How To Fire Someone

In my life I have had the following jobs in order:

Happy Joes Pizza – fired
Eagles Grocery Store – fired
Target – walked out after 2 days
Best Buy – car audio – fired
Montgomery wards – Left for Sears
Sears – Washers & dryers – Left for Internet Express
Internet Express – Quit to goto college
Internet Revealed – fired
Neo Computers – fired
First National Bank – fired
Wells Fargo Financial – fired
Commercial Federal Bank – fired

Did my own company full time.

Firings happen whether your the employee and you quit (your firing your job) or when your boss fires you. When it comes time to fire someone always try to be very broad. This is a moment that will stick out in the persons mind forever and also how they will remember you also. Always in a firing the person being fired will want you to name a specific reason or example as to why they are being fired. You will want to do this also as it will appear to provide you a “out” to the situation. However naming a specific incident is the worse thing you can do. The fired person will always remember that 1 incident you named as the reason they were fired and they will always chalk up there failure to that 1 incident and come up with reasons in there mind why that 1 incident is bullshit and they should not have been fired. Instead when firing someone focus on the facts that they were not a good fit for the job and how they will be much happier doing something else. Do not get suckered into a debate over a specific incident. Stay strong.

This really applies to anything in life. When your parting ways with others don’t make it about a specific incident. Because really its probably not about a specific incident but rather a series of incidents which indicates that you must part ways with the individual.

I can tell you from being a person who was fired many times that the few times the person firing me stayed strong and told me – I was just not a fit and it was not working out… that I would be so much happier in a position that was a better fit for me – Actually made me take a step back and really look at myself and all the times I think they could have been talking about that was the reason I was not a good fit. I always knew in my mind there was 9000 reasons I could have been fired and being I did not get one specific answer from them I had to consider all the times I did not meet expectations and see how I could better myself.

With me I really can only work for myself and I can only work with people who can manage them self. I do not like to be “managed” and I certainly don’t like to “manage others”. Anyway Thats my Tip for success #14 – How To Fire Someone