Scary Feedburner Message At Login

I normally never have to log into feedburner cause I use the “remember me” which automatically logs me in. I was using my wifes computer today though and got this at the login screen. I am guessing a lot of you also use the “remember me” so in case you have not seen it:

NOTE: Service of FeedBurner publisher accounts will not be interrupted as a result of the acquisition by Google. You will have a 14-day interim period ending June 15, 2007 to opt-out of allowing Google to service your account. If you take no action by June 15, 2007, the rights to your data will transfer from FeedBurner to Google. Opting out will terminate your user agreement with FeedBurner, permanently delete your FeedBurner account, feeds, and all related statistical data and history, and prevent the transfer of your data rights to Google. To opt-out, contact us via, provide your FeedBurner account Username, and request to have your FeedBurner account deleted. We will contact you at your registered email address to confirm your deletion request before completing it.

This sounds kind of harsh doesn’t it? Its like Google is getting your stuff and if you don’t like it YOU AND YOUR FEEDS ARE DEAD PUNK. I am sure for legal reasons they have to word it the way it does you would just think there would be a nicer, gentler, way to say “owned”…


Rick Klau Former VP of Feedburner (now with Google) emailed me and also responded in the comments below:

Didn’t intend for it to sound scary, we were going more for clarity and no ambiguity. And as a (non-practicing) lawyer, I can tell you that loosy-goosey isn’t a popular class in law school. 😉

Bottom line, this is just an indication that as a legal matter, “FeedBurner, Inc.” is now owned/operated by Google, Inc… so, strictly speaking, the privacy policy is now between you and Google. We felt it best to give everyone a period of time to decide whether that’s what they wanted, rather than make it immediate on the day the acquisition closed.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

–Rick Klau
Google (former VP, publisher services, FeedBurner)

Thanks Rick!