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Tom Fuller – Pro Landing Page Designer

by Jeremy Schoemaker on May 16, 2007 · 58 comments

On last nights Net Income ShoeMoney Show my guest was someone right off my recommended page, Tom Fuller (aka Keeb). I have been using Tom to make my landing pages ever since I started with PPC. We a lot about all the different landing pages he has done, what designs work best and Tom even goes on to talk about what a lot of people are having him work on now.

One thing pretty cool with Tom is that he does not do any pay per click or affiliate marketing himself. So he really has no interest in keeping any secrets and he lets out some good ones in this weeks ShoeMoney Show.

If you are looking for a landing page tom is the best in the biz with over 10 years experience (I have been using him for design for 10 years myself). His site is here

Click here to download the podcast (


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1 ShoeMoney

yes i know the webmasterradio link i broke………. hopefully they will fix it asap.

2 Al Davies

Yea, the keeb does some stellar work. I think it’s time for him to raise his prices. There are crap companies out there charging a lot more for a lot less.

3 Link Snitch

Did you change the name from Net Income to the Shoemoney Show officially?

It was a great show, I am will be hiring Tom very soon.

Great Show!

Shoemoney 4 trudy

ya I tried some getlanding pages site one time and they sucked so bad. This keeb guy is a total pro and vet. I HIGHLY recommend him also!

Shoemoney 5 jsutton

I think your talking about I tried them also THEY SUCK and they are expensive and take forever. Good landing page designers don’t need to advertise they get ass loads of refers from people who rock like shoe

6 Link Snitch

I had looked at but hadn’t tried them yet. I think you two just convinced me of where to put my money.

7 Rob

Hey Shoe wanted to let you know the link to his site is actually pointing to ww. rather then www. so its giving a 404. Figure you’d want to fix it for him, so he gets some decent link juice.

8 coopreme

I hope so… i talk to keebster all the time, the guy is awesome and his work is all original

9 jim

Strange, the link above didn’t work for me but when I went to directly, the link there (which looks identical to the link above) worked. Weird.

10 Brian Mark

We should probably do some landing pages. At this point, everything we do is part of our normal site layout and hasn’t had anything special done to it. Someday…

11 Wealth Junkie

I’ve been trying to download your show in iTunes for weeks. The latest episode I can get via iTunes is the one with Scott from BumpZee..

12 Kaustubh

yeah creative guy.

13 James

It looks like he has been to the Shoe school of grammar though, this is on his homepage…

“We have created logo’s and website’s for alot of our custoemrs.”

14 Fashion Industry

I bet he charges a arm and a link for those custom landing pages…lol

15 Travel Notebook

If hes so good why doesnt he step into the ppc world himself? He must be making good money making the pages themselves.

16 Ali

I liked his ringtone landing page that he did for you.

17 Kfleming

We also do custom landing pages over at =)

18 Kfleming

I don’t know who you are or if you are just saying that as promotion for Tom, but we have NEVER had anyone complain about our service, we ALWAYS have our pages out in 1-2 business days, and we make any changes requested by the client. Maybe you should check out this thread…

19 Grant

I’ve used before and had a good experience. I’d still recommend their service.

20 Kfleming

Let me phrase my previous comment better…If you were dissatisfied with our service, and contacted us about it or let us know we would fix it immediately. We do everything that we can to make sure the landing pages turn out exactly how the client wants them too. Most people are satisfied with our service because most of our customers are returning customers. So Trudy, if you really were a customer of ours, and would email the landing page your not satisfied with to we would be happy to take a look.

21 free text

It was awesome that you had this guy on the show finally! Very good episode of the show.

I’ve been using and am happy with their service, but I’ll have to try Tom out as well!

22 CPA Affiliates

I have used tom and Get landing pages. Both have their pluses and minuses depending on the type of landing page you are wanting. I will say keeb can crank it out in a bind if need be… havent had to get one in a bind from GLP so cant speak on quick but pages were delivered in 2 days, and changes were made if needed.

Shoemoney 23 enraged

You associate your company with wickedfire dumbshits. I dont even know what else to say….

24 Al Davies

Quote of the Show: “Yea so I wrote about my ringtone experiments…1 and 2 and blah blah blah…You could make 10… a MONKEY could make, you know 20… well 10 grand a day… it was pretty simple… and I’m talking profit”

25 Entrepreneur

Interesting, I’ll have to have a listen. PPC is something I’ve always wanted to expand into, I may have to hire Tom to do some landing pages if I ever do!

26 Keeb

$75 a page not to bad..

27 Keeb

the honest truth is i seriously do not have the time. it is a lot just to be one man doing the job of 3 , add the keyword research, the whole having to build landers for myself. maybe this summer if i can get my teenager to help me .

28 Keeb

just as a side note to everyone that have taken the time to comment here. i really appreciate the great feedback about the service i provide. i will admit some designs do take time to get out, some orders were late and things do happen but all in all i myself have always tried to be up front and let everyone know if i am running behind schedule and for the most part i feel i have always managed to fulfill my obligation.

a quick mention of my site heheh ok when you get about 2 hours to throw together a website you tend to forget to run spellcheck. i am not a harvard scholar but i try real hard to please everyone..

thanks again for the support.

29 Peter

How do you know whether he accepted the order or not? Do I have to paypal 50%/100% of the money first as a deposit or its pay on delivery?

30 free text

Shoemoney, you should mention the other show that you were on today!!!! I was LOLing all over the place when I heard it.

31 Link Snitch

This does appear to be the cheapest landing page service that I have found. So quality and affordable.

32 Link Snitch

LOL, I heard that. Sounds close to Shoe, but I am not convinced it was him. Definitely made me scratch my head.

33 JeffPosaka

Keeb, I think Shoemoney has distracted you from getting to my landers…

To everyone else, I recommend Tom. He does great work and really cares.

34 ToddW

Not bad at all considering you offer VERY generous discounts if you order more than one at once.

IMHO probably too cheap ;)

35 Mike

Don’t get me wrong, but Keeb’s website doesn’t show anything “really” impressive. It’s pretty much basic graphics, normal stuff, nothing too fancy. You’d find tens of better (yet a lot cheaper) alternatives from Eastern Euopean designers, if you bother to look for them. Outsourcing to EE is my top cost cutter atm.

36 Arnold

Thank you for the podcast, it was interesting post.

37 corey

you’re pretty good at shameless self promotion, i hear

38 diabolical

Yeah the fact that you used WICKEDFIRE as a reference pretty much destroys any credibility you had left. It’s a teenage angst filled profanity laced mess. Fun place to hang out but no one takes them seriously.

39 Bush Mackel

Just listened to the podcast. Lots of good information in there that I just didn’t know about. But of course, being a n00b to affiliate marketing there’s a lot I still don’t know.

40 jim

I was interested to learn about the differences between those sales pages and landing pages, I always wondered what the deal was with those looooooong pages of copy.

41 Kfleming

Shoemoney has 295 posts on are you saying no one takes him seriously? I dont know where you’ve been but most of the big names in the affiliate industry hang out there.

42 Graves

A question for Tom or Shoemoney, several times in the interview the “fold” was mentioned for landing pages, what dimension is Tom working from. Personally, I still design for 800×600 for the low end of the user spectrum so that leaves me 755px wide by 380px high. Those specs were from a base install of IE6.0 w/ two search bars installed to mimic a generic user.

43 Ken Savage

Tom great work. Do you have anything more professional looking I can look at? My company needs to hire someone who not can just design a landing page but get it to convert for white paper downloads.

44 Al Davies

how about some direction onthis? you don’t have to put a link up but how about a search term that you use to get there…

45 Keeb

well the industry is ever changing but what i find that still holds true is the ones with the wallets will use 800×600 and 1024×768 i still design for 800×600 myself but i go right for the borders. and build in a stretch down section. the disclaimer is there for keywords and other stuff so whats in your face is what will sell ..

46 Screen Rant

It’s not $75 any more. :-)


47 Keeb

some projects that arent landing pages are a little more expensive.. but landing pages are still $75 per page

48 Marko Nikolic
49 coopreme

yo ken, explain white paper

50 Wealth Junkie

what gave that away?

51 Wealth Junkie
52 Wealth Junkie

“A white paper is an authoritative report. White papers are used to educate customers, collect leads for a company or help people make decisions. They can also be a government report outlining policy.”

53 Keeb

i may may some examples of more professional stuff , i may have to delve into the archives.

54 Keeb

if this is for me, i bonce emails back and forth and need be i will call and make usre we are on the ssame page.

55 eh

What was that affiliate company again?
Copic ?

56 Keeb

Copeac i knew the spelling i just wasnt sure of the pronunciation. my bad..

57 eh

Ok, thanks. :)

58 dodger50

Just had a chance to listen to the show. One of those strange coincidences. I’d been thinking of having a few landing pages made. Thanks for a great show.

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