Making Quick Cash Online And Offline With Arbitrage

money pickSo last week I said there was no way to get rich overnight and really there isnt well there is but to be honest that could be one of the worst things to happen to you. Why? Cause you dont know how to do it again. So lets look at some easy things to start. I am going to take you back to my roots when I had a day job. This is how I started doing my own thing way before I ever even had a website. I still do it –

Arbitrage is the cool new word now in with all these kids making bank with search engine arbitrage but you know there are other forms of arbitrage that have nothing to do with search engine marketing but everyone sitting @ home RIGHT NOW can take advantage of?

I watch slick deals every day. One day 2 months ago I saw this deal for 500GB external hard drives from for $97. I purchased 25 of these. I would have purchased more but my dell rep said you could only get 25. I sold 22 of them locally for $140 on the Lincoln Nebraska Craigslist. The last 3 I sold on eBay for between 99 and 119 + shipping on eBay (just dumping the extras).

Did I get rich off of this deal? Hell no……. I was however able to turn $2500 into $3500 in less then 10 days. AND the best part is I put in less then 2 hours work total of my own time and then about 4 hours of my assistants time who I was already paying regardless of what they are doing.

So how did I know what to buy? Well in this instance it was pretty easy. I looked at what these items have sold for on eBay then also compare the price to my local bestbuy (selling point for craigslist).

The thing is I REALLY LOVE finding ways to make money. The amount is really irrelevant. Its a fun game for me. I love finding market imbalances and exploiting those.

So I know some out there are already coming up with reasons why they cant do this.

1) Shoemoney I dont have $2500 to test this on wah wah wah

Ok fair but you probably have 100? Then you take the profits and keep going. Thats how I started.

2) Shoemoney I live in a small city and Craigslist doesnt get any traffic wah wah wah

ORLY? its smaller then Lincoln Nebraska?

3) Shoemoney I dont have the time it takes for this?

Plz just quit now u fail.

Seriously this is so easy


This is one example I will show you another tomorrow.