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Yesterday I got a package from that contained this wicked cool shirt and also a gray t-shirt.


Toolbarn frickin rocks. If you dont know about toolbarn they are one of the largest online retailers on the net for industrial tools. Brian Mark, the companies CTO, is a regular at pretty much all major SES events. Thanks for the free shirts Toolbarn!

Also Brian has a great podcast about optimizing for Google OneBox. It is a must listen to for anyone doing online commerce.

37 thoughts on “ToolBarn – Free Shirt Friday

  1. dodger50

    Excellent! You’re “perverse”. Well, apparently your contest is. I don’t understand the uproar. Sports Illustrated’s biggest issue every year is the swimsuit edition. If something works and its not hurting anyone, why not use it?

  2. ToddW

    Awesome! Funny how you know EVERYONE 😉 ToolBarn is a great place with about every product a tool nut could want 😀 😀

  3. Travel Notebook

    I forgot how much of a t-shirt whore you are :)

    Now pass on the favor and send me one of those sexy AuctionAds shits so I have something to work out in too!

  4. Everett

    Them fellers is from Omaha too! Coinkidink…?

    I don’t know why I felt like typing in hillbilly voice. Talked to my family in Kentucky today; might be it.

    Anyway, do they have an affiliate program?

  5. Al Davies

    The polo looks good on you (i’m not bicurious). They’re more expensive but they give the company that distributes them a more professional look. Also, thanks for photoshopping my url out of the background. I was wondering why my traffic was down 80%.

  6. Brian Mark

    We don’t currently have an active affilite program. That should be rolled out in 2 – 3 months tops. And yes… it’s sort of a coincidence. We didn’t actually meet until SES San Jose last year.

  7. Ali

    Shoemoney I’m going to send you a free t-shirt, will you link to my blog? PUUHHHLLLEEAASSEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. David Brown

    That vid is schweet :) And Shoe I already sent Andrea a tee and told you to pick out the one you want and I’ll send it over 😉

    Where’s my shirt Brian… Gosh!

  9. ritchie

    I received a coupon for a free shirt form a company called teno, and they claim to “dress bloggers” (seems to be a german company). Let’s see if a cool t-shirt’s gonna be the outcome.

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