External Site Auditing Tools – TFS 7

A lot of times when you want to buy a site you kind of have to trust the user is giving you proper stats. Really you need to do some homework on your own. Here are some of the tools that I use.

Seo Digger SeoDigger is a nice tool that you can put a url into and it will show you not only what keywords that url ranks for organically but also the wordtracker positions and overture volume as well (Yahoo searches per month). I always am pretty amazed at even the longtail rankings they show on SeoDigger. You can see the rankings for one of our ringtone communities at SeoDigger Here You can also alternate between Google and MSN listings.

Firefox The people who make SeoDigger also make some other tools like the popular firefox extension SEO Quake but to be honest I like Search Status the best for firefox SEO plugins. Search status shows me the Alexa, Compete, and Google PR for any site I am browsing. Nice tool to have. Aaron Wall has a firefox extension called Seo Firefox. Its pretty dope and shows you the actual information in serps results for sites. For instalnce you can see if a result has directory listings or edu backlinks… good stuff. I have Seo Firefox installed but I only turn it on when I want to use it. Great plugin none the less. When you want the data it gives you there is nothing like it IMO.

DNscoopDnscoop is a great resource to get instant “at your finger tips” information on a given url. It shows historical information on the page, Current Google PageRank (and if its valid), Traffic ranking from Alexa, indexed pages via Google-MSN-Yahoo-Alltheweb-Altavista, Link Value Report from Text-link-ads, and even a estimated worth of site.

Alexa Maybe people write off Alexa because of its inaccuracy’s but if you just know how to use it its actually pretty useful. Basically you just have to make sure your comparing apples to apples. For instance if you compare this site to fark.com you will see we have a much higher rating then fark.com. Obviously we do not get as many pageviews as fark but we do get more SEO related people so the numbers are a bit skewed. Now to use alexa effectively you could compare fark to slashdot or shoemoney to another blog that is talking about making money online.

External tools are key for knowing what a sites potential value could be and having the right ones can be real time savers. This is your ShoeMoney Tip For Success – 7