never purchased links on DMOZ (and never had a page listed either), but after talking to quite a few people about their sandboxing experiences it seems that it does work.

    I understand completely why Shoemoney doesn’t post the email address. For one, he could face a fine under the CAN SPAM act (stupid but true). Also, he’s accusing someone of something that is unethical, so if he isn’t able to prove it in court he could face a major civil suit from the douchebag in question. And lastly it would push Shoemoney into pressing charges, which he may not want to do at this point. Let’s face it, court is a major headache for anyone.

    Honestly, I think that the disclaimer is an awesome idea because if anyone came out and said that shoemoney gave bad advice (or tried to sue or something stupid like that) he has an immediate out.

    Just my two cents.


  157. Pingback: BlogBuzz September 2, 2007 » Webmaster-Source

  158. Rob Jones

    >>the disclaimer is an awesome idea because if anyone came out and said that shoemoney gave bad advice (or tried to sue or something stupid like that) he has an immediate out

  159. niltiac

    I truly hope the libel spouting jerk does get prosecuted. That so called “disclaimer” would be useless in any court of law.

    Where is this mythical “large group” of corrupt editors that everyone seems so sure exist? Take a closer look at any of these corruption claims and you will generally find:

    My site hasn’t been listed – so all editors are corrupt.

    I was removed as an editor, but I am innocent. So all editors are corrupt.

    I can’t get accepted as an editor so I can list my own site. So all editors are corrupt.

    And this one? HaHa. My name is Jeremy Schoemaker and don’t beleive anything you read on my Blog, but on August 26, 2007 I received a blah..blah..blah

  160. The Dino

    What the hell is this? Now I see why I was tryng to get there my sites without any success. I was trying to get there last 4 years with 5 different domains and never had any response.

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  165. Pingback: Korupce v katalogu DMOZ?

  166. robjones

    Shoemoney STILL hasn’t validated this linkbait story by providing Dmoz staff with the email he supposedly received. One might think he’d want the extortionist removed. Oh *surely* he wasn’t just lying?! LOL.
    Anyone that believes anything he says after this needs a reality check. He hoodwinked a LOT of people with this extortion scam. There’s a fraud story here alright, but the culprit is named Schoemaker.

  167. Pingback: DMOZ und seine allmächtigen Editoren… » Querdenkerblog

  168. Chris Guthrie

    That’s so crazy. I wonder what his username on DMOZ is? There are probably only a handful of editors that can be in charge of that category so I bet their search won’t be too hard.

  169. Jake Cop

    It’s funny that the Dmoz editor forum is full of arsehole Dmoz editors all complaining about this thread, saying they should call Shoe’s bluff and that AOL legal should get involved and ‘bare it’s teeth for once’.

    Tossers. AOL couldn’t give a toss about Dmoz. Just because they own Dmoz doesn’t mean the moronic Dmoz editors are actually part of AOL, valued by AOL or even acknowledged as existing by AOL.

    Face it chumps, you’re all working for them for free, and they don’t even know you exist. The editor forums are a great read though, hilarious!

  170. steve

    Heh, Chris Guthrie, get with the program!

    There was no listing to be removed, as the site was banned from ever being listing in 2005.

    So, there is no editor to look for; there is nothing listed that could have been removed.

  171. ***V***

    Why are people so concerned about dmoz listings? I have never received a lot of traffic to begin with, so why would someone extort people?


  172. Atan

    I’m not surprised at the extortion part but at the amount – well maybe not, considering it’s DMOZ’s cronyistic incestuous editorial system is crap and should be junked. And this is coming from a guy whose site is listed.

  173. Mike

    Either we’re in the middle of an inflation, or the value of a DMOZ listing has gone way up. I remember the good ole days when $250.00 paypal did it. And that was before the days when senior editors started taking those off and re-editing categories,
    How much and whom do I have to pay to become an editor? Sounds like a good investment I might be willing to make.

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  180. seo

    You should publish that email id on this page itself.. He will be kicked out of DMOZ at least.. We need to kick out so many of such..

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  184. Dnam

    I agree and really enjoy this discussion. In my opinion DMOZ is garbage and needs to be totally redone. Many of the sites are out dated and many of the editors are corrupt, lazy, non-exsistent. I am also not convinced that being listed on DMOZ is “all that” as some people will argue. DMOZ SHIMOZ….

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    Wow Extortion indeed!
    This is a new low for Dmoz and the reputation of all who are involved in this fat and ugly project. The stories of abuse seem to be the most talked about when it comes to Dmoz nowaday. I believe that the directory as it stands right now, does not stand a chance. They need to either change how they conduct “business” of just fold the darn thing. Many new web directories are doing a better job without all the fuss that is Dmoz. One example if, I hope it will replace this aging Dmoz monster.

  216. Pingback: Online business » in opspraak en corrupt?

  217. Classified

    I tink DEMOZ is soo soo messed up I have the 2nd most popular car based web site on the net for my subject car. the problem is we do heavy modifications on custmize the cars. The editor owns the 1 one site but it’s all about stock stock stock cars pure from the factorey floor. He is old school and has said what we do to our cars destroys them and as no purpose to be listed on DMOZ.

    1. StevenH

      That is exactly why the entire self-managed concept simply won’t work. There has to be some form of management of the editors otherwise you get this type of independent logic of what listings should and shouldn’t be included. EXP: I hate Chevy and love Ford, so if I am the US Cars editor I’ll only approve Ford sites. Why? Because every other car sucks.

      DMOZ is broken(.) They should hire (and pay) unbiased editors to do their jobs and charge a small fee to get a listing.

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  219. Pingback: When will Google dump DMOZ

  220. Dean

    I just came across this page while browsing the web. I am a volunteer editor and I can guarantee that bribes/extortion with editors is not the norm. Most editors contribute in a diligent and meaningful manner to the web directory. If anyone receives a threat by someone claiming to be an editor, I’d suggest you report this to the administrators of DMOZ. You can find admin people at the bottom of . Any editor who is found to act in such a manner will be removed as an editor.

  221. Leo Kearse

    DMOZ is a source of worry for me – it always takes so long to register a site. However, before jumping to conclusions about sites being deleted, I’d recommend people check that it hasn’t just been resubmitted to a more appropriate category, or that their search engine is finding it. I had a scare with my site, being delisted – but it turned out it was still listed, just not being picked up by DMOZ’s search engine. Searching for ‘’ rather than ‘’ brought it up, and stopped me panicking!

  222. Pingback: Opfølgning på DMOZ sagen

  223. The Old Sarge

    Shoemoney’s story is pure, 100% fabrication. It has been investigated and proven false.

  224. Pingback: There Is No Excuse For DMOZ

  225. Pingback: 10 Purely Evil Ways To Make Quick Money Online « The Guy’s corner

  226. small hosting

    I couldn’t believe it. DMOZ should be taking action on the person. When you provide the category, they should know who is the person.

  227. Pingback: Beta Stream » Blog Archive » DMOZ corruption

  228. Down Comforter

    I want to get into dmoz because some of our competitors who are much smaller then us are in there. By the way those competitors are mom and pop shop’s. We have thousands of links to us and think we have seo’d the site to death. The only difference is they have a dmoz listing.

    I agree with the group – you;; get no traffic from dmoz – it will just help your seo for other engines, etc.

    I’d love to get in :-)

  229. High Heels Freak

    I have a few sites in there and all was well until they moved one of my sites to the adult section due to the words “stripper shoes”. That was 2 years ago. I still have never been able to get it changed back or even my location changed as there has not been an editor in that section for over two years. If I ran my site like DMOZ runs theirs I would be shut down.

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  231. Justin Wright

    That is definitely shady on their part. I have been trying to get listed in the directory but it seems to be impossible. I guess it’s not that big of deail, especially if that is how they treat people.

  232. Free Ads UK

    We are working on setting up a free DMOZ directory, that will work much the same and it will be web 2.0 wiki style….no corrupt editors and no waiting for 12 months to be listed… coming to a screen near you – brought to you by the creators of and

  233. pictosaic

    Dmoz is not useful without Google. The main goal to submit a site into Dmoz is to appear into the Google Directory. If your are desapointed with Dmoz and their (corrupted ?) editors, contact Google, NOT anonymously.
    I think that Google is able to abort his “Dmoz directory” after a while…


    Кстати, я сейчас посмотрел, ваш блог в Google хорошие места занимает ,если имя блога туда вбить.

  235. Games

    Dmoz is rubbish. A lot of the listings are expired, out dated and just junk. If it wasn’t for the serp boost who would even bother?

  236. Pingback: DMOZ is Down « PEK Japan

  237. Paul

    dmoz is a joke, I applied for a section Im vastly experienced in, but not good enough!

    Maybe its because I don’t extort people!

    1. StevenH

      Have you ever considered that maybe they don’t want anyone to dilute their chances of getting such extortion paid to them by approving new editors? Why else would editors, who always exclaim that it’s just a spare time gig, work so hard to discredit anyone who posts openly about this subject?

  238. Dim

    Editors are so paranoid and afraid that you are going to remove their spammy listings that will reject anyone that applies to become an editor.

  239. SEO UK

    The ODP is important for SEO purposes but it is pure luck whether or not there is an editor available in the category you need your site listed in. For the most competitive categories I can see people being prepared to pay some big money for a listing.

  240. justin

    One I would say is Ridiculous… I always had reputation for DMOZ. That is an old story now. Shame on Google to use such craps as an authenticity.

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  243. Polina

    That’s false. Nobody will ask for 5, 000$ to ADD a website like this one. Your site is not that IMPORTANT BUSSINESS SITE guy, stop to dream.

    And next: your site have lots of ADS! it is horrible to surf on your site, AND OF COURSE If I have my own directory I don’t will add your site neither!

  244. John Ellis

    I believe it’s wrong to generalize about DMOZ editors. Some maybe dishonest, as in this case – but that doesn’t mean they all are. I’m an editor myself, and try to be impartial and timely. I try to update my subject areas monthly.

    As with all big organizations, you’ll meet people who you consider rude, unhelpful, and maybe even fraudulent. Doesn’t mean everybody is, though.

    1. Steven

      I’m sorry, but such reasoning doesn’t work. I agree that its always the few who ruin it for the many. If DMOZ really wanted to “FIX” things they would have started long ago. The entire premise of a free directory has long been lost and the building list of these types of shortcomings can’t be written off as so much hating the editors anymore. DMOZ is broken and in a massive way.

      It appears to most that it has become more of a Good ole boys network under the guise of editorship. Fortunately, it has also become increasingly hard to cover up the abuses and it will bite DMOZ in the proverbial ass if nothing changes. Google is the main reason DMOZ has managed to stay where it is and at some point Google will want to separate itself from such corruption.

  245. Chevy Cobalt

    Well this isn’t too surprising. Dissapointing, but not surprising. I always assumed corruption and/or nepotism was the reason none of my submissions have been accepted.

    I’m just not part of the clique, so will likely never learn the secret handshake and wink combination.

  246. Me

    For me this is a pure example of US trash culture. U yanks love trash food, trash tv trash websites. As a (in-my-spare-time) Google UK directory editor I would not accept this site into my catagory.

  247. Steve

    Hard to believe a DMOZ editor extort websites for cash. He should be arrested if not banned from the Internet. Ok, just banned from DMOZ.

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    1. StevenH

      That’s a good point, although it’s been $2500^ for more than a year now. I guess a few companies got wise and a grand was cheap. It’s also a PR8 now :)

  250. Simon

    Is DMOZ even a good resource anymore? It’s probably easier and quicker to get natural listings in the top three search engines.

  251. Avatarforyou

    We submitted our site about 5 months ago to the DMOZ and they still haven’t added it. There are many complaints in DMOZ’s own forums. A better system needs to be made that eliminates the bias of a few volunteer editors who have no accountability. Many good sites are being missed.

  252. Trent | Make Money

    I’ve heard a lot about DMOZ editors extorting people for cash or selling listings for big bucks over the years. There’s no doubt that it’s corrupt and keeps getting worse as times goes on. I don’t see how they haven’t figured out a better system by now or why the big G still cares about them so much. I’ve never had a site accepted in there despite several attempts, and there are tons of sites in there that are very low quality so I don’t see how any of mine wouldn’t make it.

  253. StevenH

    @Simon – a good resource? NO not really, a good back link? YES ~ that’s the underlying reason these devious editors can get away with extortion. But, I digress, it’s only extortion because DMOZ is supposed to be an open (free) directory.

    Just the fact that Google still uses them is their thread of life support. If Google went away their traffic would drop like a boulder over Pacific Coast Hwy after a rain. The shine has long worn off the DMOZ image which used to be pretty darn good. They are simply a mirror of the decaying human condition over the last decade.

  254. Pingback: The value of a DMOZ link?

  255. LaurentB

    I’m just stunned !
    Blackmailing for a directory inclusion is just madness. And asking $5k is just the craziest thing I ever heard.

  256. Hawaiian Shirt Guy

    This explains much. Comes as no surprise either.

    I have dozens of online stores, not a single one has been listed despite years of polite, concerted efforts.

    I could see one or two not making it in, but ALL OF THEM?

    Take my word for it, I have things in my stores you cannot find anywhere else on the planet (I know, I invented some of them). These stores rank well, have been in business for a loooong time, follow good white-hat webmastering practices and deserve to be included in any directory. Of merit.

    Soooo…. I don’t pay for the ‘free’ service (corrupt) or I have been unjustly blackballed (corrupt) or I am not on their friend list (corrupt) or they can’t be bothered (corrupt) or they think that particular listing is full enough (corrupt) or whatever… corrupt, corrupt, corrupt!

    DMOZ needs to be put out of business, it would be a richly deserved and highly merited misfortune for them.

  257. Doughi SEO

    @Doyle Lewis
    This post isn’t suprising for me.
    I agree with you, personally i’ve tried too many times to subscribe to this organisation.
    Each time, blurring answers and blurring reasons about the meaning of the rejection of my profile.
    Dmoz made his time..and now, he’s going nowhere.

  258. StevenH

    The thing you’ll find interesting is that most editors are SEO/M’s. Because of this they have a built in conflict of interest. Adding new editors could endanger their ability to list, or keep listed, their clients sites. It doesn’t take rocket science brain cells to see what’s going on.

    Don’t believe me? Do a search for “dmoz editor” and just scan down the pages of SEO companies who also tout themselves editors. Did a light come on by any chance?

    1. Brian

      i’ve been noticing this a lot lately, i work in a semi shady industry and cannot for the life of me get my sites in dmoz listed over the course of 2 years… i find it extra shady that editor goes by a nickname that includes a name, SEO and guru. Never a good feeling when you see that.

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  260. Pingback: Wächst Shoemoney oder dem DMOZ eine lange Nase?

  261. Manisha Chauhan

    yes its very tough to get approve listing in Dmoz. why Dmoz ignoring to listed websites..i manually submitted my two websites there but no response from last 3 years..i don’t know what’s going on with open directory..

  262. Bingo Babe

    I have found DMOZ to be really hit and miss. I have one fitness website that i got listed last year within 2 weeks. I have another site in the poker niche that i submitted 3 times in 2 years and it never got listed. Go figure. I think it really depends on the market. The more competitive it is, the more likely it is to be corrupt.

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  264. Pingback: - MAINPROFILE, LLC

  265. Pedro

    Yeap, after I try add my company to the directory and read all this post. I have the same feeling that this DMOZ its a dead end.

  266. Steve Porter

    I submitted my website to DMOZ 2 years ago with no reply. After reading some of the blogs around, that discuss this topic, i’m not sure that I want to be in DMOZ, and am also wandering to myself why Google can’t find a better directory, or a number of directories that they can use instead.

  267. Tyrone

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    having some minor security issues with my latest site and I’d like to find something more safe. Do you have any solutions?

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  270. Las Vegas SEO Joe

    I have had some similar experiences with DMOZ. I am not sure exactly why they are still trusted as the business directory of choice but I am assuming like all others they will eventually go down simply because of things like this happening.

  271. yvComment114

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