Go After Low Hanging Fruit – TFS Day 5

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Todays tip for success is going after the low hanging fruit. Often when people just launch a new product they want to get the word out as fast as possible and most of the time that means dropping a big budget. There are many ways of getting the word out about your new product that involves no money at all. So what is the low hanging fruit?

Web Forum Signatures and other links – I have talked before about the power of digitalpoint signatures and blog headers. out of the 800k uniq visitors shoemoney.com recieved a month over 30% come from forums and the majority of those are digitalpoint. I use there last blog feature in there header. If your not using your signature link in forums to link to your site your wasting space. Also a lot of times you can purchase peoples signatures for as little as 20$ a month. You can also use forum signatures to promote your affiliates. For instance if you always post in the azoogleads forum why not have a azoogleads signup link in your signature? Or any of the other affilaite companies? Its amazing looking at the AuctionAds affiliates how many affiliates have literally hundreds of referals making them a good amount of passive income. All because they just put there refer link in there signature.

Bloggers – A good place to start is the technorati top 100 list. But DO NOT fire off a mass email and expect to get any coverage of your product. I get 5-10 “Hello $username here is my cool product you should feature on $yoursite” followed with 5 paragraphs of fluff that i never actually tell me what they are talking about. The correct way to do this is to get some familiarity of the site and hopefully the blogger has written something similar or atleast in the same ball park as what your writing that way you can write “Hey $bloggername, I noticed you recently wrote about x and I just wanted you to know i just launched a somewhat similar product called $productname. I would really appreciate if you could give it a mention. Thanks for your time, $yourname” This works well because you basically made the blogger aware of what your doing and got directly to the point that you would like them to mention it. One of the cool things about this is even if the blogger does not mention it right away you can bet the next time they mention something in the same arena it might get a mention. I always try to compare stuff to as much related items as possible and particularly items people are not used to hearing about. YOU NEED TO GET TO THE POINT AS FAST AS POSSIBLE DO NOT PUT A BUNCH OF FLUFF. A technorati top 100 blogger or any blogger worth mentioning does not give a rats ass about the fluffy history of your company or who you know.

Friends – You know that whole 6 degrees of seperation thing…. well just pinging your friends telling them your launching a new thing and could use all the press you can get. The key to this one is having a press kit easily available so that if they do reach someone they have a easy way to find out a bunch about what your doing (this is also something you can fill with fluff as reporters love teh fluff)

Local media – Ping all the local media outlets and let them your launching a new website. I think you will find most of them receptive and you never know where it could lead. It could start local and maybe there flagship station would like to do a story on something similar and uses you for commentary….

I REALLY think that press releases are over rated. I think at 1 time they had great value but anymore its like a fricking spam farm. I dont think the mainstream media pays much attention to PRWEB releases anymore (plus they cost money).

This has been your tip for success (and last in this series) Day 5 – Go After The Low Hanging Fruit.

25 thoughts on “Go After Low Hanging Fruit – TFS Day 5

  1. CJ

    That sounds good in theory, but after going through the technorati top 100, I couldn’t find a single site that related to any of my blogs. (Sports, Fitness, Entertainment, etc)

  2. narcolept

    I might be missing sarcasm here, but I didn’t catch him recommending to spam at all, rather how to leverage the network you’ve built and use people who aren’t part of it to promote for you without spamming them. Rather, to contact them professionally and do reseaqrch so that you are referencing them directly rather than spamming.

  3. Pete Wailes

    I’m gonna disagree with you on one point there: press releases can still give great results. You just need to be a really good copywriter, know where to send them out to, and know how to target them.

    Sounds simple, but it’s not. Kinda like SEO. Writing press stuff will always be an art.

  4. jim

    In line with the Email the Top 100, remember to stop selling after they’ve agreed to buy… like that anecdote you gave us about the host (i think) that sent you like 5 emails after you agreed to talk about them. Don’t be creepy.

  5. Paul

    I have the same problem. Not many blogs based around pets. I suppose the closest I can get are lifestyle type blogs.

  6. Jonathan (Trust)

    I wouldn’t say press releases are a waste. Depends on how good you’re at with putting them together and more importantly the subject/your site. If it’s more of the usual stuff, nothing really new there. But if it’s something somebody in the press might find interesting, something new, good way to jump off a site.

    Now local media is great. First it’s free. Second I’ve found most are more than willing to support local businesses, if you have something worth talking about. Have had lots of good luck with that.

  7. Rugged

    I am really impressed,you say that almost 30% of your traffic comes from forum referrals?Well, spending time on forums really does pay…I love mostly organic traffic, I am a fan of it

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  10. Seo Design Solutions

    Hey Shoemoney:

    I was almost tempted to use the “hey buddy” template you suggested…but you never know what mood you might be in when the email notification that there is another comment on xyz post and someone (namely myself) is being a smart alek…

    I think I’d better to play it safe and just say, good post on PR alternatives that just take a bit of time and some ingenuity to implement.

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  12. atlanta wedding photographer

    The reason you have low hanging fruit is because you planted trees way back when….If you don’t know the right people then good luck in getting your product out there. Get to know people and find out who they are…birthdays, kids, and such…including what they are interested in. And then be a friend that focuses on what they need first. When the time comes that you need something then they are more than willing to help you because you have paid attention to them. Now not everyone will help of course but the more people you have in your network the more chance are that there will be some fruit for you to grab pretty easily.

  13. Justin Cook

    I’m putting together a business plan around local affiliates (lead gen), taking into consideration your ebook.

    I have a question for you – would you consider it worthwhile to do this for restaurants? Maybe the initial value is low, but the lifetime value of a new customer is huge. No?

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