Hey Lost Fans – Who Is Your Favorite Character?


What did you think of last nights episode of Lost? I thought it was the best so far this season. I figured out the whole Sawyer connection about halfway through the episode. I think my favorite character is James “Sawyer” Ford but my wife likes Sayid Jarrah. Anyway who is your favorite character?

66 thoughts on “Hey Lost Fans – Who Is Your Favorite Character?

  1. Hi-Tech

    We LOVE lost – watch it every week without fail. Last night was indeed an interesting episode. Are they all dead and in some kind of limbo/purgatory? The show certainly keeps you guessing…
    Anyways my favorite character is Kate – simply because she is gorgeously HOT.

  2. Keith

    Hurley’s character makes me laugh, so he’s my favorite. I’m a couple episodes behind… work and warm weather has been keeping me busy.

  3. Jay

    Sayid is also my favorite. I enjoy his military attitude and tactics. Sawyer is also on the top of my list. For a long time Lock was probably my favorite, but these last two seasons have swayed me.

  4. jackie_treehorn


    as an aside, i think the actor who plays Ben is incredible.

  5. Rebecca Kelley

    What part of “Keep this a secret” does Kate not understand! I can’t stand her. “I love Saywer! But I love Jack! I’m with Sawyer! But Jack is hanging out with Juliet, so now I’m jealous! Waaah!”

    Seriously, a coconut needs to fall on her head and kill her.

  6. Jason Spence

    Jack is the strongest character on the show. He may be going through a spell where he is getting duped by Juliet, but he is still the leader of the group.

  7. Maura

    i just got into the show. but so far i like kate and sawyer. jack is an idiot for hanging out with juliet

  8. SEO blog

    gah! I’ve missed the past two weeks but this is the third blog post I’ve seen about last night’s episode. That pretty much nails down what I’m doing tonight.

    I’d have to say right now my favorite character is Sawyer, closely followed by Hurley, with Desmond not far behind him.

  9. kensavage

    What about that fictious “monster” last season that was never revealed. remember the one that knocked down trees and tossed around the wrecked plane? He’s my favorite.

  10. SonHouse

    Well brother, Desmond is my favorite. Although Locke is a close second.

    One of my theories is that the entire show is taking place in Locke’s head.

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  12. JasonM

    Gees, too many tough ones. Kate, because she is very hot. But I also like Locke, his character and inner struggles are very compelling. Too bad they killed off Eko. Man was he an awesome character.

  13. Randy Ray

    Locke is THE man. The only complaint I have about this season is that we didn’t get to see enough of Locke.

    I love Locke’s little showdowns with Jack from time to time. One of my favorite episodes is the one where Locke tells everyone that he’s launching a rescue and anyone who wants to come along should meet him under the tree in five minutes. And everyone is amazed because Jack would have done all that in secret and no one would even know a rescue was happening.

  14. Shane

    This second-half-season has been awesome so far. They’re really outdoing themselves.

    I’ve always liked Jack, and his “character” is getting tougher lately which is good.

    As for babes, Kate is getting kinda boring. But Juliet is dangerous … and I definitely have a soft spot for dangerous women!

  15. Tye

    I like the chick – the hot one from Canada (for obvious reasons) and also the hobbit… I’m pretty lost watching Lost as I only see an episode every know and then – but I saw a little last night and was wondering where they got the Sky Blue VW Combi from and for what reason (sorry – don’t know series or episode number)

  16. Wealth Junkie

    After the half season at the end of last year I did not think I would be watching Lost. But the second half of the season has been great. Last night’s episode was one of the best in my opinion.

  17. SEO blog

    I freaking HATE Locke after the last few episodes I’ve seen. Keep in mind I’m a few behind but still… ARGH! lol

  18. Brent Wilson

    Yea Kate is starting to annoy me. I can’t stand Julie. Something about the expression she makes makes me want to punch babies. Also, if they found all of the bodies then why did Penny keep trying to find Desmond???

  19. Jeff L

    I would have to say Ben, because he is so unpredictable. Nice one minute and mean the next. It’s like he has many different personalities.

  20. natala

    I love Sayid, but lately, i get the feeling that Juliet is going to be my favorite. They are both so crafty.

  21. Halfdeck

    Oh man..hands down I love “the blondie.”

    First time I saw her she was topless, doing a lez scene with Angelina Jolie in Gia. She’s not a drop-dead gorgeous blonde and kinda on the skinny side but still she is the reason I watch Lost.

  22. joghurtKULTUR

    OMG, thats bullshit, you in the US can see LOST. We guys in Germany have to wait years until LOST is translatet in german language. Ask me again in a few years :-)

  23. Jack

    I love Sawyer. Well..him and the leader of The Others. I like him because he is just so damned creepy! His voice, his stare, his whole face…very spooky. And the fact that he can be incredibly cruel, and amazingly charismatic.

  24. Chuck

    Gotta be Sayid – if you had to head into the jungle with anyone on that island, you know it’d be Sayid.

  25. Lee

    Guy I was sitting with my sister and we both officially disowned Jack when he said that. Kate pissed us off too. Ugh… idiots.

  26. Al Davies

    I was a big fan of michael’s — and that damn dog that would randomly carry a dismembered arm back to the beach al the time.

    Also loved Mr. Echo — I partial to the brothers…

  27. StatMan

    I like Jack. No matter what is going on, he is always in charge. Some of the others would like to be leaders, but Jack is the only one they really listen to.

  28. Pallab

    My favourite char. would have to be Locke. I love Lost because of it’s mystery, and Locke is definitely one of the more interesting characters. His episodes are generally very interesting.

    I also love Hurley. Amid all the tension and mystery he adds another dimension to the show.

    I used to like Sawyer initially, because of his one liners. But for me he has now become just another character on Lost.

  29. Thor Schrock

    I used to like Jack, but then he got all “othered-out.” They are definately doing something with Sawyer’s carachter. He went from untouchable badass conman to Mr. I like to be accepted, to killer and puker. They must have plans for him.

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  31. Trae4NATO

    Hurley is the best Shoemoney. Why? I think he’s the best because he’s always asking questions like, “dude, why this that”. When you’re stuck on an island in the middle of nowhere and the “others” are kidnapping babies and their mothers, it’s smart to ask a lot of questions. He’s not cocky and he wants to know what is going on at all time. Go Hurley.

  32. Dana Mark

    While I still really like Lost, I wish they would leave out some of the flash backs. Sometimes 3/4 of the show is spent on a flash back and little time actually developing the plot. I’m waiting for the day when they finally let us know what is really going on. And what’s up with the black mist monsters that showed up early and finally came back again?

  33. Sidelko

    It seems like everyone on this island is way to interconnected. If they all happened to be from the same small Kansas town, sure.

    My favs would have to be Jack or Kate. Both are trying to move on from the life they had in the real world.

  34. Al Davies

    I just watched it again. I think you are onto something with the purgatory reference. There’s a scene with sawyer and john’s ahole dad in the holding cell. John’s refer’s to sawyers father saying.. “it ain’t my fault he overreacted. If he pulled the old murder suicide then I’m sure he’s down here somewhere”

  35. ritchie

    I think his character development was the most interesting one so far. I’m pretty sure too that they got something in store for Jack.

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