Freedom Or Security

IMO there are 2 kinds of people in this world. Those who want

1. freedom     
and those who want security. I consider myself a freedom person. I never could work for a company very long because I quickly discovered that no matter how much I thought I had a say in the company’s dealings I really did not. I became super frustrated and before long adopted the “could give a shit” attitude. This of course resulted in my getting fired. Its easy to see now but at the time it was very frustrating. After I was fired the last time I remember my wife (then girlfriend) saying “why don’t you just do your job”. It was a good question…. And while I was not lazy I also could have given 2 craps about working for someone else.

Now my wife is different. She is a security person. She sees the end goal then does everything to reach that end goal. She went to school forever then on to medical school then even on to a long residency in anesthesia all of this for security. While she will probably never pull down revenues that I do she has nothing to worry about with her job. She loves working for her private practice group and she is happy with her vote on things even though she does not have any authority to make a final decision.

But here is the kicker. Its her security job that allows me to do my freedom job. In the end we have both worlds with the financial power of freedom mixed with the security that comes from her job as a anesthesiologist.

I was talking to a friend who owns several local businesses the other day about this very thing. We both kind of agreed its a awesome thing that there are so many security people out there who are satisfied to work 9-5 and make their owners (or stockholders) rich.

So are you a freedom or security person?

P.S speaking of freedom – HAPPY 4th OF JULY!!!!!

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