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In the beginning…there was ShoeMoneyAds. Our affiliate system was designed so that users could insert their ad links and then display contextual ads. We built upon this foundation and implemented ShoeMoney eBay Ads. Users who already had a relationship with the eBay affiliate program could now display targeted auction code on their websites.

But as the affiliate system was used, holes in the concept became apparent. The basic system worked but needed some tweaking. Although ShoeMoney eBay Ads allowed users to display ads, the tracking system was lacking and users requested additional features. We had provided a way to use eBay affiliate code but we did not pay out directly. Many users had some difficulty grasping that concept. Another issue confronted us when we discovered that almost 30% of the traffic generated by ShoeMoney eBay Ads was international as thus essentially wasted traffic.

With all these issues in mind, we set out to add layers of functionality within a streamlined framework. Introducing the next incarnation, AuctionAds. AuctionAds is a revolutionary advertising network that allows publishers to create new revenue streams. It pumps even more revenue out of each click. The ads displayed are keyword targeted since the webmaster selects the specific keywords that are appropriate for his site. Even the most focused, niche site can earn money with AuctionAds.

A publisher can be up and running with AuctionAds within 5 minutes which means they are making money in 5 minutes. Each time a user clicks on AuctionAds and then completes an action on eBay, the publisher makes money. The publisher makes money even when the user just signs up for a new account on eBay. They also make money when a user places a winning bid.

Publishers can also make money with the AuctionAds Affiliate program. Within every ad displayed, a publishers affiliate code is automatically included where it says “Ads By AuctionAds?. The publisher receives 2% of any affiliate refered to AuctionAds.

Now we had designed a complete, seamless system for integrating affiliate code. But we wanted to compliment our system with great management. We needed a partner who was experienced with managing a large-scale project. We would need to support users and administer the huge job of tracking and paying publishers.We looked for an established, well-structured company to provide these vital components. MediaWhiz Holdings fit the bill.

Will AuctionAds be the best solution for every site? No. It is a great choice for niche sites. Virtually evey niche site can be monetized with AuctionAds. It is a great solution for many webmasters who are looking to make money on narrow content.. How can a user know if AuctionAds is right for their site? Just like anything else you should test and let the numbers speak for themself.

121 thoughts on “Auction Ads Launches

  1. Andy Beard

    You missed out on the #1 feature of this system – it gives access to the US Ebay market for international affiliates which I highlighted in my review.

    Also I believe there might be significant cashflow benefits depending on how you handle accounting.

  2. Michael

    “Each time a user clicks on AuctionAds and then completes an action on eBay, the publisher makes money. The publisher makes money even when the use just signs up for a new account on eBay. They also make money when a user places a winning bid.”

    Sounds great, but what’s the percentage?

  3. Craig McGinty

    The look and design has real appeal, just struggling to get it to hook into the correct keywords and display in UK£s.

    I’ll leave it up for the next few hours to hopefully see a change – but will stick with it to hopefully get it working.

    All the best


  4. Dastar

    I am using some contextual eBay ads on some of my sites using the ebay API and I do like the results. I’d be curious to see how it works out for everyone else. :)

  5. Chad

    Very nice shoe. I think I’ll try this on one of my sites with content that has been difficult to monetize.

  6. Kiley

    I joined the minute I saw it on TechCrunch.
    Been waiting for eBay’s program for a while, seems like they dropped the ball.

  7. Chuck

    Ummm…and I’m looking for the signup button, and, uh…uh…

    Seriously, it sounds great…let’s roll…! 😉

  8. john loch

    Shoe, wheres the signup button/link ?

    Also – since you’re pitching this professionally, you might tweak the word ‘samless’ to ‘seamless’.

    Since you’ve gone to this effort, I suppose its time to try it out.. :)

  9. SonicReducer

    Just to be clear, this is a CPA type system? To be paid the user has to win the auction after clicking, we aren’t paid just for the click? (sorry, had a few beers everything is a bit fuzzy).

  10. ShoeMoney

    Good points. We are focused 100% on growth and are paying out 100% for at least the first 6 months. At that time we will have a better idea of the volume and tier structure we will be in. The worse case scenario is that you will make as much if not more (because of the affiliate) as any other eBay affilaite program

  11. Michael

    Ah, thanks! And if I read right above, Shoe is giving out 100% for six months. It should be good, but I’d want to be on top of every penny to see where it’s going. I’m greedy like that. 😉

  12. Michael

    Thanks Shoe. Will the TOS change after six months when you begin taking a percentage?

  13. Kn10

    Awsome work, Im impressed, the site layout is easy to navigate and work with. The actual ads even look nice.
    A small suggestion/tweak is that make the TOS link on signup a popup or something. The reason why is that after I filled out my details it asked if I agreed to the TOS. I clicked the TOS to read them and then clicked back to go back to the signup page. All of what I entered was gone.

    For those of you looking for the signup link, I took me a few minutes to find as well since Shoe didnt post it. Here are the links: (non-aff) – (aff link)

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  15. Andy Beard

    If you are outside the US, and you apply for the affiliate program for, they will almost always refuse you unless you have a “special relationship”

    If you are in the US, I am surprised – just use AuctionAds instead and wait for Shoemoney to add more features.

  16. MrMike

    Looks good. Just hope it starts showing relevant auctions by morning. Anna Nicole dvds, ipod chargers, and britney spears bad hair day magnets don’t really fit w/ my niche. who buys this crap…lol

  17. Gary

    Really Interesting Concept. I’m gonna try and figure out how I can intergrate my newsletter campaign into this.

  18. ShoeMoney

    Very understandable. That is why we have the business model that we do. Focus on growth then use our volume to ensure the best payout possible while being profitable ourself.

  19. Kn10

    Will they always just point to the front page of Ebay, or will they go directly to the auction mentioned in the ad?

  20. Paul

    Always nice when these things fall from the sky. Especially when you have some sites getting traffic which you put up not knowing how you were going to profit.

  21. Kn10

    This appears to be a bug with the system. Ive tested it with multiple people from multiple countries on Mutiple sites. It even happens with the ads here on I’ll report the details to Shoemoney/AuctionAds only.

  22. ShoeMoney

    I don’t think eBay has really dropped the ball so much. It just makes sense they would focus more resources on building a backend and keeping that going so that people like us can make nice tools and creative advertising systems for there system rather then try compete with there affiliates. I welcome there program though when it launches. Competition is always exciting and publishers will be the winners.

  23. ShoeMoney

    mrmike it should show the ads you have targeted within a few seconds of putting the code on the site. If you are having issues please contact support and we can see whats up.

  24. DaEMoN

    That’s great Shoe, I have just implemented them on one of my sites, Plenty of Vids and they integrate very well in the layout. I sure do think they will convert better than AdBrite or Cpxinteractive. One question, though. Why not make the 250×250 square a three products box instead of just two? They would fit no problem.

  25. rob70

    I got up and running incredibly fast, but wish the Keywords were more powerful. Features i’d like to see:

    — Categories: specify category to select results from
    — NOT keywords: surfboard;-modem
    — disable product description


  26. soul-healer

    i dont have any success with any aff marketing. But i will try again and again till i find the right niche to work on. I have entertainment sites that receives almost 7000+ uniques a day and more likely anyone convert. I thing my traffic isnt good enough but i have started working on different niche and hope this Auctions Ads can help me.

    I will work hard to find the perfect solution. Thanks shoemoney for this solution i hope to learn more and more day and start implementing it.

  27. rxbbx

    It would be nice if you have the option to choose categories, second categorie etc. and then just display random stuff from that specific categorie. Sometimes its real difficult with those keywords to get what you want. But it looks great..

  28. Staska

    Great idea. Putting them up on my blogs.

    But I am a little worried if your ads are compatible with new Adsense policies?

    Google does not allow ads that look similar to adsense on the same site, and if I blend Ebay ads to my content, except for pictures, they look very much like Adsense.

  29. Cas Thompson

    Great program Shoe. I’ve been running it since you launched on one of my tight niche sites and the only thing I have on the wish list is more control over the keyword issues. I see a fee people up top have already mentioned it so I’m sure it’s in the works. Also, I didn’t notice any affiliate tracking in the reporting area. Could be an over sight on my part. Other than that, amazing concept and execution.

  30. awesomo

    I placed it on my blog; I’ll test it for a couple of weeks to see how it performs. It looks like a great monetization method for high traffic sites.

  31. jim

    It sounds like the program is easy enough to implement and so if they decide to ratchet it back to something unfair, you can just leave. Granted, they have to make their own but I don’t see it going from 100% to 10% because nothing stops you from leaving.

  32. jim

    pretty much the same as the standard adsense with maybe a few more thrown in, i dunno if those are IAB standard but they’re enough that you can find one that will work.

  33. Kiley

    Fair enough.
    I think you stand to really go places with this setup. Clean site, clean backend and a insane amount of press coverage already.
    I think you really just ran away with this whole thing.

  34. Peter

    hey, fyi, the ‘About’ link on your homepage doesn’t lead to an About Us page..currently leads to a demo.. not sure if this was intentional..

  35. Amanda

    I found it is easier signing up for something like that then making your own auction site. I’ve seen a lot of places try to be the next ebay althought it hasn’t worked yet i think its better if people just sign up from places like that.

  36. Maki

    I think not having a traffic requirement is a good move.. there are probably a lot of small publishers looking to make a quick buck and Auction Ads can fill that gap.

  37. TheBusinessMan

    Shoe, great product! I have one problem. Whenever I try to click on your ebay auction ads on this website, my ebay auctions ads or just anyone’s ebay auction ad nothing happens.

    Is their a problem with the script when it comes to trying click on the ads while in Internet Explorer?

    Funny thing, FireFox I have no problems clicking the ads and actually getting through to the particular auction.

    Thanks and Keep Up The Good Work!

  38. wildbluff_matt

    Signing up was very easy. Very similar to the ease of Adsense with the designing of the particular ads. I like how I can go in and change the topics on my own. So I just copied the code once and then for each post I can mod the ad in the content to match.

  39. john loch

    Yeah, very true.. I hope it didnt sound too critical. I totally agree that the relaxed nature of Shoes posts is part of the allure. It just seemed that he’d put more effort into the post than usual, so I figured it was intended for a broader less familiar audience 😉

    Its all good :)

  40. Joey

    I am a new blogger. I signed up for Auction Ads for my baseball card site. I set up a campaign for baseball rookie cards. The ads that it produces are very targeted. I am impressed. Thanks.

  41. rob70


    Does the user have to make a buy from that visit in order for revenue to be shared? There should be a time frame like with affiliate links where the user can make a purchase 30 days after clicking the link and you still get revenue. Otherwise, I’m afraid we aren’t going to see much revenue!

    Also, if you can’t do this, you should have an auction end time option for each script!

  42. rob70

    An email I recieved stated 7 days is the tracking time after a click through. The auction end time setting would be cool though.

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  44. praguebuzz

    Does AuctionAds only work with (usa) site? I used the ads for auctions from UK and Canada ebay sites. Should I remove the link?

    Thank you.

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