Microsoft Adcenter Representitive to Speak At SEOdays

by Jeremy Schoemaker on March 13, 2007 · 22 comments

SEO Days Welcomes announced a new addition today. Mel Carson of Microsoft AdCenter UK will be joining there impressive list of corporate speakers.

So far the SEO Days lineup:

Mel Carson – Microsoft AdCenter
Heather Hopkins – Hitwise
Dr Karl Blanks and Ben Jesson of Conversion Rate Experts
Jen Slegg – Jensense
Richard Young – better known as UkGimp
David Naylor – Better known as DaveN

SEO Days conference is being held next week March 20th and 21st at the Euston Hilton Hotel in London, UK

Check there website for more information

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1 CPA Affiliates

SOOO many conferences i want to go to and so little time. Plus i try to stick to US conferences. But if you got the dough could be a great place to pick their brains to help your SEO.

2 soul-healer

i wish i can be apart of these conferences …. i want to feed my soul with the meat of knowledge … one day i will be attending these conferences.

3 Dastar

I really need to start attending some of these….*sigh*

4 lyndonmaxewell

IF I have the dough, it would definitely be worthwhile to experience one of these meetings outside. If only I had, that is.

5 Stuart Hannig

So very true, I’d love to attend them all.

6 Stuart Hannig

Too bad it’s in the UK, but they need conferences over there sometimes I guess :)

7 ToddW

Nice line up so far!!

8 deepika

Nice line up so far!!

9 wildbluff_matt

Do these presentations ever get published somewhere that people who can’t attend can still review what happened?

10 jim

I’ve never been to any, I might pop my conference cherry this year… but it won’t be to the UK :)

11 Jeremy

Great listen. I enjoyed it.


Feed your soul? Meat of knowledge? Huh?

13 Tyler Banfield

Agreed, I would like to make it to the UK one in a year or two

14 Jeremy

My delima is money. I want to go to these events to learn things that will help me make more money, yet I don’t have enough money to get to one (yet). I guess I’ll have to put in a few hundred more hours at my job so I can save enough.

15 wildbluff_matt

Hmm, sounds like a cheesy sci-fi line. Or maybe it’s something Sylar would say on Heroes!

16 Abednego

This is making me hungry…..

17 ToddW

I too am hoping to attend many in 2007 :)

18 ToddW

Sometimes they end up on YouTube or GVideo ;)

19 Mike Mothner

The addition of an MSN Adcenter speaker would be of much more interest to me if they were doing anything but losing market share and relevance to our clients.

20 Ken Savage

would be great to hear from the Adcenter guys so I can ask why my ads take so damn long to start.

21 Webmaster Money

All these conferences are held in US? Are there some in Europe?

22 coop

don’t we all, to bad im in TN!!!

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