Aftervote Tops Social Search Engines

A while back on the ShoeMoney show I talked about David Naylor’s new social powered search engine AfterVote. AfterVote is looking great. Out of all the social influenced search engines I think Aftervote has the most potential.

(the first real pioneer in social searching) looks good until you search for something then all you get is AdSense… well not all Adsense there is 2-3 real results…

Check it:

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Mahalo is off to a good start but I am not really feeling it. Its kind of like combining human content like wiki into a search. Most results dont have anything on Mahalo and just show you Google results… So what does Mahlo do again? I can just use Google if I want Google results…. I can use wikipedia if I want hand written wiki content… Mahalo?

Search results - Mahalo

is pimp and here is 5 reasons why:

  1. Placement showings on other engines – I love how on the side they show you what other search engines think of the result. It shows the rankings for MSN, Google, Yahoo and also even shows you how many diggs that url had. The Google PageRank of the page is also included.
  2. Sort by preference – If you do happen to prefer any one source you can. I think the one thing in common with all search engines is that they all excel in different areas. Aftervote recognizes that.
  3. Voting – Social Voting weee! This is the meat and potatoes
  4. Comments – Comments are a key component to social sites (thanks cpt obvious) People love to have there little say.
  5. David Naylor – You know how they say crooks make the best cops? Well if thats true then a Search Engine with David Naylor at the helm should be pretty spam free ๐Ÿ˜‰
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So.. whats your thoughts on Social Search Engines?