Full Disclosure – Assume The Position

When I see Adam Sandler pimp Popeye’s Chicken or Subway I assume he is getting paid for it.

When I watch The Office, Heroes, Lost or any other tv show and see product placements I assume they are getting paid for it.

When I read an affiliate marketers blog and I see links to anything I assume they get paid for it.

In fact every time I see a blog post or basically anything including conversation I assume someone is benefiting from mentioning the product they are talking about. Even if they are not paid directly for reviewing or mentioning the product directly I assume they are hoping the users find the information useful or maybe even the product owner will see the review and pay them in the form of mentioning them back or advertising on there site.

The world is about kickbacks. Maybe my mindset is just jaded from my experiences and exposure.

So basically my disclosure policy is you should assume I am getting paid for or will get paid for anything I ever mention. To be perfectly honest with you almost every advertiser I have is because I mentioned them then they contacted me after the fact because they liked the traffic they received from being mentioned.

I think these blogger disclosure policies while noble and all that good stuff are extremely silly. Everyone gets paid one way or another.

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