Its Not What Happened Its How They Made You Feel

Of the little amount of college I went to I actually really enjoyed my business classes. Anyway from one of them a saying has always stuck in my mind. “It was not what happened but its how they made you feel that you remember”. This is soooo true. For instance ThePlanet web hosting recently screwed up and not only did not deliver on time but really seemed to be over there head configuring our servers. Now bad stuff happens….. but the fact they never called us mixed with the fact when I called for updates I could never get passed tier 1 people really made me feel uncomfortable and basically like I was screwed.

I canceled all the servers that we had ordered and instead we got our own mini data center now and purchased our own hardware. Now a few days ago one of the managers called my cellphone and basically left a pretty nasty message about me canceling after they went wayyyyy out of there way to accommodate us and crap. This really made me feel pissed off.

So now because of the way Theplanet Hosting made me feel they will be loosing about 150K/year in hosting fees. BUT meantime even with purchasing all our own servers and paying for top quality tier 1 bandwidth we will save a TON of money and are set going forward.

This leaves me with something I will be covering in the next few days (autopost cause i will be traveling) called “Be careful giving users a reason to swtich”

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