Webmasterworlds Cloaked Content Has The SEO Natives Restless

Matt Cutts made a post A Quick Word About Cloaking basically what I got out of it is that webmasterworld is cloaking content to googlebot and they are under investigation. This is really no news. I think this is Matt giving Brett a last warning (which really nobody else would get) before google dumps them (that is purely based on my opinion).

Bret quickly comes in to the comments and says thanks to Matt (2x) for the heads up, then offers a explanation.

First, thanks to Matt for the heads up. As most know, wmw has been the target of extreme amounts of bot activity over the years and has taken proactive steps to fight it. Our first and foremost job is to the regular members of the site. I have done everything I can think of to stop the bots from the cable and dsl isp’s. I have even gone so far as to ban entire tlds some of time (china, russia) where heavy botnet activity exists.

I think we have finally found a system that everyone can live with and keeps the content open for everyone, but slows down the bots. I say slows down, because there is no way to stop them.

Thanks Matt

Now here is where I suspect Matt Cutts and the rest of the people who do have to deal with high volume sites get really annoyed.

Fricking botnets are your problem Brett? Are you serious? I am going to stop here. Before I cause a crapstorm again and point out some serious flaws with webmasterworld and why they have the issues they have.

Its amazing how the digitalpoint forums (operated by 1 admin and 4-5 moderators) continue to have the webmaster forums marketshare and yet somehow manage to deal with all these “botnets” without cloaking their content, slowing down users, or whatever the hell else your excuse is.

I know most of the non technical people will buy the BS but I also have a good feeling Matt sees right through it .

BTW read Dannys excellent post too