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I have a 5 disc DVD player that was state of the art 7 years ago when I bought it. Now its a bit outdated. Reguardless until we can decide on a HD DVD format it will suffice. there are 3 movies that are ALWAYS in my dvd player. These movies are Boiler room, Glen Gary Glen Ross, and Blow. All movies are about making money.

Boiler Room Group Interview: This is my favorite… so CRAZY there is like 9000 quotes from this speech.

Glen Gary Glen Ross
– Alec Baldwins finest performance ever

EDIT: I have been adding ones I forgot about that users been adding in the comments.

Any Given Sunday
– Pacino – FRICKIN AWESOME contributed by Corey Donovan in comments

Jerry Mcgwire – SHOW ME THE MONEY! contributed by Martin Muehl


So any movies motivate you?

194 thoughts on “Movies That Motivate Me

  1. Marketing Drome

    Good choices. I’d also recommend Wall Street (how the heck did you leave that out anyway?), Two For The Money and although this is a movie thread, if you haven’t read “Ugly Americans” by Ben Mezrich… well it’s better than every movie we’ve mentioned here and I used to watch Boiler Room no less than 4 times/week.

  2. jim

    Boiler Room is the shit, I loved that movie, and Blow resurrected my respect for Johnny Depp and Pee Wee Herman. :)

  3. jim

    Ugly Americans is a phenomenal read, as much fun as Bringing Down The House too. I like how that guy writes.

  4. Igor M.

    My ALL TIME favorite is……..
    “The Secret of my Success”
    It’s the 1985 classic with Michael J. Fox.

    I am surprised that no one mentioned it yet.
    Not only is it motivational it’s also funny.

  5. adamz

    I don’t think anyone got the point..I just got 2 I/Os signed before lunch and the 3rd will be faxed to my staff by 3.00pm est. Just about the time, I close my office for my daily BJ and Steak at Peter Lugers…Im Pumped man!

  6. Bulbboy

    Agreed about Baldwin’s performance. I think Boiler Room is Ben Affleck’s best performance too. Another Affleck movie, Daredevil, motivated me to try flotation tank therapy.

    Also recently watching an episode of the X files motivated me to sculpt. Shoe, do you have any pics of your self without your glasses on? πŸ˜‰

  7. SonicReducer

    Great movies for sure, but it’s kind of ironic that you find them motivational. When in the end all these movies are about how the pursuit of money totally destroys the character’s lives…

  8. CarlM

    Office Space. As a reminder to never get a “real” job again :)

    “You see Bob, it’s not that I’m lazy, it’s that I just don’t care.”

  9. LurksterAZ

    Gotta love Boiler Room. Wall Street is good and for motivation to become my own boss, Office Space. It’s amazing how one can relate to that movie in an office.

  10. Sherwood

    The Prestige, a movie about two magicians who keeping trying to top each other with the same trick. One of ’em says, “NEVER tell anyone the secret. The secret impress no one – the trick you use it for is everything.” The whole movie is something any SEO can relate to. And David Bowie as Tesla – perfect casting.

  11. Sabrina's Money Matters

    I have a black and white poster with Johnny Depp and another drug dealer from Blow, in the scene where they’re in the room full of money…great scene, great poster – Great Motivation…

  12. Sabrina's Money Matters

    My favorite part of Office Space and the part that motivates me is the guy that knocks on the door (the Sprite guy) of the apartment selling magazines, it’s just so characteristic of the things we’ll do for money instead of traveling the road of self reliance…

  13. Sherwood

    The Prestige, about 2 19th century magicians trying to top each other with the same trick. Great lines+plot that any SEO would appreciate: “Never tell anyone your secret. The secret impress no one, the trick you use it for is everything.”

  14. Matt Huggins

    I freaking LOVE Boiler Room! I never heard of Glen Gary Glen Ross before though, but it looks equally exciting, so I’ll definitely have to check it out.

    Rounders is another movie that motivates me, but in the poker sense as opposed to the business sense. :)

  15. Trevor Owens

    That’s so funny you say Boiler Room and Glen Gary Glen Ross… those are two of my top motivational movies. My friends and I always quote lines from Boiler Room. Even more so for me though is the movie Wall Street with Michael Douglas, everytime I watch it I think to myself… that should be MY life. Another one for me is Vision Quest (I used to be a wrestler). Nice post Shoemoney.

  16. Greg

    That’s funny when I had a stint in vacuum sales my boss’s 2 favorite movies were those 2…

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  18. Todd

    I think I own less than 10 movies – boiler room and glengarry glen ross being 2 of them.
    “welcome to the new american dream” :)

    Two others of the bunch include Waiting and Idiocracy.

  19. Josefvirek

    1) Godfather 1/2/3
    2) Wallstreet
    3) Barbarians at the Gate
    4) Pursuit of Happyness

  20. Jack

    Godfather. 1 for sure, 2 almost. Best way to learn about business. I have used some of those chops in sales before.

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  22. cooliojones

    Inches!!! I immediately knew that video before I even played it. There was so much good content in Any Given Sunday, I love that scene as well.

    I might be one of the only people who haven’t seen Pulp Fiction but I’m lol @ hunny bunny!!

  23. Bill Hartzer

    Jeremy, all of those movies ROCK! The Rocky movies are definitely ones that motivate, I agree with Josefvirek.

    As for your 5 disc DVD player, you’re way ahead of me–I’m still trying to find movies that will play on my laser disc player!

  24. Sucker

    That interview from Boiler Room is one of my favorite scenes ever. But I think Office Space is my favorite. What’s better than quitting because you don’t want to work anymore??

    (OK I guess the Ferrari keys are pretty nice, too πŸ˜‰ )

  25. Derek

    This is probably going to be an odd pick but The Girl Next Door shows a kid that goes for what he wants and becomes quite the entrepreneur in the process.

  26. Mubin

    okay, one more movie that really motivated me, but I dont know why is 25th hour, that scene when hes in the bathroom, and tells everyone to fuck off…

  27. Sergio

    Seriously, those videos are awesome. Some people get offended by people like that, those people are the ones who fail. Simple as that.

  28. website copywriter

    I just saw “Rudy” again on HBO the other day (starring that rather overweight hobbit, what’shisname). I remember watching it for the first time in high school — absolutely inspiring.

  29. [sr]

    “If one is to understand the great mystery one must study all it’s aspects,not just the dogmatic narrow view of the Jedi.” -Darth Sidious


  30. webd360

    wow, I haven’t seen any of these movies other than Jerry Mcguire. Some of them look nice, especially the first one (I agree the speech is great). Maybe I’ll rent some of these later…

  31. Stevie

    I’d like to see a remake (updated version) of boiler room (a bit more futuristic maybee)

    But Die Hard 4 is the best movie i’ve seen in a very long time,

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  33. Pat

    Blow is a great movie (actually one of my favorites), but it doesn’t motivate me. However, if you want to speak in the means of his way of making money, here are some other great movies:
    The Sting (Great movie about scams)
    Heat (Bank robbery)
    The Score (High-Class theft)

    Other movies that motivate me in other ways than money are:
    The Shawshank Redemption (jail escape)
    The Green Mile (innocently killed)
    Saving Private Ryan (war, fight to the death)
    Road to Perdition (bank robbery)

    And more movies about money:
    Route 9 (money)
    8 Mile (sucky movie, yet shows the progress of M&M πŸ˜‰ )
    Fargo (excellent movie, ransom for daughter)
    Ransom (rich guy puts up money for missing son)

    Well, that is my thoughts. Lots of great movies.

  34. Joe

    Cool post. All great movies. A couple more off the top of my head.

    Far and Away
    October Sky
    Cinderella Man
    Legend of Bagger Vance (the two scenes the poster above links to are the 2 best scenes in the movie)

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  36. Gina

    Nice collection. I also go with those movies as great motivation. There are certainly lots of strategies and lesson that we can apply..

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  38. blog money

    These are some great movies… maybe except Any Given Sunday, I prefer the ‘Godfather’ Pacino or even the Devil’s Advocate or Scarface Pacino all performances are just amazing.

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  41. Helen

    I agree with the list. Great selection of movies. I never thought movies about business would be that motivating until I saw it.

  42. Mike

    For some reason the Usual Suspects motivates me. A lot like life where the least suspected guy is actually the one pulling all the strings πŸ˜‰

  43. robert

    6 disc player here – boiler room, wall street and pulp fiction. it’s funny that the director of boiler room now says he doesn’t even like the movie…

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  45. Howie

    Nice list. Boiler room is one of the best. Pulp fiction is great too. There are certainly lots of motivational movies to choose from depending on our taste.

  46. Stan-Lee

    Blow is a great movie, one of my favorites. But I think that the greatest movie of all time is Goodfellas, you just can’t beat it.

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  48. Rhea

    FARGO. It motivates me — big time — to stay out of debt. The tension in that film (via William H. Macy’s car salesman) is palpable.

  49. Grivon

    agreed! it literally gave me chills – those nostalgic ones will do that! as for motivation.. I’d say the godfather series… lots of planning… lots of money… lots of motivation!

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  52. Adrian

    Here are some of my favorites: “Catch me if you can”, “Confidence”, “Jerry Maguire”, “Men of honor”, “The pursuit of happiness” and “Two for the money”

  53. safesurfer

    I do not feel motivated by the ‘Greed is Good’ speech by Gordon Gekko but I believe it to be a very good one that should have been mentioned in your post.

  54. Jennifer G

    The most motivational movie in my collection (and the one that reminds me to keep being original and never stop learning) is Hackers.

    But I’m more of a reformed hacker than a businessman (woman, whatever) to begin with – that might make a difference in my selection process.

  55. commandos

    funny that u mentioned “Boiler Room Group Interview” i watched it for the first time last week !

    The movie that i like the most .. “Gladiator” =>

    The slave who became a gladiator.The gladiator who defied an emperor

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  57. Geiger

    I’ve got to be honest, Boiler Room just didn’t “Do it” for me. Glengarry Glenross however is one of my ALL time favorites. The one of Any Given Sunday seems bugged half-way.

  58. Chris

    You included two of my favorite movie scenes in this post. I love the boiler room one and my second favorite is the pulp fiction one. Great scenes.

  59. CodeFreedom

    Rudy is a big one for me too. It’s about never giving up even if the end is near and it looks like your done, if you are still breathing, you are in with a chance. Great movie that keeps you guessing right until the final scenes when you think it is over.

  60. Accepted

    i think accepted which a high school student fail to enter any college… its juz fun to watch and motivate me…

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  62. Jones Nike

    To tell the truth, I am voiceless. The Shawshank Redemption is remarkable. I’am a young movie fanatic, in point of fact, this film is realised the same yearI was very young, and consequently I’am more used to films with incredible special effects, edge-of-your-seat action, et cetera. This film has no of that, and even, it appeals me really much . The way Frank Darabont applies the tale of Red to drive on the story, the beauty of the film music used (note the mouth harp used just earlier Red getting the letter close to the end). The whole movie, from beginning to closing, from actions to sound, is a lighthouse of desire, judgment, and repurchase. The cast is ideal, Morgan Freeman(Red) actually brings about a fresh feel to the film, and that is precisely what the movie is, what a movie should be. Really recommended for every movie fan.

  63. mike reynolds

    If you want a motivational movie look no further than 127 hours. The book is an amazing read to. I challenge anyone to watch the movie and not want to get off their butt and stop wasting life

  64. Peny@stethoscope

    haha. Talking about money, eh. I guess the Boiler room has so many money quotes and success quotes you could make a list of them. Similar to ” The pursuit of happyness” movie. :)

  65. Clyde Atkins

    One movie that always motivates me it Pursuit of Happyness. It’s a powerful story of climbing from the bottom of the corporate ladder with no qualifications except hard work and extreme motivation. Will Smith gives an incredible performance. I like to watch it the night before I have a job interview.

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