SES New York 2007 Recap – shoe$ style

by Jeremy Schoemaker on April 18, 2007 · 43 comments

SES NYC 2007 was pretty fun. I was able to take my wife J (who wrote about her experiences here). We Left Lincoln about 4AM and drove a hour to Omaha to catch our plane. We arrived just in time to board our 6am flight (someone took a detour through omaha which will remain nameless *COUGH* J *COUGH*.

Anyway we landed in Newark, NJ about 10am-ish and went straight to the hotel. I had worked until about 2am so going on 2 hours sleep. Also I still had not worked at all on my presentaiton so I went up to the hotel room and started to work on it before passing out. We were invited to a party being put on by PepperJam, Vinatage Tub and Bath , Epiar, Range Online Media, Babyage and others.

We got there via this BOMB ASS party buss sponsored by Epiar

On the bus I saw with Tim Mayer from Yahoo! and we talked a bit about stuff… It was a really cool bus!

The pre-party was pretty cool open bar and a lot of mingling

During the event my wife suggested to Allan Dick that he get some people to do some crazy stuff in a clawfoot tub. I of course being the idiot brave soul that I am took off my pants and jumped in with a laptop to do a interview with Allan Dick on blogging ethics which was recorded by webpronews (they threatened that it would be on there site the next day but its still not on). I was going to take my shirt off too but all the guys around me were asking me not to. I think they were just jealous of my sasquatch like chest hair (ya you dig it!). Be careful from these pictures my legs are so white they can blind you!

The dinner was simply incredible….. there was like cheeses from igourmet and all kinds of various wines… omg it was a great event.

Then at the end there was a search engine showdown where Yahoo! took on Microsoft and the winner faced Vanessa Fox for the coveted claw foot trophey. They battled how all battles should be fought… with rockem sockem robots!

Vanessa Fox

Microsoft won a STUNNING upset to win the claw foot tub award and also the title of best search engine. There can be no doubt. The rockem sockem robots DO NOT LIE.

After the event we took the bus back to our hotel where we freshened up a bit then headed down to everyones favorite Irish pub ;).


I woke up around 11am or so and still had not worked on my presentation yet that I was going to give about 4 hours later. My wife went down to have lunch with Dillsmack and David Naylor and I worked on my presentation. Really it does not take that long to do a presentation if you know your stuff. You cant fake it when your infront of people. At least I can’t. I think I learned that the first time I did it. Anyway… I was and always am relieved after the panels are over. IT WAS PARTY TIME!!!!!!!!

David Naylor, Jen Slegg, and myself went to this sweet Cuban themed party put on by Microsoft Adcenter.

To quote the invitation:

You will be feasting on authentic Cuban food to the sounds of a live Afro-Cuban Quartet.
Sangria and Mojito will flow like Niagara Falls!

It was a really nice event. I also got a lot of face time with Brett Tabke who told me I was a sand bagging blogger…. we talked for a while and he made it very clear he infact did not hate me and encouraged me to submit if I wanted to speak at pubcon. Cheers Brett.

I also got some face time with former soft core porn star and presently the FACE of Microsoft’s search non other then Miss Dewey!

Check it!

From there we went to our favorite irish pub and howled at the moon with everyone until about 4am or so

at which time Greg Boser said Chicken and Rice was on him so we all followed him to the street vender. While waiting in line Greg revealed to me he thought it was cool my wife had 1 initial for a name (J) and said he was considering legally changing his name to G. I told him I thought it was great idea!

So we all sat around talking shop eating chicken and rice in the hotel lobby then my phone rang… It was 4:30 am so I answered it WHO THE F IS THIS?!? and it turned out to be the frat boy of seo Chris Hooley. Chris let me know there was a room party somewhere… lalala just then security was bumrushing us in the Hilton cause they were pissed Dax was playing there 25,000$ Piano (hes fricking good too).

Security finally pushed us all into elevators and as I was going up to my room I realized my phone was missing. DAMN YOU HOOLEY MAKING ME TAKE MY PHONE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was up until 6AM looking for that damn phone. I walked around the whole area calling it with my wifes phone trying to get it to ring. I even went through trash cans and stuff trying to find it. I was also drunk as a rat so that did not help.

Anyway thats the last time I saw it. The only thing that sucks is it had my top 10 ideas after AuctionAds.


I woke up about 10am thursday morning(hahah you all thought I was joking about only having 12 hours sleep all week) thought about what a retard I was for losing my phone then sucked it up and decided life needed to progress so I went down and had breakfast with my wife and then went to the TLA booth and handed out all the shirts we had in about 2 hours for AucitonAds. The lime green was a huge hit!

Thursday night AzoogleAds took me and dillsmack out for dinner at this place called Buddah Bar and it was awesome! After that was over we went back to our favorite irish bar (or do we call it a pub?) and then went and crashed early.

Friday – I slept until like noon then rendezvous with double-D David Dellanave aka Dillsmack downtown to talk to our business partner for AuctionAds Media Wiz. There office is almost right on Wall Street so from there we headed down to the WTC memorial and checked out a bunch of touristy stuff.

Friday afternoon/night I forget what we did.. nothing to exciting.

Came home Saturday. Then I left monday-tuesday for chicago… I get a few days rest then its off to AdTech SanFRAN!

It was great to see everyone!

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1 commandos

Wow …

Miss Dewey ……….. speechless :p

2 CPA Affiliates

Dude looks like you had a blast.. Everyone keeps telling me i should go to an SES, but just have to find the time!

3 ToddW

I think :D is enough said! LOL.

Looks like fun was had by all… especialy the bathtub blogger :D

4 Glenn Hawkins

Man, these events look like you have a blast. It would be fun to just chill with other people that have a same interest in you. Also you get to meet a lot of great people that would have never met, if you never started blogging.

5 Nathan Hannig

Meeting a porn star, you lucky lucky man :)

6 Hip Hop

Wow crazy looking party bus

7 Brent Hodgson

Ten Bucks says will show the Soft Core Porn Star link is the most clicked on link in this article.

8 Ferrarislave

Wow Miss Dewey holla at cha boi big king!! How old is she? 24-25 im guessing.

9 Thor Schrock

Wow, you need some sun on those legs Shoe!

10 BlueBobbo

Sounds like so much fun… I can’t wait until SES San Jose! It’ll be my first SES!!!!

11 smith

I like the bus.

12 smith

nice bus to travel.

13 darfur

Come on! we want to hear you talk about bootmoney dot com. How does it feel to have that big of a fan?

14 Daniel

I am Google right now, lets me see what I can find…

15 commandos

Darfur trying to make an ads for little guy who make 3$/month ? …

16 Lee

Holy crap, Miss Dewey, lucky dog!

17 darfur

i was was mistake i thought he was getting bi-weeklys pulling that much.

18 Carol Becka

Looks like NYC rocked! Glad you and J had such a great time!
These days I feel as if I’m playing Where’s Jeremy? (as in Where’s Waldo?) or Where in the world is Shoemoney? (like Matt Lauer) and losing .. LOL!
Hugs, Aunt Carol

19 Amanda

Wow I live so close I wish I had known and could have gone. I live about an hour a way on long island DAMN MY INABILITY TO READ FASTER

20 misterpro

I almost spit out my drink when I scrolled down and saw you in the tub hahah.

21 Jonathan

I’ll be at the next one!!!!

22 coop

it appears a comment of mine has been purged… (or maybe my computer screwed up) either way i just shared that the female is attractive… awesome pics shoe

23 Wealth Junkie

Sounds like you had a blast.. I’ve got to get myself on the invite list for some of these parties..

24 notebooks

Try typing “travel” into Dewey search…funny after seeing the valleywag article

25 notebooks

or “school”

26 Daniel

yeah i could not figure if it was a bus or a disco actually

27 qoody

What a weird idea with a tub…

28 Maki

Yeah Dewey is awesome. She’s incredibly hot.

29 Brian Mark

Those were some great ideas I found… oh, that wasn’t your phone. ;)

30 coop

good luck!

31 Thor Schrock

Like I always say, Shoe you have the best wife in the world for letting you take pictures like that!

32 Thor Schrock

I lost a keyboard over that image too.

33 Thor Schrock

Type “rap” into Dewey and she will cuss you out. It may take a couple tries to get the tyraid, but keep trying – its worth it!


Winter in Nebraska… ‘Nuff said.


Losing your phone like that sucks. Are you concerned about your 10 ideas getting out, or about not being able to remember them?

36 Psy Delick

Who was the gal pole dancing on the bus, only had shots of her from behind but boy she was HOT!

37 How to start a clothing line from scratch

I see shoe has the lady’s no porn intended!

38 Tamish

Msdewey is so hot !!

39 Nathan Hannig

that soft porn actress is hot!

40 Sergio

That’s pretty awesome that you could start a new project and always have it be a success because you’re a guru.

41 jim

Damn that looked like mad fun…

42 Micah Lacsamana

Nice Party..

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