The Pursuit Of Happyness

Warning: This post contains no information about making money online.
I watched The Pursuit Of Happyness last night with my wife… wow is all I can say. A movie rarely effects me emotionally but that is an amazing story. Today working when I get frustrated I thought about that guy and what he went through. Man…..

Anyway if you have not seen it I highly recommend watching The Pursuit Of Happiness .

Also keeping on a serious note Barry Schwartz pinged me with a meme about things I wish I would have been more serious about in my life. Here would be my answers:

1) School – Even though I am not sure how much I would have benefited from school I know It caused a lot of stress on my family being I never cared much about it. I would say 90% of the times I was in trouble as a kid was school related.

2) Health – I never took my health that serious until I was in my late 20’s and it was to late. As I posted I had Duodenal Switch surgery about 3 years ago when I lost 240 LBS. I was so fat as a youth and teen until my late 20’s and while I tried diets and exercise it was more to please people around me then myself. Even when I lost all that weight I still did not take dieting and exercising that seriously until I had my Daughter Juliet then I started dieting more and recently adopted a pretty intense weight training program. I feel really good about my health now but I do wonder what it would have been like if I would have taken my health more serious in my younger years.

3) Self-Worth – Until I met my wife I was content to just be fat and play video games. I never had any intentions of making more then 25k/year or being the biggest baddest guy in online games (Everquest, Dark Age Of Camelot, City Of Heroes, and World of Warcraft). I had no reguard for my health. All I did was goto work and play video games all day (I had a job at a isp where we did tech support they let us play video games) Then I would come home and play games until I went to sleep. Every night I would eat a large taco pizza from Happy Joes and drink atleast a 12 pack of diet pepsi. I also smoked 2 packs of cigarettes a day for 10 years.

When I started dating my now wife she really showed me the value of working hard really led by example. The first day I met her I quit smoking (after smoking 2 packs a day for 10 years) and although I might bum a cig at a conferences every once in a while (usually when intoxicated) I think I have had less then 20 cigarettes in the 6 years I have officially quit smoking.

Anyway I really took my self worth seriously until my late 20’s. I figured that I would die of a heart attack or something between 25-30 so what did it matter really working twords something.

4) Religion – I feel like I used to take religion TOO seriously. I was brought up semi-religious where we thank god for everything we get and all that and all glory goes to god…. But I left way to many things up to God when I should have been doing them myself. I mean I actually thought if I prayed hard enough for tests and work stuff I would pass them or not get fired….

I believe in a higher power I just think that higher power could care less about most things. I am not sure if it was just how lazy I used to be that made it convienient to leave matters up to god or what but I sure wish I would have just taken control of my life and not wait for something magical to happen.

5) Procrastination – (I think we are seeing a trend here) I used to procrastinate like crazy. It was so bad I dont even think the standard definition applies. Now if I think of something I do it. I actually get frustrated listning to people talk about doing stuff all the time. If you want to do it… do it. You can think of excuses all day not to do something or you can make it happen. I know that sounds like rah rah rah self motivation stuff but I started my companies when I was over 250,000.00 in debt and was able to not only climb out of that hole but make some serious revenues. Most of this I can attribute to just being action oriented (and also having great partners like Dillsmack who is incredibly action oriented also).

Anyway I wish I would have been more action oriented when I was younger.

Ok so I am supposed to ping 5 people. Much like Barry I am going to ping people whom I would realy be interested to hear there responses so:

David Dellanave, Greg Hartnett , Danny Sullivan , Neil Patel, and eMom (Wendy Piersall)