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I know its so cool to call anything and everything link bait now adays but to me its all link building.

Check out these 2 latest awesome examples of link building.

Bloggers Face Off – Basically this guy is just getting random bloggers and squaring them off in a kind of battle. Even tho there is no poll or points being kept track its really pretty interesting. The first battle has Problogger Vs ShoeMoney!

This is also a good example of how to get someone who is super busy to participate in your interviews. This guy just sent me a list of questions. I answered… that was it. I can do that all day. 90% of the time when people email me questions or interviews there email says “I want to interview you what do you think?” that is a bad start. So Tip to people who want to interview busy people is just email them questions and dont get caught up to much explaining exactly what your purpose/goal/life is about. Thanks to the daily blog tips for making me apart of this. Now I wonder how long until someone implements a voting like system! That would be some serious link building (hint hint).

Blogger – Celebrity Look alikes – I thought this was soooooo hilarious when I saw it. This dude finds celebrity look alikes for some pretty good bloggers! Check it out and see Jason Calacanis, Jen Slegg, Darren Rowse, Aaron Wall, Jill Whalen, John Batelle, Lee Odin, Rand Fishkin, Matt Cutts, Robert Scoble, and yours truely. Awesome job dude! BTW I always thought Patrick Gavin looked a little like Justin Timberlake. (just dont tell him i said that).

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