Inventor Seeks Funding For Energy Machine From AdSense Publishers

by Jeremy Schoemaker on March 7, 2007 · 142 comments

I doubt you will see this new startup on techcrunch….

Just about to board the plane here in St. Louis on my way home I was sorting some email and came across this…. Its the first type of extortion email I have ever received… Anyone else every got something similar?

Subject: Alarm
From: “dragon dragon”
Date: Wed, March 7, 2007 1:05 pm

This is a warning and if you don’t pay attention to it you will suffer from bad turns.
All your income is through Google Adsense and if you do not cooperate with us we will stop this income source. We would like you to pay us the total amount of USD 200 each month. This small amount could be considered as nothing compared to your earnings from Adsense. If you do not pay this amount we will have to close your account by the help of special robots and …! I am not happy to do this but I have to as there is no way out of it and I trust if you were me you would also have to do the same. I am an inventor and I have recently innovated a new design which will be accepted by scientific societies only if I can present a model in advance; and making the model takes money. They will register my new design only after they have checked all aspects of the same. My theory is changing the power into energy. If I succeed many big problems will be solved. All my design specification could be viewed in the following web log:

magnetic-machine.blogspot dot com

The magnets will be bought in installments and the amount you pay is to be paid monthly for the same. After the registration of my design, the entire amount which I received from you will be paid back.

If you collaborate with me, you have helped to the science. And if not, I will have to close your Google AdSense account. I seek your help for the sake of the Science and if you are not prepared to collaborate I will have to close your Google AdSense account

full disclosure

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1 Positive Flow

Sounds like some Russian Mafia type junk. I recall the Russian Mob used to extort gambling site owners, and if the owner didn’t pay up they would do D.O.S attacks on the site. Casino sites make tons of cash, so the mob hit them, especially close to the Super Bowl. Grrrr…….

2 floyd riddell

My name is Floyd Riddell. I’m an inventor. I’ve been in Popular Science Magazine, and 50+ newspapers and trade magazines worldwide.I received the fastest patent approval in 1990 in the history of the US Patent office, Thomas Edison was second.
I tried the magnet motor deal and I can assure you it will not work.
The main reason is magnets have more holding power than repelling
energy. They rate magnets holding power by no air gap, and repelling
power by air gap.
I have built a proof of concept prototype that produces 7.2 kw using a
12 volt battery and the stored energy of a flywheel !

3 ray

The scary thing is you could probably totally get someone banned from AdSense by using clickbots.

4 Russki

As borat says… VEEERY NIIICE!

5 CPA Affiliates

Man that is just crazy i have heard of “threates” like this but never received any.

6 feedbuzzard

Wow, that is both humorous and un-nerving. The writer is obviously ESL. I have actually wondered for a long time why this doesn’t happen more often. I mean, it’s easy to get one’s hands on a bot to launch an attach like this, so why doesn’t it happen all the time? Maybe it does.

I guess you sent a copy to Google just so they have it documented. And I guess you’ll have to watch for any unusual activity in your stats.

Good luck Jeremy, I’m sure he’s all bark and no bite.

7 Chris Alexander

You had better pay up. I’ve heard of these guys. They do have special robots that can shut down your Adsense accounts.


8 State Of Brain

Ha, I am almost hesitant about copying and pasting that link into my browser! People will do anything for a buck. XD

9 Brian Laks

Yikes… and with a sender like “dragon dragon” it sounds official…I’m ripping the internet chord out of my wall, hopefully dd doesn’t target your loyal readers too!

10 Tyler Banfield

There’s nothing harmful on it, just one post about the “magnetic machine.” The inventor doesn’t even have AdSense on the blog :)

11 ToddW

Now that’s something I didn’t know!

12 ToddW

I wonder what adsense would say if you sent them that e-mail if you(anyone) got banned?

13 ToddW

I like how it’s a threat then he gives a reason why you should do it !! LOL

14 Maki

“If you do not pay this amount we will have to close your account by the help of special robots….”

OMG. Hilarious. Robot power!

15 Maki

I even went so far as to click on the images on the blog. Just some bad sketches of a machine in its early stages.

Very sad if the dude was actually for real.

16 SonicReducer

Ya, real scientist and inventors often use extortion to get their ideas going. It’s quite common ;)

17 Tom

Don’t laugh, the Robots in South Korea will have rights very soon according to this article from the BBC.

18 Manthem

It’s actually pretty impressive what people will come up with these days. Creativity levels are amazing.

19 Dan

Beginning is good, starting off with something Tony Soprano would say (if he was into AdSense) but than it goes all robots/scifi/star trek crap and I am not into that as much.

20 Caydel

I wouldn’t have posted his blog link – as it is, now he’s getting traffic from all kinds of people who want to see what the site’s about.

Extortion – the new linkbait!

21 Chad

Jeremy, do you use AdLogger to prevent click attacks such as the one threatened? I’ve been thinking about putting it on all of my sites, and I probably will now that I’ve read this post.

22 Gary R. Hess

I love the ‘from’… “dragon dragon”… now that is classic.

23 Chris

Perhaps this person also invented the frickin “laser beam”? I’d pay the $200….

24 Dastar

Haha….. that’s funny. That’s the first time i’ve seen someone trying to extort/blackmail someone else then offering to pay them back later. On top of that, he’s claiming to do something for the good of mankind. Guess he’s robin hood :)

25 derrich

I got a similar email threatening to send an Elven Spellcaster who would forever immure me inside my computer monitor. Immure? Who says that?

26 Tyler Banfield

The really funny thing is the blog entry was posted by “sara”

27 Shane

That’s a pretty good extortion letter.

First he appeals to your sense of fear with the scare tactics and then he tries to appeal to your greed with the “hot new invention”.

It’s the phishing double-play!

28 Paul

Ah, if I had know you were in Saint Louis I would have bought you a beer or a fruit smoothie or something.

29 john loch

I’m amazed you bothered to post about it. Many folk have abandoned AS because its actually too easy to disadvantage competitors etc (and from past posts its obviously not your primary income).. good for a laugh i spose..


30 ShoeMoney

I never have used any 3rd party auditing software for contextual stuff

31 Amy

Hey man, he said he’d pay you back….

32 floyd riddell

Hilliarious !

33 State Of Brain

I wouldn’t try to extort the man who has control (to a degree) of the images that are being displayed on my website. ;)

34 Warcraft Maps Guy

Here’s the funny thing: The extortionist is threatening to bombard Google’s Adsense with clicks. He also has a blogspot blog. Google owns blogspot/Blogger. Think Google will be able to track him down? ;)

35 jacob

“My theory is changing the power into energy”


36 knupNET

I won’t close your adsense account Shoe. I’ll trade you my account for yours and we’ll call it even. Hilarious.

37 Icheb

Does he really believe that magnet machine will work? :/

38 MM

You should ask him where to mail the check then fly there and beat his ass.

39 Vlad

I think it’s safe to say that he can go fuck himself.

40 Tom OMeara

No, but that’s pretty scary! Think about it though, sounds overseas to me, hmmm.

41 natekapi

Soooo your going to pay up right? Since all your income is through AdSense, I wouldn’t take a chance!!! ;)

42 SELaplana

can it be considered as extortion? A Hightech extortion…

43 Mubin

I would be very careful he seems intent on making that machine. That is so extortion though, and its not funny, you should fwd that information to the authorities so people like this can stop this.

44 Jack

There are some strange people out there. Personally, I’d e-mail him back with the permalink!

45 peter

He didn’t even left his bank account or paypal as a not? Man that’s bad business tactic, and I just wanted to send him 200 dollars! To bad

46 Mong

money for blackmailing? or science :-|

47 Ahmad Uzair

How dare him..just ignore..

48 Daniel

you got give him credit for the creativity :)

49 mrktfckr

nice linkbait I’d say…

50 Larry Eiss

If I had received this I would forward it to Google. Understanding there is likely nothing they could do about it, and that they probably already know about it, if something like this actually turned out to be true and click bots were used to cause you to violate the AdSense agreement, you’d want it on record that you got this.

51 State Of Brain

I wonder if he has a cousin name Mutombo who is a heir to an African throne that needs the help of an American. Those guys are always needing to hide 50 million dollars.

52 Jestep

Most of the spam I get always consists of Viagra, replica watches and mortgages.

Adsense killing robots are so much more interesting…

53 The Godfather

Jeremy, you’re a good kid and I like you! I’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse…

You give 5% of your cut and the families will give you protection. Now, dont be a wiseguy or Joey will make you a visit.

54 mark

I like how he’s offering to pay you the money back.

Theirs a website called 419eater where they wind people like this up, tag them along and get them to email stupid pics of themselves.

55 Ryan

Is this guy serious? What a nut job if so… how could anyone take him seriously though?! ;) What a joke.

56 Antony

Had it happen to us in October last year.

We run a gambling portal in the UK and we were hit by a DDOS attack for about 3 hours. Next day we got a ransom demand for $12,000 saying they would do it again if we didnt pay up & gave an ICQ number to contact them.

We got the police involved but they couldnt trace much – the attacks were from a botnet (i.e. infected home pcs all over the globe) and the ranson was a site form submit but the IP came to nothing.

We didnt pay & havent been hit since but weve been developing defensive measures just in case

57 jim

Yeah, I hadn’t heard of that before… any news articles out there?

58 jim

Well, Adsense would probably ignore regular Joe but I’m sure Shoemoney has an ear there. If you forwarded this email to adsense I bet they could figure out what was going on and save you.

59 jim

A new spin on an old game… but this is hilarious. I bet we’re all dead.

60 stefan

well, i’ll give this guy some credit…he is much more creative than the guys from the Bank of Nigeria that keep emailing me that my long lost uncle has passed away and that I only need to send them my personal and bank account information to inherit millions of dollars.

this guy did his homework while studying electro magnetic fields and the transfer of energy to electricity…he must have been using Google Scholar for his research

61 Joyce

give him to the FBI

62 soul-healer

i have not read some thing that funny. Shoemoney you are sending him some free traffic :P

63 markus941

If you don’t approve my comment I will use my time machine to make all your links nofollow.

64 Stuart

Lol, why do people even do this crap? It’s pathetic.

65 Maki

Probably so we can all have a good laugh? lol.

66 Harrison

Wow, That is fucking pathetic. You should forward it to your adsense rep.

67 tacimala

This is probably that fuckingpirate guy trying a new angle on friendship.

68 wildbluff_matt

Wow! What a great deal. I should put him in contact with this nice man from Nigeria that emailed me needing help to get money out of his country. Maybe the two of them could work together!

69 wildbluff_matt

It’s certainly an attempt at extortion, pretty bad attempt though.

70 Greg

i dunno shoe … you’re lucky it’s a inventor X and not dr. evil … $200 is peanuts when you could be out …

“One Million Dollars!”

71 Greg

i dunno shoe … $200 is nothing compared to …

“One Million Dollars!”

just think about the hurting dr. evil could have put on you.

my post looked like it got wiped out (sorry if it’s a double)


The guy behind this must be an idiot, or a genious! If he does have the ‘special robots’, Jeremy is not a small fish and there’s no chance he’ll get banned just like that (I think he’s having a nice laugh right now). However, his ‘revolutionary technology’ blog has just been published on a blog with enormous amount of daily traffic so I believe there are a lot of people checking it out right now! Jeremy should have erased the URL.

73 Brandon

Completely off the wall question, but why were you in St. Louis? Did I miss a conference/seminar? I live and work in St. Louis, but this wouldn’t be the first time a conference slipped by me…

74 feralcat

LOL! I loved the link text “Click hither for see image” on the site. Someone’s been getting a lot of use out of his English-to-Whatever-Language dictionary.

Reminds me a bit of the Nigerian scams or lottery scams. They know most people who get the email will ignore it or laugh at it, but if they spam enough people they might just find a few suckers who will pay up.

If anyone receives an email like this I recommend you post it at They specialize in baiting Nigerian and lottery scammer and I’m sure they’d love the chance to tear these extortionists a new one.

75 Thor Schrock

LOL… This is priceless. I looked at his site and he has a bunch of cheesy piuctures and … a payment address! Attack robots! Attack!

76 EricS,66358-0.html

This Wired article does a pretty good job.

77 Nathan Hannig

Wow that is very interesting, thanks for the post.

78 Stan
79 Stuart

The dude is definitely a douche.

80 Tyler Banfield

And have a one page Blogspot blog :)




That’s unbelievable. It is scary, though, to think that someone actually *could* get you kicked out — well, maybe no YOU (ShoeMoney), but they could probably get mere mortals kicked out.

83 Bulbboy

Unlikely he’s for real. Genius inventor, maybe. Genius at marketing he sure ain’t. :D

84 mao

He’s stupid. He’s not only spamming around..he is even threating people with an extortion. He can be easily arrested at least for the extortion thing.
If you find out where he lives. I’m sure blogger will give an help with extortion stuff. He is so dumb that forgot that blogger and adsense are both owned by google.

85 Azeem

Shoe money gets visited by Virtual Mafia !

86 loliloli

tell this stupid pank to frick off, no, dont tell him anything, he will frick of himself soon:)

87 China Blogging

Looks Chinese to me.

i.e. Dragon, plus the sketchy english.

Looks like kids are getting bored in Beijing these days…

88 DaEMoN


Hey Shoe, I will shut down teh internetz if you don’t give me your ringtones keyword list!!1

Some people..

89 Blain Reinkensmeyer

Ya I agree, you do run the risk. But, I am sure adsense has run into this before, and its not like Jeremy can’t notify them, heck he may even get to keep the extra dough!

90 stu

hmm images draw in Microsoft Paint, the standard design tool of all mad geniuses..

91 Incredible Agent

He’s got this all wrong. It should be two seperate magnet’s of the same polarity pushing against each other on two seperate axis’. Only then will you be able to use the power of the earth’s rotational to free the world from carbon poisoning. What a fool!

92 lyndonmaxewell

Seriously.. Which kind of rubbish mania came up with such a lame idea? Anyone who reads it would have known it is a bluff from the start. Who buys it, anyway?

93 lyndonmaxewell

Lame isn’t it? I thought so too.. Tough luck and choice he made. Shoemoney is never gonna be one to be ‘threatened’!

94 Manthem

Good point. We need to stop being so selfish and froward these multi-million dollar opportunities to him ASAP.

95 Jeremy

Wow. I would have laughed and ignored something like this but when someone who makes a living through Ads gets a message threatening your lively hood, I’m sure it sent a few shivers down your spine.

96 Jack

I am to be fear of the robots. Money to account, moneyshoe!

97 Markus

I got the same thing sent to me. The retard used my webform to submit it so i got his IP and other stuff and passed it along to google a few days ago.

98 wildbluff_matt

I was thinking Mandarin.

99 wildbluff_matt

and I bet Google will never do a thing about it either. companies never chase these things like they should when it’s soo easy.

100 Tyler Banfield

Yeah, we should start a fundraiser for this “great inventor” :)

101 lyndonmaxewell

Most of these are plain, empty threats. Ignore them would be the best policy,

102 lyndonmaxewell

I guess most of us are not there yet on the ‘fame’ ladder to understand this issue at hand. :)

103 Bulbboy

LOTR or WOW geeks probably. A spot of immuring sounds like fun though, go all matrix-neo-like inside your computer? :)

104 Jason

That is just nuts. Maybe you can send them a return email saying that you would be happy to share a large sum of money for them if only they will act as your US representative to collect moneys sent out of Nigeria ;)

105 Ferrarislave

Tell this guy to eat a …. you know what. ;)


hmmm it can be a big problem because if someone mess with your adsense adds every time or 20 hours a day for few days than may google will ask you to close your account for few days .


if that guy mess with your adds everyday than may google adsense department ask you to close your account for few days .

108 Maki

You could always contact his ISP and report him if you’re feeling particularly vicious lol.

109 Nathan Hannig

You need to set this guy in his place.

110 Ashish Mohta

Sounds like if thy cant pass through security the want to pass through fooling people.Still this is an old technique.Good the did not ask you to visit adsense false sight and the confoirm

111 geegel

Damn. When you thought that you’ve seen them all, something like this happens. It might be a good idea to check your Adsense account for abnormal clicking.

Regards, George

112 Lee

Wow, never thought I’d actually see something like this.

Pretty funny, but at the same time very sad.

113 lyndonmaxewell

That would be scamming the scammers. A nice retribution for them. :)

114 WallstreetFighter

By the way, it’s John Chow sending those out to be funny

115 ToddW

Forwarding the letter to google should be enough… but yu never know ;(

116 Calvin

woahz.. must be some spammer.. so lame indeed..

i also received emails from some guy saying that he wants to donate money to me so he needs my bank acocunt details. arghh.. so irritating

117 Lara

Ohhh boy – lookie here, Sara’s got major issues. Not only is she a female inventor, but she’s a female inventor in IRAN!

“I live in Iran and because in my country inventions are not taken seriously, I can’t get government funding, if you have $1000 or lesser to spare , I would appreciate if you can lend me this money and after I have made and established my invention I would return your money.
for send email plz use this address:
My Email”

So she only wants $200 a month – that means that after 5 months time, she’ll be done with you. Can’t you let this poor woman a chance in success with her magnet (that’s already been invented elsewhere I’m sure, as the notion of using magnets with opposing polarity make things spin is NOT new – ask any lab tech) for a measly 5 months? Oh, you and your wreckless heart, Shoe… so sad! (hahaha!)

LMAO! Darren of ProBlogger got one too! Wow – guess she’s hoping to invent TWO of these things!

118 Bob

Thats too funny :)

119 Shawn Hogan
120 Peter

Obviously the inventor doesn’t realize that, in the USA, the idea of a free energy machine isn’t taken seriously either.

Will she take $200 in Iranian currency? (According to, that would be worth about $0.02 USD)

121 Puripong Koomsin

in my opinion, he is genius marketer. At least, he get shoemoney to post his email message and exposure his blog. some kind of link bait idea. I wonder if google cannot detect this kind of bots.

122 web

what a theory??. he could turn crazy idea into a scam formula.

123 coop

dam, the crazy ass mafia is after you… lol i would love for that to be on techcrunch!

124 coop

sara sounds dangerous… with her super magnets!

125 Abbas Shafiee

i am manager of magnetic machine .

i’m not an SCAMMER!!!!!!!

i requested only some money for building and register my invention…

but dear webmasters say ….
((meanwhile they pay swearword to me and not any thing… :lol: ))

i only want to change the world and not any thing…

Tank U

126 Fat Aussie

But dont you want to help save the environment Shoemoney?

127 Grivon

Haha, hilarious! I had an idea for an energy machine.. when I was 8 :D

128 angie

the real scientist and inventors even don’t care about money!

129 Louis

Spam DigitalPoint forums one week before adsense goes out saying you know their sites and that you will get them to lose their payment for the month with your botnet unless they e-gold you 1gram of gold in the next 48 hours. It’s only about $30 and I’ll bet they could get takers every month.


Seems the guy has rather found a way to drive traffic to his blog rather than a true threat well done :D

131 Sajid Iqbal

hahahah……..halarious. So did you decide to pay him a buck or two? This begging 2.0. ;)

132 marin

this guy is a douchebag hahahah

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