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Affiliate Summit, Pubcon, SES, Adtech Which One Is For You?

by Jeremy Schoemaker on July 3, 2007 · 19 comments

conference talkNeil Patel came on this weeks addition of Net Income. Being Saturday I am leaving for Affiliate Summit and really had nothing better to talk about I thought I would invite Neil on to talk about conferences. Often I am asked the difference between all the conferences so I tried as best as I could to give them from my point of view. Neil also offered a lot of valuable opinions from his experience.

I might piss a few people off in this one but I mean what the hell. I just try to give my honest opinion of the conferences. We also discuss the boothbabes contest from adtech and some other things.

We also talked about what forums are good. It gets pretty long and I think I blab a lot so if you happen to make it to then end then congrats.

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1 Ken Savage

Why is Webmaster Radio’s download speed so damn SLOW?

Shoemoney 2 r

they are hosted on single channel ISDN

3 ritchie

I’m listening to it in Europe, didn’t experience any trouble so far.

4 CPA Affiliates

i think no matter what you should attend some conference of some sort the contacts and networking alone is MORE than worth it!

5 Travel Notebook

Works great here. Maybe it has something to do with your connection.

6 website copywriter

I made it to the end; it wasn’t boring at all. *yawn* just kidding, Shoe! I enjoyed the word rally very much, great stuff.

Skills to Pay the Bills — I’ll definitely get a copy when it comes out. ;)

7 TheHostHunter

I kept thinking it was the 2006 show being replayed with Neil, but the things you were saying and the numbers you were throwing out (Auction Ad members) weren’t meshing in my head. Glad you clarified that it was a real show

It was a good show, I really digged honest conference reviews, but yeah you did ramble on for a bit ;)

8 website copywriter

Well, you never really know who you’re going to meet at these things. It’s always good to keep your options open regarding forums and what not.

9 Brent

I really enjoyed that episode. When you just converse casually with the guests, that when it’s the best. I think it gives listeners good insight into how you and your guests think..which is cool.

10 nate

Hey Shoe,

You know how lately you’ve been talking about what people are doing vs. what Google says you should do? I agreed with you for the most part until I checked out Dave Naylors blog today and read that John Chow had been banned from Google! His coveted #1 spot for “making money online” is obviously gone now.

Just thought I’d bring that up.

11 Joeychgo

Ill be at AdTech and SES Chicago this year –

12 Theo

Wow, it did take forever to end.

13 Bill Hartzer

Each of these conferences offers something different–although many people choose to go to all of them. So, you really have to look at the sessions that are offered and who else will be there–and see if it’s a good networking opportunity for you.

I used to try to speak or attend all of the conferences…but took a hiatus for a while to spend more time with my kids. Looks like I’ll be speaking at Pubcon this year, one I’m looking forward to. I might go to SES San Jose, depending on whether or not I speak at that one.

14 Zac Johnson

I’ve attended/spoke at all of the Affiliate Summits so far. They are still at the top of my list for attendance, value and interest. I highly recommend you go!

15 Paul.

Thats a lot of tags. I used to have that many for paintball events in my younger days.

16 Joeychgo

I would love to go to an affiliate summit. But just havent had time.

17 PrintNPost

Thats an insane amount of passes!..ok so i haven’t been to one of these shows yet but i really want to go. the price is tga is steap but someone told me i could get away with a normal pass and still get alot out of it..So..anyone care to give me some insight on this? should i dish out the cash for my 1st time..or play it safe?

18 TeeCeo

Since I am a bay area guy I like affiliate summit san francisco, ses san jose, and pubcon las vegas.

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