Movies That Motivate Me

by Jeremy Schoemaker on July 13, 2007 · 194 comments


I have a 5 disc DVD player that was state of the art 7 years ago when I bought it. Now its a bit outdated. Reguardless until we can decide on a HD DVD format it will suffice. there are 3 movies that are ALWAYS in my dvd player. These movies are Boiler room, Glen Gary Glen Ross, and Blow. All movies are about making money.

Boiler Room Group Interview: This is my favorite… so CRAZY there is like 9000 quotes from this speech.

Glen Gary Glen Ross
– Alec Baldwins finest performance ever

EDIT: I have been adding ones I forgot about that users been adding in the comments.

Any Given Sunday
- Pacino – FRICKIN AWESOME contributed by Corey Donovan in comments

Jerry Mcgwire – SHOW ME THE MONEY! contributed by Martin Muehl


So any movies motivate you?

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1 trigatch4

The sports movies are still my best motivators. ROCKY! is my all-time favorite.

2 Richa Bajaj

One of the motivational movie I really like is “300″. Ultimate movie of all time :)

3 Todd

yeah this movie…
maybe it cause i love snowboarding so much :P

4 Ash Haque

Remember the Titans
The Waterboy, sports movies as well for me

5 Martin Muehl

Jerry McGuire’s “Show me the money! SHOW ME THE MONEY!!” is an all time favorite:
Wallstreet with Michael Douglas as well.

6 VaBeachKevin

Other Peoples Money – Danny DeVito’s speach at the end is classic.

7 Marketing Drome

Good choices. I’d also recommend Wall Street (how the heck did you leave that out anyway?), Two For The Money and although this is a movie thread, if you haven’t read “Ugly Americans” by Ben Mezrich… well it’s better than every movie we’ve mentioned here and I used to watch Boiler Room no less than 4 times/week.

8 jim

Boiler Room is the shit, I loved that movie, and Blow resurrected my respect for Johnny Depp and Pee Wee Herman. :)

9 jim

Ugly Americans is a phenomenal read, as much fun as Bringing Down The House too. I like how that guy writes.

10 Mike Jones

- american beauty


mind if i do a line?…….i cant feel my face!

11 Lee Bandoni

You just cost me $70 buying DVDs!

12 Igor M.

My ALL TIME favorite is……..
“The Secret of my Success”
It’s the 1985 classic with Michael J. Fox.

I am surprised that no one mentioned it yet.
Not only is it motivational it’s also funny.

13 adamz

I don’t think anyone got the point..I just got 2 I/Os signed before lunch and the 3rd will be faxed to my staff by 3.00pm est. Just about the time, I close my office for my daily BJ and Steak at Peter Lugers…Im Pumped man!

14 AffiliatePimpin

surprised nobody mentioned Scarface!

15 dean

funny, all movies are also about making money illegally. that what you into Shoe?

16 Bulbboy

Agreed about Baldwin’s performance. I think Boiler Room is Ben Affleck’s best performance too. Another Affleck movie, Daredevil, motivated me to try flotation tank therapy.

Also recently watching an episode of the X files motivated me to sculpt. Shoe, do you have any pics of your self without your glasses on? ;)

17 adamz


Your a smart guy man. I see you you as Jules with respect to this pro bono flock of 90%ers..We are that 10% bro.No matter what we say or do with people,we will always remain..
So here we really are!

18 SonicReducer

Great movies for sure, but it’s kind of ironic that you find them motivational. When in the end all these movies are about how the pursuit of money totally destroys the character’s lives…

19 dillsmack

I think we watch Boiler Room (and Wedding Crashers) every time I’m in Lincoln.

20 CarlM

Office Space. As a reminder to never get a “real” job again :)

“You see Bob, it’s not that I’m lazy, it’s that I just don’t care.”

21 LurksterAZ

Gotta love Boiler Room. Wall Street is good and for motivation to become my own boss, Office Space. It’s amazing how one can relate to that movie in an office.

22 browie

I’m going to go with the sports theme here. I’m a movie buff and I have LOTS of movies on my computer on DVD everywhere. I’m a big golf guy, Legend of Bagger Vance is awesome. These two main clips just get my skin crawling and want to out there and shoot great scores.

23 Sherwood

The Prestige, a movie about two magicians who keeping trying to top each other with the same trick. One of ‘em says, “NEVER tell anyone the secret. The secret impress no one – the trick you use it for is everything.” The whole movie is something any SEO can relate to. And David Bowie as Tesla – perfect casting.

24 Sabrina's Money Matters

I have a black and white poster with Johnny Depp and another drug dealer from Blow, in the scene where they’re in the room full of money…great scene, great poster – Great Motivation…

25 Sabrina's Money Matters

My favorite part of Office Space and the part that motivates me is the guy that knocks on the door (the Sprite guy) of the apartment selling magazines, it’s just so characteristic of the things we’ll do for money instead of traveling the road of self reliance…

26 Sherwood

The Prestige, about 2 19th century magicians trying to top each other with the same trick. Great lines+plot that any SEO would appreciate: “Never tell anyone your secret. The secret impress no one, the trick you use it for is everything.”

27 lukisanfotowajah

Great it is Rocky my favorite tool ..

28 Matt Huggins

I freaking LOVE Boiler Room! I never heard of Glen Gary Glen Ross before though, but it looks equally exciting, so I’ll definitely have to check it out.

Rounders is another movie that motivates me, but in the poker sense as opposed to the business sense. :)

29 Trevor Owens

That’s so funny you say Boiler Room and Glen Gary Glen Ross… those are two of my top motivational movies. My friends and I always quote lines from Boiler Room. Even more so for me though is the movie Wall Street with Michael Douglas, everytime I watch it I think to myself… that should be MY life. Another one for me is Vision Quest (I used to be a wrestler). Nice post Shoemoney.

30 Corey Donovan

Al Pacino’s locker room speech from Any Given Sunday.

Makes you feel like you can do anything.

31 Don Corleone

How could you forget about me?

32 Martin Muehl

It was 75 Euro for me (Glengarry Glen Ross, Boiler room,, Two for the money)

33 TheHostHunter

I can just see Show giving Dillsmack the Boiler Room speech during his interview ;)

34 Greg

That’s funny when I had a stint in vacuum sales my boss’s 2 favorite movies were those 2…

35 Favorite

There is no way that you can compare Baldwin’s scene to Afleck’s! I’m very dissappointed in you!

36 Gary Jones ::

I find the final game in shaolin soccer is a good one.

37 Travel Notebook

Boiler Room is my all time favorite movie. And I knew right away which clip you were going to post. Great scene

38 Todd

I think I own less than 10 movies – boiler room and glengarry glen ross being 2 of them.
“welcome to the new american dream” :)

Two others of the bunch include Waiting and Idiocracy.

39 Travel Notebook

Hes running his own stock chop shop on the side obv.

40 Travel Notebook

Office space is funny for sure but its not like the other 2 he posted. Everytime I watch those movies it just motivates me so much to make more cash

41 Pablo Palatnik


42 ouchs

i was going to say rocky too

43 Natron

Didn’t know anyone else actually watched much less liked Glen Gary Glen Ross. One of my favs…

44 dillsmack

I didn’t even interview!

45 Mubin

Casino, from Nicky’s p.O.V’s Not DeNiro’s.

46 Josefvirek

1) Godfather 1/2/3
2) Wallstreet
3) Barbarians at the Gate
4) Pursuit of Happyness

47 Jack

Godfather. 1 for sure, 2 almost. Best way to learn about business. I have used some of those chops in sales before.

48 Josh


the end where he gets to play and sacks the quarterback…totally motivational!

49 PropertyGuy

I absolutely LOVE that scene from Any given Sunday. He gives an amazing speech.

One of my favourite scenes is from Gladiator. Right at the end when he dies, and rejoins his family in heaven.

50 Jeremy Enke

This is a great post. Anyone in business can relate to many of these scenes

51 cooliojones

Inches!!! I immediately knew that video before I even played it. There was so much good content in Any Given Sunday, I love that scene as well.

I might be one of the only people who haven’t seen Pulp Fiction but I’m lol @ hunny bunny!!

52 Josefvirek

Rocky 1/2/3/4 (NOT 5) and 6 (Balboa)

53 Bill Hartzer

Jeremy, all of those movies ROCK! The Rocky movies are definitely ones that motivate, I agree with Josefvirek.

As for your 5 disc DVD player, you’re way ahead of me–I’m still trying to find movies that will play on my laser disc player!

54 morgan thomas

al pachinos speech from devisl advocate

55 Tim Spangler

It’s not business in nature but I always loved the speech before the final battle in Independence Day.

56 Sucker

That interview from Boiler Room is one of my favorite scenes ever. But I think Office Space is my favorite. What’s better than quitting because you don’t want to work anymore??

(OK I guess the Ferrari keys are pretty nice, too ;) )

57 Derek

This is probably going to be an odd pick but The Girl Next Door shows a kid that goes for what he wants and becomes quite the entrepreneur in the process.

58 Mubin

Godfather 3? Are you kidding me? What did you learn from that?

59 Mubin

okay, one more movie that really motivated me, but I dont know why is 25th hour, that scene when hes in the bathroom, and tells everyone to fuck off…

60 Sergio

Seriously, those videos are awesome. Some people get offended by people like that, those people are the ones who fail. Simple as that.

61 website copywriter

I just saw “Rudy” again on HBO the other day (starring that rather overweight hobbit, what’shisname). I remember watching it for the first time in high school — absolutely inspiring.

62 Robert G

I love that scene from Boiler Room. Another movie that motivates me is Hoosiers.

63 Jason Bartholme

From Glengarry Glen Ross:

Blake: PUT THAT COFFEE DOWN! Coffee is for closers!

We use that around the office frequently.

64 art

Glen Gary Glen Ross – Alec Baldwins finest performance ever–its priceless//

65 [sr]

“If one is to understand the great mystery one must study all it’s aspects,not just the dogmatic narrow view of the Jedi.” -Darth Sidious


66 webd360

wow, I haven’t seen any of these movies other than Jerry Mcguire. Some of them look nice, especially the first one (I agree the speech is great). Maybe I’ll rent some of these later…

67 Paul.

Pulp fiction is sweet. It’s one of my all times favorite.

68 Greg-J

V for Vendetta: Pick any on of V’s speeches, they’re all excellent.

69 The Dino

You forgot about Forest Gump… that is movie about making money for dummies

70 Stevie

I’d like to see a remake (updated version) of boiler room (a bit more futuristic maybee)

But Die Hard 4 is the best movie i’ve seen in a very long time,

71 John

Buffalo Soldiers. Ray Elwood is my hero.
“Cleanliness is next to godliness.”

and Fight Club.

72 Domainer's Gazette

good ole Gordon Gekko..


73 Todd

fight club, thats a motivator!

74 Dave

Show me the money! Is one of my favourties!

75 CPA Affiliates

any given monday should get anyone motivated. along with fight club!

76 sandossu

I love the first video. Oh, and i haven’t seen fight club…yet.

77 Online Cash Flow
78 Online Cash Flow
79 cheesygarcia

Godfather 3 is better than 99% of the crap out there. not as good as the first 2.

80 Pat

Blow is a great movie (actually one of my favorites), but it doesn’t motivate me. However, if you want to speak in the means of his way of making money, here are some other great movies:
The Sting (Great movie about scams)
Heat (Bank robbery)
The Score (High-Class theft)

Other movies that motivate me in other ways than money are:
The Shawshank Redemption (jail escape)
The Green Mile (innocently killed)
Saving Private Ryan (war, fight to the death)
Road to Perdition (bank robbery)

And more movies about money:
Route 9 (money)
8 Mile (sucky movie, yet shows the progress of M&M ;) )
Fargo (excellent movie, ransom for daughter)
Ransom (rich guy puts up money for missing son)

Well, that is my thoughts. Lots of great movies.

81 Joe

Cool post. All great movies. A couple more off the top of my head.

Far and Away
October Sky
Cinderella Man
Legend of Bagger Vance (the two scenes the poster above links to are the 2 best scenes in the movie)

82 Matt

Looks like you missed an Amazon affiliate link op, Shoe ;)

83 The Dino

I love movies like Snatch or Uturn.

84 Fable

Nice video round-up, shoemoney! Some great clips from some great films in there, too. ;)


85 chris

I am actually a GlenGary GlenRoss man, I love Alex Baldwins speech. You are right, it is his best piece EVER.

86 Derick

This motivates me to study hard in school (Goodwill Hunting):

87 andrea


“sometimes a lie can be as revealing as the truth”

88 quoted

You’re missing the greatest motivational speech ever written by the greatest story teller of all time…

Shakespears Henry V battle speech…

Here’s a youtube link:

This is a must watch…

89 Tracy

Nothing like money that is for sure…

90 Jesse


91 Paul Bradish

ditto. I even liked a few parts in the new Rocky movie.

92 Bob Buskirk


Although not really a speech this movie has a great quote that I love, “This business is binary, you are a 1 or 0, alive or dead”

Check out the vid here:

93 Gina

Nice collection. I also go with those movies as great motivation. There are certainly lots of strategies and lesson that we can apply..

94 Dennis Bjørn Petersen

The Simpsons Movie (well trailer rather).
Homer choking Bart: “Why you little… I’ll teach you to laugh at something thats funny”

Could be my job description too =P

95 Paul Bradish

Rocky speech (to his son):

96 blog money

These are some great movies… maybe except Any Given Sunday, I prefer the ‘Godfather’ Pacino or even the Devil’s Advocate or Scarface Pacino all performances are just amazing.

97 Virgin

Here are some of my favorite motivational videos:

Mix of Michael Jordan’s skills

Facing The Giants – Never Give Up! Clip

Peaceful Warrior Movie Trailer

300 Movie Trailer

98 Helen

I agree with the list. Great selection of movies. I never thought movies about business would be that motivating until I saw it.

99 mahdi yusuf

your the freaking man! honestly, post of the year this one!

100 mark

A lot great movies here. I like part in Star Wars where Yoda teaches Luke to use the force.

Star Wars

101 Tyler Eastman

Wall Street speech by Michael Douglas

102 Joeychgo

LOL – see movies dont motivate me, they give me a reason to be lazy and watch them!

103 Virgin

Here is a commercial Michael Jordan did for Nike regarding failure.

104 Mike

For some reason the Usual Suspects motivates me. A lot like life where the least suspected guy is actually the one pulling all the strings ;)

105 Martin Muehl

when it comes to triathlon:

106 robert

6 disc player here – boiler room, wall street and pulp fiction. it’s funny that the director of boiler room now says he doesn’t even like the movie…

107 Leonid Shalimov

Freakin’ great collection of clips.

108 Freebies

Now THERE’S a movie with a good message :D

109 Howie

Nice list. Boiler room is one of the best. Pulp fiction is great too. There are certainly lots of motivational movies to choose from depending on our taste.

110 Rick

Big Rudy Fan.. “5 foot nothing.. 100 and nothing..”

great post shoeman

111 Stan-Lee

Blow is a great movie, one of my favorites. But I think that the greatest movie of all time is Goodfellas, you just can’t beat it.

112 cooliojones

Rocky III & IV are my favorite. New Rocky Balboa movie was surprisingly good too!

113 cooliojones

“Say ‘Hello’ to my little friend!”

I don’t think that will qualify as inspirational. Unless your a marathon runner!

114 cooliojones

Everyone hates 5, but when I watch it, it’s not that bad to me. I used to feel the same way. But it’s not in my top 3, no.

115 Billiam

Poolhall Junkies – Undiscovered movie, Christopher Walken at his best.

116 Billiam

Poolhall Junkies – Undiscovered movie, Christopher Walken at his best.

117 Rhea

FARGO. It motivates me — big time — to stay out of debt. The tension in that film (via William H. Macy’s car salesman) is palpable.

118 cyberst0rm

Rocky Balboa and 300!

cyberst0rm’s tech blog

119 spidro

very nice scene Jerry Mcgwire still the best show me the money

120 Study Guide

You missed some great movies on that list… Interesting though

121 GiladG

I’ll second the Wallstreet call but by far, Boiler Room is the ultimate leader.

122 Nathan Hannig

The Any Given Sunday speech is the best


Great list! I couldnt agree with you more on the majority of these clips…

124 Grivon

agreed! it literally gave me chills – those nostalgic ones will do that! as for motivation.. I’d say the godfather series… lots of planning… lots of money… lots of motivation!

125 Joeychgo

I agree completely!

126 Michael Fultz

Movies? Can porn be considered motivational? I guess it can, in a sense…

127 Chris

haha… so predictable :)

128 BlueDevilMedia

Seriously…what about Scarface, The Godfather & Blow?

129 BlueDevilMedia

hehe…they sure motivate me!

130 Trevor McNotDonald

My favourite film out of the few above is pulp fiction – I haven’t even seen any of the others :( lol

131 Nick Sullivan

I love Pulp Fiction. One of the best films ever. Still need to watch Glen Gary Glen Ross, seen some of it, amazing acting.

132 Adrian

Here are some of my favorites: “Catch me if you can”, “Confidence”, “Jerry Maguire”, “Men of honor”, “The pursuit of happiness” and “Two for the money”

133 serge

yeah, but that last rocky sucked, call me a liar.

134 Joy

Nice list Shoe..but my favorites are “The Pursuit of Happyness” and “Happy Gilmore”..^^

135 safesurfer

I do not feel motivated by the ‘Greed is Good’ speech by Gordon Gekko but I believe it to be a very good one that should have been mentioned in your post.

136 Hustle Strategy

Go ahead and throw American Gangster on the list of those.

137 Jennifer G

The most motivational movie in my collection (and the one that reminds me to keep being original and never stop learning) is Hackers.

But I’m more of a reformed hacker than a businessman (woman, whatever) to begin with – that might make a difference in my selection process.

138 Abel Brata

Rocky is my favorite too!!

139 commandos

funny that u mentioned “Boiler Room Group Interview” i watched it for the first time last week !

The movie that i like the most .. “Gladiator” =>

The slave who became a gladiator.The gladiator who defied an emperor

140 Hustle Strategy

And just to add you have to cut Blow off about 30 minutes before it ends for real motivation. The others you can watch straight threw.

141 Hustle Strategy

Both the original Ugly Americans and the recent one by the same author as Bringing Down The House were great reads.

142 Hustle Strategy

Boiler Room is great. The scene where they are being asked about the exam and getting introduced to the compacy is priceless.

143 Affiliate Marketing Podcast

I think I’ll just stick to instant classics like 300…ooh, and Pan’s Labyrinth is a good one. I don’t see how they’re motivating, apart from the fact that they kick ass, and that makes me happy.

~ Dave

144 nBridges Media

Nice post and the Jerry Mcgwire video was funny…Is it just me who felt “Show me the Money” sounded alot like Shoemoney ? :D

145 youfoundjake

Where is the Triggit set up on this page? Am I missing something?

146 RacerX

Pulp, Fight Club, Wall Street, Boiler, Star Wars, Rocky II

147 Saim Baig

Rockey forever.Man Silvester was the best man to do it.And he delivered big time.

148 SEOContest2008

You got me motivated here! I’ll buy them ASAP now.

149 SEOContest2008

That’s sad, but I think money actually does that in most cases.

150 SEOContest2008

That is one good movie! I’ve seen this one.

151 Geiger

I’ve got to be honest, Boiler Room just didn’t “Do it” for me. Glengarry Glenross however is one of my ALL time favorites. The one of Any Given Sunday seems bugged half-way.

152 Money Never Sleeps

you forgot to mention Wall Street! Wall Street is KING of money making quotes!

153 Syed Balkhi

the movie that motivates me the most is Rocky. Never give up without trying and that is what my motto is.

154 Free Xbox 360

Pulp Fiction has to be one of the best movies ever

155 Chris

You included two of my favorite movie scenes in this post. I love the boiler room one and my second favorite is the pulp fiction one. Great scenes.

156 CodeFreedom

Rudy is a big one for me too. It’s about never giving up even if the end is near and it looks like your done, if you are still breathing, you are in with a chance. Great movie that keeps you guessing right until the final scenes when you think it is over.

157 Briongloid

Falling Down >:D

158 poor jokes

october sky
for me

159 Accepted

i think accepted which a high school student fail to enter any college… its juz fun to watch and motivate me…

160 warez

that what you into Shoe?

161 Your Name (required)

Rudy is a big one for me too. It’s about never giving up even if the end is near and it looks like your done

162 download free dvd movies

Pulp Fiction is still my number 1!!! and Jerry Maguire comes next. Quite a good collection there buddy! :)

163 Vendy Xiao

nice share….
thx for the list

here the list of my favorite movies :

164 Jones Nike

To tell the truth, I am voiceless. The Shawshank Redemption is remarkable. I’am a young movie fanatic, in point of fact, this film is realised the same yearI was very young, and consequently I’am more used to films with incredible special effects, edge-of-your-seat action, et cetera. This film has no of that, and even, it appeals me really much . The way Frank Darabont applies the tale of Red to drive on the story, the beauty of the film music used (note the mouth harp used just earlier Red getting the letter close to the end). The whole movie, from beginning to closing, from actions to sound, is a lighthouse of desire, judgment, and repurchase. The cast is ideal, Morgan Freeman(Red) actually brings about a fresh feel to the film, and that is precisely what the movie is, what a movie should be. Really recommended for every movie fan.

165 Movie Extreme-

Great list of movies! I find movies that shows how someone built up the ranks of success motivating to me.

166 Kelly

I always like Clint Eastwood saying, are you feeling lucky punk

167 Ashish Patel

thanks for sharing with us all those movies favourite of yours schoe :)

168 Cody Pavlak

Absolutely love your first pick which is totally intune with my site
Love your site and keep reading all your posts, love it, keep it up!

169 Robert

Nice movie! I would like to watch them twice

170 mike reynolds

If you want a motivational movie look no further than 127 hours. The book is an amazing read to. I challenge anyone to watch the movie and not want to get off their butt and stop wasting life

171 Bryan

WALL STREET my favorite scene!

172 Peny@stethoscope

haha. Talking about money, eh. I guess the Boiler room has so many money quotes and success quotes you could make a list of them. Similar to ” The pursuit of happyness” movie. :)

173 Rodney

AW MAN! You dont got The Pursuit of Happyness? You trippen..

174 munir ardi

you are terminated (every terminator film is motivated me) a battle to save the world from machine

175 Don Lawrence

No great drippy lines, but pure motivation has to be Slumdog Millionaire. It’s not all about money. It’s about being true to your belief’s.

176 Clyde Atkins

One movie that always motivates me it Pursuit of Happyness. It’s a powerful story of climbing from the bottom of the corporate ladder with no qualifications except hard work and extreme motivation. Will Smith gives an incredible performance. I like to watch it the night before I have a job interview.

177 Bradley On The Gold Coast

How come know one has mentioned The Social Network?? Oh wait, know I remember!

I am another that likes to watch sport related vids for motivation, either snowboarding or mountain biking.

178 algarve weather

Howdy! I know this is kinda off topic however I’d figured I’d ask. Would you be interested in exchanging links or maybe guest authoring a blog article or vice-versa? My blog goes over a lot of the same subjects as yours and I believe we could greatly benefit from each other. If you’re interested feel free to shoot me an e-mail. I look forward to hearing from you! Fantastic blog by the way!

179 keller

This got me so pumped to do some work. Shoemoney you’re a boss. Keep killing it.

180 Isaiah

Think I watched/listen to that Boiler Room scene like 50X.
Wallstreet movies are always great motivators for me!

181 Peter H.

Ah yes… boiler room…

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