Sprint Makes Me Feel Like There Is Hope

SprintLately it seems like I have been ranting about companies and not really giving props to those that do things right. Well when I lost my phone in New York City I was super super super upset. Not really because I lost the phone but because I knew it just created a TON more work for me when I got back home (in addition to all the pilled up work from being away). So I really regretted calling Sprint and explain I lost my phone and needed a new one and invoke the 5$ a month insurance I have been paying forever but never used.

I waited until Friday before flying home to call sprint to report it lost and claim a new phone from insurance. So I sucked it up and just called the local NYC sprint store and they of course couldnt help me but they gave me a 1-800 number for the insurance department.

So I called this insurance devision and they asked me my phone number and then the password on my account. Then they put me on hold a few mins and came back and said – “Ok Mr. Schoemaker your phone will be at your house by 10AM tomorrow morning”. I was STUNNED. I confirmed with the person and was like you know tomorrow is saturday right? And they were like, “yes it will be there by 10AM fedex saturday delivery, if you want to give me your email I will send you a tracking number within the next 2 hours”

To my suprise less then 1 hour later I had a fedex tracking number.

Ok so im impressed but I am not looking forward to going into my local sprint store and waiting in line (its the time thing that kills me). After all I have to have it programed and setup for all my evdo/internet/messaging stuff also.

Well to my suprised it was here waiting for me when we got here saturday morning and it was totally programed and ready to go. I synced it up with a old backup of phone numbers and BooYah its totall restored. Also this was a 7 revision model newer then my old palm treo 700P which used to lock up all the time.


So what does this mean to Sprint… Well when me and my wife got back from NYC SES my wife was also blown away because she knew I was really dreading fighting the insurance company then getting it programed and when it went that smooth she was super happy also. So happy that she told her group (over 50 local doctors here) they should drop there Alltel and switch to Sprint. This month they are switching over.

Now years ago I left sprint and had a bad experience but this was amazing. Its also just nice to post