April Fools Day Fun – ShoeMoney Station Closes

At about 1:30pm or so I made the frontpage of shoemoney.com look like this. Course if you hit refresh you never saw the April fools day page.

Why did I do it on March 31? Well technically it was already April 1st in some parts of the world and also… if you wait until April 1st everyone already smells a rat! BTW don’t feel silly if I got you. I received literally 40 emails and instant messages from people who thought I got hacked or that my site was down. Most forums figured out it was a joke because of my love of the TV show LOST and also pondered how I did it just making the root site (shoemoney.com) and also only showing it once.

Here is the code I used for my wordpress site. Just edit the index.php if you want to play around. I also added comments so you could see what was doing what. As you can see if you are requesting any file other then the root domain of shoemoney.com it does normal wordpress stuff. Also it checks to make sure you have not seen the april fools day site before. If you have not seen it yet it then spits out f.html which I linked to above.

Some other April Fools Day sites :

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