Calacanis Withdraws From SES San Jose

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I was getting my cheat sheet for San Jose SES next week and I noticed that Jason Calacanis’s name has been taken off of the panels he was on. I wonder what happened…. I have to say I am disappointed. I was looking forward to Jason and David Naylor locking horns in a “whose social search engine” is better.

Jason btw where you at with coming on my radio show. You said many times you would do it but you never answer email or skypes =P ?!?

28 thoughts on “Calacanis Withdraws From SES San Jose

  1. Paul Bradish

    That’s really too bad. The more I read about his demeanor and cockiness, the more interested I am in hearing from him and his new projects.

    I was listening to a podcast of yours yesterday and his name was brought up. It was the podcast where you were giving your thoughts on which conferences to attend (You’ve swayed my decision towards PubCon). You had an interesting story about one of his speaking engagements where he mentioned that “he makes too much money for Google to ban him”. Great stuff!

  2. Websites make money

    A bit off topic, but I have just observed it, maybe it is already old news, but why did you change the title of your blog? I must say “Skills to pay the bills” was charming and part of a brand. I liked it more. Not a professional blogger doesn’t tell me anything…of course, beside the fact itself :-)

  3. Ron

    I agree. I was thinking one post a day was fine, if that. Now we have news flashes every other hour. But I know shoe is the man and he does knows best. Sorry Shoe, just an observation about the news flashes.

  4. Jason

    I have a family matters that have come up in New York so I can’t make it.

    Will be on your show any time…. even today. Jasoncalacanis is my AIM and Skype. jason at mahalo dot com is my email.

    best jason

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  6. Grivon

    Maybe not..? Maybe he’s leaving the internet game altogether…?! Again.. if you’ve got nothing better to say just don’t say anything at all!? 😛

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