What Happens To 10,000 Images When You Nofollow, Noindex

For about six months now my gallery page has been nofollow/noindex to Google. I had a big problem in that there was over 50k results alone from the gallery in Google and it totally diluted my site pr value as a whole. (at one time the entire shoemoney.com domain was supplemental)

Recently I have heard a lot of people say that if you use Google Sitemaps on your blog and with gallery its the fastest way to go supplemental. It did happen to me but I was not so quick to blame Google for it but rather look into the issue.

The problem was that I was using Googles Sitemap generator script to rip through my accesslog and generate my sitemaps. This was really bad because it was feeding Google every url that every bot had gone to (basically every followed link everywhere on my site). This also really is bad because in WordPress for every post there is a feed and for every comments there is a feed. Basically there is a rss feed generated for every frickin thing done in WordPress and if you have links to those items then the bots will follow them and then boom there in your sitemap. So your sitemap ends up with a bunch of worthless crap.

Now this is all my fault and not Google Sitemaps or WordPress. They make great tools I just did not realize the “out of the box” configuration of the Google Sitemaps python script.

I have had TONS of success with Google Sitemaps on other sites with millions of pages indexed but those were all sites we had written from the ground up. There was no prefab website software being used.

So what happened when I nofollowed and noindexed all that content to Google? Well you can see here on Google the pages have the title of whatever the anchor text was used but no content was indexed. Some pretty interesting results 😉

So now I have built a new sitemap script that does not include any links to feeds and also crappy gallery stuff so we will see how it works out.