Tech News: New iMac, New iLife and New iWork

by bigdave on August 7, 2007 · 37 comments

New iMacs

If you missed the news today here are some quick links to the new iMac, new iLife, and new iWork from Apple as well as a full run down from engadget on the press conference. I know I use a few of the iLife apps but some of the changes look to be worth the upgrade. Numbers looks awesome as Excel always messes things up when I get into complicated formulas. What iLife/iWork apps do you use on a daily basis or feel you couldn’t live without?

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1 Matthew Blancarte

I really don’t use any of the iLife apps often. My favorite would have to be Garageband, though. ;P


I dont really use any of them, even though I should probably consider doing so!

3 Dave

1. congrats on 10,000 rss subscribers
2. you should have signed up for the apple affiliate program :)


I’m still on Pc here :( I need to setup and get a mac. I’ll add that to my goals for the year!

5 Jeremy Steele

I use iTunes and iPhoto all the time, none of the other ilife’s though. And I often use Pages/Keynote to generate pretty little charts and crap.

6 Dave

i have all of them but i use none… iPhoto could be great if they would use an iTunes-like system to manage your pictures… I hate have to look trough all these folders when i need to find the original file of a picture…

7 Paul.

I have some friends who love their Macs. I’ve messed around with them a little… just never gotten into them that much.

8 jim

Some of my friends with macs absolutely love them but I just can’t get used to using a new OS, I like doing the work, not enjoying my time as I do my work… you know? maybe that didn’t make much sense

9 cooliojones

This is really awesome. Could an iMac make me turn in my Windows desktop for good? I would love to! iWork looks awesome, especially Numbers. All of this combined with the introduction of numbers makes for a truly outstanding OS and company. I plan to take the plunge.

10 Pat

iMacs are awesome.

11 Leonid Shalimov

I wanna get the black mac notebook, too bad its like 400$ over priced :-P. Still on my XP!

12 SonicReducer

Putting i in front of everything is kind of iGay if you ask me.

13 BlueDevilMedia

lol iAgree!

14 CPA Affiliates

thats cool man but i can’t stand macs! But to each his or her own.

15 The Dino

iGo iHome. There will be everything iSomething it looks little bit strange.

16 Travel Notebook

I couldnt stand macs for the longest time but then I fell in love with a Macbook and havent looked back. I hate using windows now.

17 Stuart Hannig

Wow, those look really awesome. Need to get one.

18 Grivon

Do I smell shoemoney sniffing out some lucrative iKeywords in his analytics software…..? :p iThings do rock though iMust agree :D

19 Haentz

Jeremy, you forgot the new Apple keyboard. Just ordered the keyboard and iWorks. At last i can remove MS Excel from my MBP :)

20 U Fritz

Switched five years ago to iMac G3/iBook G4:
Using iPhoto with Photoshop Cs every day, itunes less often. Should get a new iMac next year, daugther (7ys) wait’s to grab the ibook.

21 Paul Bradish

I’d like to have a Mac of some sort as well. Maybe one of their laptops?

22 Gecko Tales

Macs are beautiful. My Dell is a piece of crap. Both the one at home and the one at work. Dell used to rock, but they got too big. I’m gettin’ a Mac next time.

23 Nathan H

I always use PC’s. Never been to a place with a Mac so they are quite different for me to get use to. I couldnt live without IE tho :)

24 king jacob

That is just beautiful!

25 Jason Golod

iTotally iAgree

26 spidro

looks really awesome i wish i can try mac some day

27 Mike

Macs are way overpriced for what they can do. But on the other hand they look so so great. Did you check out the new keyboards for the iMac? The USB wired one and the Bluetooth one also? They are absolutely crazy

28 Mc-S

Hi, the link to iWork leads to iLife instead of iWork!

29 Joeychgo

still on PC here as well. I cant imagine ever getting an apple.

30 stupid 3gp

I dont use a single Apple product. As MAc machine is too expensive here.

31 Modern Worker

Never have been a Mac man, never will be. I don’t hate them, but vastly prefer building custom PCs over Apple products.

32 BloggingDosh

Man the new iMacs look hot! I currently have Macbook and reg desktop PC but now im considering swapping my PC for a iMac

33 BloggingDosh

What do you mean “for what they can do”. If you were to compare a PC with the same Intel processor, RAM Hard drive etc. you would find the prices to be pretty much on par. Macs used to be overpriced but thats not the case anymore!

34 Coin Counter

I’m an Apple fan but:
>>Excel always messes things up
That’s a bit harsh, Excel is probably the best product to have come out of Redmond. Seriously powerful program when you get to know it.

35 Tim Miller

Thanks Dave for your recommendations. I think i will pass them on to my friends who really love Apple.

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