Google Arbitrage/MFA, Devcon, & Tips For Startup Sites – Net Income 6-19-2007

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On last nights episodes of net income I was

1. All By Myself     
=( But no fear I made it work (I think).

I talked a bit about all the latest hype with Google supposed banning of people doing Arbitrage and MFA’s then went into a eBay devcon wrapup talking about my SEO presentation and ending with giving some Tips For Startup Websites.

I am going to Las Vegas with my wife until Monday. Its the time away from my house that was not business or family related in about 3 years so I am pretty excited. Sorry about the short show recap.

30 thoughts on “Google Arbitrage/MFA, Devcon, & Tips For Startup Sites – Net Income 6-19-2007

  1. Matt

    The Net Income RSS feed that’s in the ITMS appears to be broken. It appears to be this feed:

    Is this the correct feed?

  2. Bill Hartzer

    Even though you were “all by yourself” you definitely made it work–great job. You should do more solo ‘gigs’ more often. Have fun in Vegas, baby!

  3. nate

    hmm why isnt the episode on the webmasterradio podcast feed or site yet? the link that shows up in my google reader doesnt work.

  4. Scot Smith


    I’m curious to what you think about Carl Ocab, a 13 year old ranking higher than ProBlogger and thousands of others for “Make Money Online”.

  5. website copywriter

    Isn’t that the World Series of Poker you’re referring to? They will be at the Rio All Suites in Vegas all month, if I’m not mistaken. You must have meant “circuit” rather than “circus” then.

  6. Dave

    I have arbitrage sites with plr articles on them. Good ctr on almost all of them and well optimized for their keyword phrase. My cost per click has gone up to .20 to .30 cents a click. On what use to be my best site I added privacy policy, contact, about , disclaimer, and took all ads off of the index page. Do you have any ideas what I can do about this? Thanks, Dave

  7. joe

    in your audio, is ranking #50-60 on “make money online” Google serp, not #1. Google algo is correct.

  8. jamesB

    heh shoe mentions it then magically he gets bumped… the power of a blog that gets read by Google people

  9. Joeychgo

    Arbitrage was something I never really got into. But many of the skills needed transfer into other philosophies that can make you successful such as choosing proper keywords.

  10. printnpost

    I was trying some of this..but didnt have much success. Does they really take off when you levagre your page with googles api so you can target higher payout words or am i just not doing something right here?

  11. Trevor McNotDonald

    I think its good that Google is finally managing to sort out the Arbitrage problem. I’ve banned quite a few dodgy URL’s from advertising at my site for fear of them performing arbs.

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